Alessandro Mercuri

Alessandro Mercuri, born in 1973, studied philosophy in France and cinema in the United States at Calarts (M.F.A. in live action). He directed the documentary Alien American (2001), portrait of a woman claiming to come from outer space. Film critic Holly Willis in L.A. Weekly said : « Mercuri likes to assert that the video is neither a “fake documentary nor a real fiction”, which neatly summarizes the project’s unsettling view of the dichotomy between the real world and its multiple representations. » He now lives in Paris and works as a creative writer for the communication and film industry. He published in 2008 at the Editions Léo Scheer a literary essay, entitled Kafka Cola sans pitié ni sucre ajouté (without pity nor added sugar). French novellist and art critic Philippe Sollers, wrote in the press : « Who is Alessandro Mercuri ? I do not know. Nevertheless, he just wrote a sparkling little book. Kafka Cola, variations inspired by the famous sentence of former boss of TF1 (French TV channel) : “What we sell to Coca-Cola is available human brain time” What is this new brain substance and where will it lead us ? You’ll see.» // Here's the film version of Kafka Cola.

Night of the Living Dead

Spoiler alert : The action takes place in Paris. Not Paris Indiana, Virginia or Idaho but Paris, the city right next to Disneyland Paris.

The water is boiling and the bubbles are bubbling. I open the door of the fridge. I grab an egg. I enjoy the coolness of the shell. I close my fingers around it, and something tickles my palm.

Are eggs “dead”? Ghosts of chickens that will never be born? Could this one be an oracle, trying to read my future by touching my palm? Fortune or chaos?