Heather Ayres

Heather Ayres is a writer and filmmaker, living in Seattle. She has written for several award-winning short screenplays and recently directed "Betty," a 35mm narrative short film about a young, rebellious woman who journeys doctor to doctor on a strange path that illuminates the heart. Heather attempts to gracefully float between two part-time jobs for two nonprofits, writing grants and raising money, and occasionally freelances. She's the mother of a preschooler who reminds her to laugh and cry at everything, and not to spend all day (or night!) at the computer. In the quiet realm, Heather enjoys soul searching, the music of friends, mountain hiking with her family, planting food she can eat, and reading the works of Martín Prechtel, Arundhati Roy, Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende, and Milan Kundera.

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