Jessamyn West

Jessamyn West is an American librarian and blogger, best known as the creator of and for her unconventional views of her profession. She is a former member of the American Library Association Council, and she is also a moderator on MetaFilter.

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Occasionally I'll run into a fellow picky eater. Verapamil trusted pharmacy reviews, We're rarer and rarer these days as people with strong food preferences often tend towards vegetarianism or gluten-free diets or something else with a name, making it easier to guess which restaurants they'll like and more difficult to give them a hard time about what they do and do not eat. I'll hear someone at the table asking the waitress "Can you tell me if there are olives in this?" and I'll know -- no one is allergic to olives -- and I'll ask "You don't like olives either...?" and often we'll compare short lists, buy Verapamil no prescription. It's rare that an olive-avoider eats all other foods, and I've been surprised how many fungophobes there are among otherwise seemingly normal people. It's nice to feel that I'm not the only one.

How do I like my eggs. Pretty much how I like my olives and my mushrooms and my seafood: on someone else's plate.


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