Jessamyn West

Jessamyn West is an American librarian and blogger, best known as the creator of and for her unconventional views of her profession. She is a former member of the American Library Association Council, and she is also a moderator on MetaFilter.

I look a little hippie-ish, so when I try to tell people about the egg thing, or when they’re trying to drag me to brunch at their favorite Omlette Hut, they assume I’m vegan. I’m not. I love meat. I love milk. I just don’t like eggs, at all. I’m one of those picky eaters. I got to eat what I wanted as a kid, so certain things just fell on to the Do Not Want list. I have a short list of food I don’t like, a list that is getting shorter every year even as I move solidly into middle age. Last year I started liking asparagus, who knows why? My list, one that I give to people who may be cooking dinner for me, is “I’m not crazy about eggs, seafood, olives, and mushrooms.” Until recently, that list included tomatoes. I’m still not sure about artichokes, but it doesn’t come up very often.