Michael Bennett Cohn

Michael Bennett Cohn has a range of experience in online publishing that spans creative, business, and technical aspects of the field. His former employers include Microsoft, CondeNast, and Federated Media. He also ran the online marketing campaign for the release of the first Amazon Kindle. He has an MFA in Cinema-Television from the University of Southern California. Michael is the publisher of Revolving Floor, which he also produced.

No Dice
Passing, Period

Welcome to the second month of Revolving Floor! In our first month, we’ve already had quite a journey, launching the site, getting to know each other’s work, and receiving very positive publicity from a number of different areas, culminating in a post to the Metafilter front page (thanks netbros!) and a post on Digital Nomads, written by yours truly (thanks Dell!).

We’ve got some great stuff coming up this month, featuring many of the contributors who participated in August, and a few new ones.

Amanda Emerson brings us a fabulous essay on academic bureaucracy, which we’re launching with. Eric Eicher also returns with “Time Tricks,” Sara

When I asked my mother where the scrambled eggs I was eating came from, she told me that they were originally supposed to be baby chickens. I looked at the little yellow and white shapes, and thought I could make out the little creatures, each one an inch or so across. I pressed them between two pieces of toast, so I didn’t have to watch them protest while I ate. My mother served me eggy sandwiches for a long time.

My brothers and I had many toys, scattered over a large house. Who owned these toys, and where they were each meant to reside, was well-established among the three of us, but not to Martha, the cleaning woman who came twice per week. Within those rooms was an intricate network of extraterrestrial cities,