Ted Graham

Ted Graham is a graduate student in Classical Studies at Duke University. He holds degrees in Classics and Comparative Literature from Boston University and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. His interests include, but are not limited to, ancient Greek drama, 17th century Europe, indie films, Ethiopian jazz, old sitcoms, strong coffee, and the Oxford comma.

Order Declomycin over the counter, To my mind, the Kinder Surprise egg, that seamed chocolate ovoid in a shiny foil wrapper, is a perfect symbol for certain differences between the United States and Europe. I say this, perhaps, buying Declomycin online over the counter, because I was in Europe when I first came across Kinder eggs---in Athens, Order Declomycin from United States pharmacy, taking a semester abroad. At a cluttered little kiosk, one of the type ubiquitous in the city, online buying Declomycin hcl, where I would grab a can of iced coffee before class, Declomycin for sale, I noticed another student who often bought an egg-shaped something wrapped in orange and white foil. Eventually I asked her about it, and she replied with a knowing smile: "Kinder egg, rx free Declomycin. My boyfriend collects the toys, Where can i buy cheapest Declomycin online, and you can't get them in the US."

Later, in class, she showed me what she meant, buy cheap Declomycin. She peeled back the wrapper to reveal a light brown chocolate egg, order Declomycin over the counter. She shook it, Buy cheap Declomycin no rx, and I could hear a dull rattling sound coming from inside. We divvied up the shell, and I saw the interior was lined with white chocolate, purchase Declomycin online. This probably accounted for the shell's creamy taste, Buy Declomycin online no prescription, lighter and sweeter than what I expected from American chocolate. This left a yellow plastic pod, within which lay the eponymous Surprise: a small toy, buy generic Declomycin. Order Declomycin over the counter, I've since forgotten what it was.

Graham Kinder Eggs A

That fleeting introduction was enough; if you combine domestic unavailability, Declomycin samples, plastic trinkets and chocolate, I'm captivated. I can't say that, real brand Declomycin online, once I got back to the States, Fast shipping Declomycin, I went on a great candy crusade to find Kinder eggs, but I would browse in candy stores when I thought of it. I eventually found my way to Economy Candy, where can i buy Declomycin online, on Rivington Street in New York's Lower East Side, Comprar en línea Declomycin, comprar Declomycin baratos, where they can be purchased in great numbers. (As it turns out, Kinder eggs can't be legally imported into the United States, buying Declomycin online over the counter, but that's neither here nor there.) After consuming perhaps a few too many, Where to buy Declomycin, I began to reflect on the undeniable significance of the Kinder egg.

Let's start with this salient fact; Kinder eggs are eggs, order Declomycin over the counter. I've eaten my fair share of American candy, and I believe that we, buy cheap Declomycin, as a people, Rx free Declomycin, are fairly literal-minded when it comes to our confectioneries. We like our pure chocolate mostly in bars or sticks, occasionally in kiss form, order Declomycin from United States pharmacy. Anything fancier than that requires some kind of filling, Buy Declomycin no prescription, such as mint or cookie or peanut butter. The egg shape pops up on the American candy radar only around Easter--and even then pure chocolate eggs are somewhat rare. Order Declomycin over the counter, More likely we're talking about malted chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with jelly beans, or chocolate eggs filled with a frothy creme. Kinder eggs, kjøpe Declomycin på nett, köpa Declomycin online, are, Order Declomycin online c.o.d, by contrast, available year-round and aren't linked with any particular holiday. Europeans, Declomycin price, coupon, it would seem, Australia, uk, us, usa, need no cognitive framework for their candy.

The wrapper, too, where can i buy cheapest Declomycin online, bespeaks a foreign origin; the type of egg I've been able to buy comes in a wrapper covered all over with choking hazard warnings in a variety of languages, Ordering Declomycin online, including Greek and Russian. It's impressive, really, Declomycin from canadian pharmacy, how many languages are crammed onto it. There's even an illustration of a sad-looking cartoon infant with a slash through it, in case you read none of the languages on the packaging, or perhaps are illiterate, order Declomycin over the counter. Purchase Declomycin, Then, of course, there are the toys, purchase Declomycin online no prescription. As much as I love chocolate, Canada, mexico, india, I must admit that I find far more pleasure contemplating the Kinder toys than I do eating the candy that surrounds them. They are roughly on par with the Happy Meal-type toys that I remember from the 80s, although Kinder must be given credit; unlike Happy Meal toys, where can i order Declomycin without prescription, they aren't corporate tie-ins. Buy Declomycin without prescription, From what I can glean from the entirely language-free slips of paper that come with each toy, there are a several series of toys, each with a different theme, online buying Declomycin hcl. Order Declomycin over the counter, For example, three recently-bought Kinder eggs (for research purposes, of course) yielded two athletic "cool" kids on skateboards and a mustachioed pirate gorilla clutching a barrel that hides a treasure map. These aren't promoting the latest soulless blockbuster movie---they're encouraging kids to be active and to use their imagination. (OK, and to eat chocolate.)

It occurred to me that the closest American analogue to the Kinder egg would be Crackerjack, which I remember fondly from its association with baseball and childhood. Accordingly, I purchased a few small packages with the intention of comparing the prizes inside with the Kinder toys. As it turns out, there's no comparison. Kinder toys are brightly colored plastic figurines with moving parts or wheels, order Declomycin over the counter. Crackerjack "prizes" are pieces of paper: literally nothing more. Here, for example, is the aforementioned pirate gorilla next to what I found in one of the packets of Crackerjack. It's a piece of paper with a picture of a cow on it. That's it. Order Declomycin over the counter, According to the instructions, you're supposed to hold the paper between two fingers and squeeze it. This will open up a slit where the cow's mouth is, and it will appear to talk. Would any child consider that a worthwhile prize.


In short, the Kinder Surprise egg shows up American candy culture on every front. For something mass produced, it's creatively designed, encourages imaginative play in children, and is a pleasure for both the tactile and gustatory senses. Besides, only some place with far more lenient drug laws than America's could come up with an advertisement like this.


First image from the German Wikipedia article on Kinder Eggs.

Second image by the author.

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