Todd Underwood

Todd Underwood is a computer geek who works on a variety of large scale systems. He has done work on Internet routing and large scale supercomputers as well as more pedestrian stuff, like making sure your mail gets to you. Language, culture and technology all fascinate him. He has a BA in Philosophy from Columbia University and an MS in Computer Science from University of New Mexico. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

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I hate it. Isoniazid samples, In fact, these days I hate almost all Dr. Seuss books, order Isoniazid from mexican pharmacy. I do not simply hate the silly words or the difficult, Buying Isoniazid online over the counter, repeated rhymes and concepts. I do not merely hate the careful rhythm and the tight integration of pictures and words, buy Isoniazid no prescription. I hate the density, the care with which they are constructed, where to buy Isoniazid. They build on sounds, Where to buy Isoniazid, references and structure. It is because Dr Seuss books are so tightly well written that they utterly resist translation.


Black People Speak French

Kids associate languages with people (and types of people), Isoniazid gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, This is just the way our brains work. I was born in French-speaking Africa and so was my older brother, Online buy Isoniazid without a prescription, Adam. When my family moved back to the US when Adam was 2 and a half years old, he spent a bit of time trying to speak French to all of the Black people he encountered, purchase Isoniazid. This caused some amusing confusion during a plane-change in Chicago, Buy Isoniazid from mexico, but it made perfect sense, at least to Adam. Until that trip, order Isoniazid online overnight delivery no prescription, every brown-skinned person he had ever met spoke French, Isoniazid over the counter, and most of the lighter-skinned people he had met spoke English (or English plus some other European language). Our brains are adapted to associate languages with individuals and classes of people, rather than situations, buy Isoniazid no prescription. This is at least part of why it is extremely difficult, even for bilingual people, buy Isoniazid online cod, to maintain a communication relationship that is sometimes in one language and sometimes in another. Buy Isoniazid without a prescription, My family's history in French-speaking Africa left me with an obvious lesson and a choice: I only speak Spanish to my children, of course.


In the end, ordering Isoniazid online, I grew up mostly in Puerto Rico, Comprar en línea Isoniazid, comprar Isoniazid baratos, in a little town called Humacao on the South Eastern side of the island. My father married an Argentinian woman and they started a Montessori school together in Puerto Rico. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, At first, Adam and I were just along for the ride. But for me the timing was just right, canada, mexico, india. I was old enough to be a real human being but young enough to go with the flow. Order Isoniazid from United States pharmacy, And the spirit and character and history of Puerto Rico ended up in me. I went to school in that clipped, hurried, buying Isoniazid online over the counter, beautiful Puerto Rican Spanish that the rest of the Spanish-speaking world loves to hate. I made my first real friends in Spanish, buy Isoniazid no prescription. Isoniazid from canadian pharmacy, I went to my first school dances in Spanish. When I met my partner, I made it clear that speaking (and more importantly, buy Isoniazid online no prescription, understanding) Spanish was not optional—it was a part of who I am and it would be required to relate to me and to my family And when I had kids, Isoniazid for sale, I couldn't imagine them not speaking Spanish.


Children's Books Kick My Ass

When my daughter Agatha was born, I knew I would have to read every single book to her in Spanish, purchase Isoniazid, regardless of what the letters on the page actually said. Where can i buy Isoniazid online, I had done some written and spoken simultaneous translation so this didn't worry me. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, I also knew that all of my favorite books as a kid had been in English. So I knew that I would be shouldering the majority of the translation burden in my household. "This is not my puppy: his paws are too rough" == "Éste no es mi perro: sus patas estan demasiadas ásperas", Isoniazid gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Easy stuff. Where can i order Isoniazid without prescription, I got lulled into a false sense of security. And then we got the Lorax, buy Isoniazid no prescription. "And deep in the Grickle-grass, some people say if you look deep enough you can still see, buy generic Isoniazid, today..." "The old Once-ler still lives here. Isoniazid over the counter, ..." How the hell do you translate "Grickle-grass" or "Onceler". (I did Grama-Grica and ViejoUnaVez but those were spur-of-the-moment choices, not carefully considered terms that built the rhythm of the story), where to buy Isoniazid. Not only does Dr Seuss uses lots of non-words, Purchase Isoniazid online no prescription, but the non-words tend to resonate with each other and imply, without directly signifying, meanings in English, Isoniazid trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, As I tried simultaneous translation of the Lorax, every off-the-cuff choice led me to more difficult choices on future pages. By the end of the story, even I was confused and I can guarantee that Agatha had no idea what the hell was going on. Clearly Dr. Seuss was graduate-school-level translation. Not to be attempted off the top of one's head while reading a bedtime story. Translating truly hard texts requires more than skill, buy Isoniazid no prescription. It requires imagination and bold choices. Any vaguely poetic use of language is fundamentally untranslatable—it violates the separation of signifier and signified. Onomatopoeia, connotation, meter and rhyme all disappear in obvious, literal translation. The only way to bring them back is to layer on your own thick slathering of poetry. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, I knew I needed help.


Teresa Mlawer, Aida Marcuse and Dr Seuss the Second Time Around

"En la gran habitación verde, hay un globo rojo..." Goodnight Moon, thanks to Teresa Mlawer. Mlawer is a giant of Spanish-language kids books. She has personally translated over 250 children's books, including many of the great ones. If your kids have books in Spanish in the US, her name is on your bookshelf at least twice. Her translations are smooth, idiomatic, and they try to preserve rhythm and context, buy Isoniazid no prescription. But it was Aida Marcuse's translation of "Green Eggs and Ham" that finally showed me Dr Seuss done right. Sam I am gets a new name: Juan Ramón, so the symmetry is lost right from the very beginning: "Yo soy Juan... Juan Ramón..." The first time I read it, I lost faith in Ms. Marcuse almost immediately. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, And there was the awkward 'caserón' for 'house' (which admitedly does rhyme with 'ratón' for mouse, but that hardly redeems it). But by the time we were refusing green eggs and ham in a 'coche' (car) and 'de noche' (at night) I was sold. The meter, the ridiculousness, the rhyme and the moral of the story are all captured by this translation. And best of all, I can turn my brain down and just read it. And what I find is that sometimes I have a richer understanding of the English-language books that I loved as a kid when I read them in Spanish translation, the second time around.


Family Circus parody by cutup.

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