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How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Marketers and mavens like to say that websites are living, breathing things, that they need to be fed and exercised, nurtured and loved, or they’ll die. And die they do. But if a website ends as a living creature ends, does it begin the way a living creature begins? Can it be from its mother’s womb untimely ripped? Does it follow older, bigger websites around, hiding under their wings, suckling on their teats, emulating their movements? Is it cast out of the nest, alone, to fend for itself, vulnerable to jackals? Or does it incubate for a time, exposed to the world but still protean, its genetic plan wrapped in a fragile vault, seen alternately as food, as fuel, as life? Revolving Floor is born. How do you like your eggs?

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Order Female Pink Viagra over the counter, Before Nike proclaimed "Just do it" as a cocky exhortation to push past any obstacles and live out one's inner greatness, it was a line my grandfather reserved for order takers, primarily at restaurants.

He enjoyed doing things carefully and well, but he was not a fussy man. Comfort and ease primarily informed his aesthetic. This was partly innate, online buy Female Pink Viagra without a prescription, no doubt, but partly a result of living most of his life in limited circumstances that required him to make do or do without.

I know I baffled him in many ways with my pickiness and perfectionism. He offered ice cream from his freezer to a crowd of grandchildren that included me once, order Female Pink Viagra over the counter. Buy Female Pink Viagra online no prescription, I asked what kind of ice cream it was, prepared to turn down anything with nuts or fruit in it. At the time his reaction made me feel ungrateful, but looking back I can also see the sheer surprise: what child would hesitate to eat ice cream.

[caption id="attachment_374" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Nike Of Somathrace, buy no prescription Female Pink Viagra online. Before the other Nike. "] Order Female Pink Viagra over the counter, Nike Of Somathrace. width=[/caption]

At restaurants he might take time to read a menu or he might have a dish in mind that he knew (or assumed) the restaurant could make. He would order what he wanted simply, Online buying Female Pink Viagra hcl, without questions or special instructions, and consider the matter finished. If the wait staff or cashier asked for more input – What do you want on your burger. Small, medium, buy Female Pink Viagra without a prescription, or large. – my grandfather would often reply with his spectacularly unhelpful "Just do it."

This statement, usually delivered with a smile, covered a range of unstated meanings, order Female Pink Viagra over the counter.

  • Give it to me plain.

  • Give me what's typical.

  • Give me the works.

  • Surprise me.

I distinctly remember being with him at a fast food counter once when the cashier made the mistake of asking him if he wanted a straw with his soda. "Just do it." I understood him well enough to know he meant he didn't care, Order Female Pink Viagra from United States pharmacy, but I was too mortified to translate for the cashier, who actually asked the question twice more before giving up.

My grandfather lived long enough to place fast food orders in the age of combination meals, by which time I'd developed a rueful appreciation of this style. I've observed other elderly people trying to perform the customer role in the fast food assembly line, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order Female Pink Viagra over the counter, It can be a frustration and a humiliation for them, anyone in line behind them, and the cashiers. But the assembly line never fazed my grandfather, he just ignored it.

He liked eggs a lot, Where to buy Female Pink Viagra, however prepared, which is one area in which I'm no more picky than he was. He liked ketchup on them scrambled, which I don't, and he liked condemning the practice as he put the ketchup on, australia, uk, us, usa, asking in some vaguely hoity-toity sounding accent, "What are we, barbarians?"

[caption id="attachment_375" align="alignnone" width="300" caption=""What are we, Purchase Female Pink Viagra, Barbarians?""]"What are we, Barbarians?"[/caption]

I don't remember him specifically ever saying "Just do it" about his eggs. It may be that though he liked them prepared any way, he was always in a particular mood when he ordered them.

Like many old, persistent, mundane objects, eggs are deep symbols, order Female Pink Viagra over the counter. Eggs are an investment, fast shipping Female Pink Viagra, something set aside or hidden, something to protect and to wait on. They are, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, like seeds, the hope of new life from apparent lifelessness. But perhaps because eggs produce new animal life, they seem to have worked more powerfully on the human imagination. They are scattered across the world's creation mythologies, comprar en línea Female Pink Viagra, comprar Female Pink Viagra baratos, hatching either the universe itself, or some first active being who in turn creates the rest. Order Female Pink Viagra over the counter, In Classical times, many scholars in what's sometimes referred to as "the West" undertook what seemed the necessary task of bringing order to the vigorously contradictory stories in circulation regarding the origin and history of the known world. There are traces of the same impulse and activity in the scriptural canons that were eventually adopted by Judaism and Christianity. Female Pink Viagra gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, The tumult of Classical mythology was straightened, systematized, even euhemerized. The results were far more easily catalogued, summarized and copied – and essentially frozen, ordering Female Pink Viagra online, especially once cut off from active development by the triumph of Christianity and Islam.

The standard version includes a minor god named Orpheus, depicted as the son of Apollo and the Muse Calliope, Buy cheap Female Pink Viagra, and a peerless musician in his own right. The major feature of his standard story is the death of his apparently mortal wife Eurydice and his journey to the underworld to petition her resurrection from Hades, order Female Pink Viagra over the counter. His music so moves all the denizens of the underworld that Hades agrees to return Eurydice to life, provided Orpheus walks ahead of her without turning to look back until reaching the surface of the living world. Orpheus' trust fails just short of the goal, and he turns quickly enough to look Eurydice in the face as Hermes silently takes her hand and guides her back down into the shadows, online buying Female Pink Viagra hcl.

[caption id="attachment_376" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Orpheus"]Orpheus[/caption]

Orpheus then wanders for a time in mourning until he is set upon by Maenads and torn limb from limb, after which his head floats down a river to the Isle of Lesbos, where it is buried – still singing – thus founding an oracle. Buy generic Female Pink Viagra, The imposed coherence of the story begins to break down towards the end, as there are numerous speculations as to why the Maenads attack Orpheus, most of which seem forced. Order Female Pink Viagra over the counter, In addition, for an immortal born of immortals, Orpheus' fate is remarkably like death.

The oddities make a tempting target for peeling back the corner of the neat version and letting the original complexity pop back out. In other accounts, buy Female Pink Viagra without prescription, Orpheus was mortal because his mother was not a muse, but a mortal woman – although she and Calliope were each members of a different set of nine sisters. Both sets were referred to as the Pierides, Where to buy Female Pink Viagra, ostensibly for different reasons.

Different authors assign Orpheus an array of mortal and immortal fathers, a circumstance generally understood to indicate the father was uncertain, absent or both. The name Orpheus may not be originally Greek at all, but it would have called to mind Greek words like orphos, meaning bereft or deprived, and two of its derivatives, orphanos (the source of English "orphan") and orphne, a word for darkness sometimes personified as a minor deity in her own right, order Female Pink Viagra over the counter.

In some accounts, order Female Pink Viagra online c.o.d, Orpheus is credited with founding or spreading a mystery cult devoted to a god Dionysus – whose story in turn diverges wildly from that of the standard Dionysus. Orpheus either commits suicide after failing to rescue Eurydice, or is struck by Zeus' thunderbolt for revealing or circulating mysteries the king of gods wanted kept better hidden from mortals. Rx free Female Pink Viagra, The contradictory structures must have caused much gnashing of teeth among Classical mythographers. But what has survived of the contradictions are an important resource to those who, long after, study the cultures behind the myths. Order Female Pink Viagra over the counter, A living mythology isn't coherently narrative. It's more like a deck of cards, Female Pink Viagra price, coupon, repeatedly shuffled. A given myth draws a few cards from the whole deck and arranges them into a scene or a vignette. But there are rules about which cards can be arranged together
and in what ways – and there is intention on the part of the teller. Female Pink Viagra over the counter, The more variant examples available, contradictions and all, the stronger the inferences that can be made about how the people telling the myths thought, and what was important to them.

[caption id="attachment_377" align="alignnone" width="276" caption="Marianne on HBO's True Blood is a maenad."] [/caption]

The standard Classical cosmology describes the creation of the world in terms of the spontaneous emergence of elements and concepts, which in turn generate further elements and concepts, sometimes by mating with each other, order Female Pink Viagra over the counter. One of these is the earth, where to buy Female Pink Viagra, which generates and then mates with the sky, continuously, until one of their unborn offspring castrates the sky and pushes it up away from the earth. Where can i order Female Pink Viagra without prescription, But the devotees of the Orphic mysteries told a different story, about two cosmic snakes, Time and Necessity, wrapped around the middle of a cosmic egg – which the latter may have produced and the former fertilized – squeezing the egg until it broke in half and hatched a god with no clear name, who set the upper half of the egg up as the sky, online buy Female Pink Viagra without a prescription, and laid the lower half out as the earth.

Mystery cults have an understandable, enduring fascination, Buy Female Pink Viagra online cod, but I wonder sometimes about the difference between what made them mysterious when they were still current and what makes them mysterious after the fact. When they were current, they had secrets, but those secrets could be acquired by going through the required initiations. Order Female Pink Viagra over the counter, Their power seems to have rested both on the secrecy itself, and on the fact that initiates were in an altered mental state at the point of revelation, usually being deprived of food, sleep and sunlight, led through a series of hypnotic or ego-stripping rituals, and often carefully dosed with intoxicants or hallucinogens.

If eggs are something set aside and hidden, kjøpe Female Pink Viagra på nett, köpa Female Pink Viagra online, there's always a chance they'll be found by someone other than whoever hid them, in some combination of accident and solution to a puzzle. Easter eggs trade on this, Female Pink Viagra for sale, including the undocumented software features also called by that name. And if an egg waits long enough, being hidden and enshelled may not be enough to preserve it, leaving only fragments to be found.

I suspect mystery cults exercise a fascination now which they didn't then, Female Pink Viagra trusted pharmacy reviews, because their secrets have gone beyond being hidden to being lost. Unlike other areas in the map of human history which are passively blank, these blanks have arrows drawn to them, and heavy ovals drawn around them, order Female Pink Viagra over the counter.

[caption id="attachment_379" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The creation of a god with no clear name."]The creation of a god with no clear name.[/caption]

I wrote a paper once for a class on Classical mythology in which I postulated an extension to the Structural analysis of The Raw and the Cooked – basically, the barbaric and the civilized – with a third category: the Burnt. Canada, mexico, india, Claude Levi-Strauss and following Structuralists argued that being actually or symbolically "cooked" domesticates or civilizes plants, animals and people in the eyes of a culture. Looking only at Classical mythology, it seemed clear to me an argument could be made that being actually or symbolically over-cooked – especially by being cooked twice or burnt – further elevated the treated object to divinity.

I wrote the paper in the floppy disk days and, buy Female Pink Viagra from canada, sometime after turning in the paper copy, I drove back to college from a weekend at home with the file itself on a disk in a box on the roof of my car. Order Female Pink Viagra over the counter, The box slid off as I picked up speed, and then was repeatedly driven at and over by other cars, until the box and its contents were broken and scattered. I didn't discover the loss until looking for the box and disks later, Buy no prescription Female Pink Viagra online, and realizing I hadn't seen them since leaving my parents' house. I called my parents, who went out into the street with flashlights and found the remains.

Of the files that had been on those disks, most of the others of any significance existed on other disks or at least on paper in my possession, purchase Female Pink Viagra online no prescription. But my paper on the Burnt was gone, except for an extremely rough draft. In the years since, despite my strong resistance, I've developed a rather ridiculous impression of the finished paper as a lost masterpiece, full of stunning insight, deep research and ironclad arguments, order Female Pink Viagra over the counter. There's an essentially superstitious dread associated with it, too, that's kept me from trying to re-express its ideas in much detail. It's as if, having once done so perfectly, to try again and fall short would finally complete the destruction of the original.

If I can build up that much attitude about something I created myself before I lost it, how powerful can the feeling be regarding something created by unknown others thousands of years ago.

I know that on a symbolic level, I have a strong preference for eggs that are whole and unbroken, still waiting to be opened, explored and then – as appropriate – further prepared and eaten. Order Female Pink Viagra over the counter, I know that as appealing as this prospect is, that part of the appeal of the unbroken egg is the mystery and the deferred disappointment: it may be that all I have is a shell. But as I examine this ideal idea, I have enough of my grandfather in me to hear his voice saying, "Just do it."


Nike photo by Peter Rivera.

Photo of unattributed rendering of Cohen The Barbarian by Lemerie.

Orpheus image by Klearchos Kapoutsis.

Snake image by holisticmonkey.

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Buy Cipralex no prescription, How not to begin a story. Like this. Ab ovo—from the egg, from the beginning. In his Ars Poetica, order Cipralex no prescription, the first-century BCE poet Horace emphasizes the importance of starting a story in medias res—in the middle of things—by giving the example of what not to do: don’t start the story of the Trojan War ab ovo, from the egg from which Helen hatched. No egg, Where can i buy cheapest Cipralex online, no Helen; no Helen, no abduction by Paris; no abduction by Paris, no Trojan war. Horace seems not even to consider that someone inquisitive like me, someone more interested in excavating beginnings than weaving an action-packed plot, might even want to venture ante ovem, before the egg, to ask why Leda’s children were born out of eggs in the first place, buy Cipralex no prescription. Before the egg, Zeus seduced/raped Leda in the form of a swan, buy cheap Cipralex no rx, so, appropriately, her children were born from eggs. Cipralex price, coupon, [caption id="attachment_710" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Helen hatching from an egg. A phylax image circa 4th century BCE."]Helen hatching from an egg. A phylax image circa 4th century BCE.[/caption]

I’m surely not alone in finding value in all this egg and pre-egg business, in believing that examining origins leads to worthwhile insights about motivations, people, Cipralex trusted pharmacy reviews, as well as the ways people use religion to explain the inexplicable. Buy Cipralex no prescription, And yet, for hundreds and hundreds of years after Horace, writers mostly took his advice. The great epics, the weak epics—the poets followed the rules, Cipralex from canadian pharmacy, as though they had a little checklist next to them: start in medias res—check; invoke Muse—check; divine intervention—check. Eventually, the epic gave way to the novel as the literary home for long stories, but generally novelists followed the old Horatian dictum to start at a moment of action instead of from the egg of the plot.

In what sort of alternate literary universe would starting at the beginning be prized, buy generic Cipralex, and what values would it express. For one thing, an interest in character development over plot and narrative thrust, Order Cipralex from United States pharmacy, introspection over event. (I think I hear Achilles yawning just thinking about it.) It didn’t take a new world, but a new genre, which Michel de Montaigne kindly invented for us at the very moment that some historians have dated as the genesis of the private self, buy Cipralex no prescription. The essai—an attempt, an effort at understanding that uses a different kind of thinking than plot-driven narratives, is well-suited to the practice of going back to the egg to try to understand oneself. The desire to understand differs fundamentally from the desire to entertain or teach, rx free Cipralex, and whereas one can achieve the latter without reference to origins, understanding depends on knowing not only the present but the past as well. We can chase causation backwards, Buy Cipralex from canada, backwards, backwards, looking for a place beyond which there is only faith or chaos. There we find the egg of the story. Buy Cipralex no prescription, [caption id="attachment_715" align="alignnone" width="218" caption="Michel de Montaigne, inventor of the esssay."]Michel de Montaigne, inventor of the esssay.[/caption]

Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago for an explanation of why my family is so religiously diverse—my father adheres to a sect of Hinduism, my mother is a Unitarian Universalist, my sister is a Baha’i, and I am a former Methodist, former atheist, former agnostic, former Catholic, former dabbler in Buddhism who now identifies as “universalist/religious tourist” on my Facebook page.

“Well, online buy Cipralex without a prescription,” I said. “I suppose it’s because my father set the example of choosing one’s own religion. He was raised Southern Baptist and rebelled against it by exploring Hinduism and Transcendental Meditation.”

But this answer seemed partial and made me ask and answer another question: “Why did he rebel against the Southern Baptist faith. Purchase Cipralex, Well, I suppose it’s because my grandparents’ way of being religious, and their way of infusing religion into family life, seemed oppressive, excessive.” But this only led to another question: Why did my grandparents have such a heavy religion, buy Cipralex no prescription. Only now do we arrive at an answer that leads to an unanswerable question: My father had an older brother, Bob, who died before my father was born, buy Cipralex no prescription. My grandparents had moved their family to a new farm in Iowa, and while the adults were busy with moving and unpacking, the two boys ran off to explore. Cipralex samples, Six-year-old Bob fell into an uncovered well and drowned. Shortly thereafter, my grandparents, first my grandmother and some time later my grandfather, got “saved” and began a new life in religion, fast shipping Cipralex.

[caption id="attachment_705" align="alignnone" width="267" caption="Horace in conversation with poets. Buy Cipralex no prescription, By Raphael, from the Stanza della Segnatura"]Horace in conversation with poets. By Raphael, from the Stanza della Segnatura[/caption]

So where is the egg, Canada, mexico, india, the earliest point in time after which cause and effect applies. Before the egg is something unexplainable, something that can be understood only with reference to god (“Zeus came to Leda in the form of a swan; that’s where these eggs came from”) or to chaos (“Children die terrifying and apparently meaningless deaths because mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”). In my grandmother’s case, what looked like chaos could be borne only by means of religion, buying Cipralex online over the counter.

I can thus trace back something of my own ideas about religion to a summer day in 1939 and a chain of events set in motion by the death of a boy my father never met. How far back can I go to find the ovular moment of my tendency toward introspection, buy Cipralex no prescription. In the summer of 2007, during the separation that preceded the beginning of my divorce process, Where can i order Cipralex without prescription, I pored over my diaries from 1994 through 1996, trying to understand, looking for the egg of that story. One day in midsummer, an envelope slipped out of the pages of one of the fat five-subject notebooks I favor for my journals, ordering Cipralex online. It was eerie to open the envelope and find a letter to my future self, written in 1995, a year before my wedding. Where can i buy Cipralex online, It was written for future-Rachel, who 1995-Rachel knew would one day want out of the marriage, to explain to her why she should ignore that wish. Buy Cipralex no prescription, The letter, by its existence, serves as proof of my own belief in 1995 in the potential discontinuity of my own identity. So far, the meaning of the letter has differed at three points in time, online buying Cipralex hcl, three distinct Rachel-readers of the letter. In 1995, the letter contained truths that a future self might forget. Buy Cipralex online no prescription, To my self in 2007, defensive about the terrible, terrible responsibility of ending a marriage, the letter was proof that something had been off all along. To my self in 2009, buy Cipralex online cod, less committed to ideas of absolute truth, less defensive about the way my life has turned out, it was a sad snapshot that gave me a heart-breaking sympathy for all the multiple versions of me, Where to buy Cipralex, all the multiple versions of him, but especially those two in 1996, poised on the brink of a story to which I know the ending, but they don’t.

[caption id="attachment_704" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Thirty years of diaries: November 27, 1979--August 17, 2009."]Thirty years of diaries: November 27, 1979--August 17, 2009.[/caption]

But that wasn’t the first letter from myself to a future self, buy Cipralex no prescription. In 1984, where to buy Cipralex, when I was in seventh grade, I wrote a letter to future-Rachel, trying to explain myself, Cipralex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, to gain sympathy. I was ashamed, embarrassed about being who I was: shy, nerdy, depressed, australia, uk, us, usa, lonely. I felt so hopeless, such an ugly duckling in every way—I still remember how much I longed for invisibility the day the boy I adored spoke to me, Order Cipralex online c.o.d, and I was wearing a lavender shirt that was, in my mind, hideous, horrible. I never wore it again, buy Cipralex from mexico. Buy Cipralex no prescription, These indignities were bearable; what was unacceptably painful was the thought of some Rachel of the future, one who would have figured out how to negotiate the intricacies of the adolescent social web and how to attain the desideratum of a boyfriend, one who would look back at my seventh-grade sad-sack self and cringe or laugh. I don’t remember a lot of the details, just that it was a plea for understanding: the writer of the letter believed in and feared the possibility that the reader of the letter, her own future self, Where can i find Cipralex online, might have forgotten her misery, or might blame her for it.

These two letters to future-Rachels were written alongside volume after volume after volume of diaries, going back to when I was eight years old. But that’s still not early enough to be the egg, purchase Cipralex online. To find the egg of my introspection, my sometimes obsessive attempts to communicate, I have to go back to the dream my mother had three days after my conception, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, when I was barely more than an egg myself. In the dream, I looked like newborn-Rachel: a baby with a patch of black hair on the side of her head, buy Cipralex no prescription. The baby said to my mother, “My name is Rachel Elizabeth” . . , purchase Cipralex online no prescription. and so it was. Buy Cipralex no prescription, Hearing that story over and over again as a child—because I loved it and wanted to hear about it often—shaped my sense of self. Who knows why my mother had that dream—perhaps its origin was supernatural (the Zeus explanation) or perhaps she had a bad burrito (mere anarchy). At any rate, Order Cipralex from mexican pharmacy, I locate in that dream the egg of my fascination with the idea of communication among all these discrete selves who are me and not-me, all at once.

Only by writing and reading and writing and reading my selves through these journals across, so far, thirty years of my life, real brand Cipralex online, could I have experienced for myself how illusory is the idea of a stable self. My desire to find or create causal linkages that can take me back ad ovem—so that I can turn around and trace a straight line ab ovo to the present, to my present self—leads me instead to find a series of discrete selves. Two of these selves in particular felt so acutely the fallacy of continuity that they called attention to it and to themselves as, perhaps, moments of my identity that would be subsumed, erased in future-Rachel’s attempts to create a seamless narrative, a story of identity as an unbroken line stretching from egg to chick to hen.

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Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, When I asked my mother where the scrambled eggs I was eating came from, she told me that they were originally supposed to be baby chickens. I looked at the little yellow and white shapes, and thought I could make out the little creatures, each one an inch or so across. I pressed them between two pieces of toast, so I didn’t have to watch them protest while I ate. My mother served me eggy sandwiches for a long time, where can i buy cheapest Sepazon online.

My brothers and I had many toys, scattered over a large house. Who owned these toys, and where they were each meant to reside, was well-established among the three of us, but not to Martha, the cleaning woman who came twice per week, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription. Within those rooms was an intricate network of extraterrestrial cities, secret powers dependent on the intersection of brands (the foot-long blue Tonka pickup truck had a sacred relationship with the plastic Pillsbury Doughboy), and indicators of the latest cliffhangers (a Lego city was left sitting on the edge of the dining room table, Buy Sepazon online cod, not out of carelessness, but as a metaphor for a political crisis faced by its citizens).

As boys went, we did not make a lot of messes that had to be cleaned up with mops and sprays. Martha’s job with regard to our toys was not to clean, but to organize. (But, purchase Sepazon, as noted, the toys were already organized.)

Since Martha was not able to tell which toys belonged to whom (especially since the nature of the toy world dictated that a particular spaceship or stuffed animal might easily end up either in the six , eight, or twelve year-old’s room at any given time), she would arbitrarily rearrange our toys in a way that made more sense to the adult eye. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, We’d come home from school to find sworn enemies cuddling with one another, elaborate tableaus dismantled in ways that clearly contradicted the laws of Muppet time travel and Hot Wheels super-gravity. Purchase Sepazon online no prescription, We gave this phenomenon a name: The Martha Monster. Martha was a force of nature, an uncertainty principle, a reminder against all toys not to get haughty. Like the characters in Kurt Vonnegut’s Timequake (which would not be written for many years), our avatars would sometimes find themselves forced to relive the dramas that had already defined them.

Because some of the toys and scenarios never actually intersected, order Sepazon from mexican pharmacy, or did so in ways that varied depending on context, we divided the imaginary multiverse into clearly defined arbitrary universes, called “shows.” Some of these shows had ritualistic opening sequences that had to be invoked before the show could begin. For example, in the “Underwater” show, in which the house filled to the ceiling with water, a knob had to be pressed on my brother Dan’s dresser, causing each of us to transform into powerful, undrownable water-creatures, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription.

After Martha disrupted one of these realities, it was, Online buying Sepazon hcl, in the modern parlance, “rebooted.” Vanquished villains were restored to life, and given the opportunity for redemption.  My brothers’ roles in the shaping of the various worlds were updated to match their increasing maturity. (My own powers were unlimited, and stayed that way.)

One aspect of the toy multiverse that concerned me greatly was the origin of life. How to account for it. After Christmas and holidays, Sepazon gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, there would suddenly be new creatures dwelling among the old. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, In fact, these presents were bound to be the center of attention for a while, so their integration into the existing milieu had to be fast and intuitive. This problem troubled me greatly. Had these new creatures been “born”. Did they have parents. To what extent must the existing multiverse absorb the corporate-generated mythological baggage that motivated the child in question to ask for it.

I experimented with different creation scenarios, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription. Sepazon trusted pharmacy reviews, Some of my brothers’ new toys had to be brought before Wiki, my own favorite toy. (Wiki, who was a sort of upright, wheel-driven bird made of Legos, was named after a robot on Jason Of Star Command.) I also experimented with toy-on-toy copulation, although this felt like a hollow ritual not sufficiently connected to the thing being made so as to be worthwhile, where can i buy Sepazon online.

[caption id="attachment_308" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The original Wiki (W1K1). Mine was cooler."]The original Wiki (W1K1).  Mine was cooler. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, [/caption]

Where did new toys come from. I could answer the question literally, but not mythically. What was the creation story. Buy Sepazon online no prescription, I felt myself slipping into adulthood, the problem of origins unsolved, my multiverse still calling out to be completed, even as it faded from view.

When I was in my early teens, my friend Gene and I would spend the night at each other’s houses, and we would go on “missions.” These missions mostly consisted of sneaking downstairs and cooking ourselves omelets without waking up our parents, online buy Sepazon without a prescription. We would prepare for these missions by donning dark clothes, as if we might end up in a situation where we’d be in the same room with our parents, but they somehow wouldn’t see us, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription.

I don’t remember making any food besides omelets, over many missions. The omelet was breakfast, and we were eating it in the middle of the night. A rebellious inversion. Sepazon samples, What’s more, Gene and I, two kids who weren’t expected to do much cooking, then or later, were inverting the whole pyramid of responsibility. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, The adults were asleep, but we were awake. They were supposed to cook for us, but we were cooking for ourselves, Sepazon over the counter. Omelets were for breakfast, but we were having them late at night. As acts of rebellion and subterfuge went, ours were pretty benign. But they worked for us.

[caption id="attachment_307" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="We were inverting the whole pyramid of responsibility."]0709_Cohn_punk_chickens_2[/caption]

In his Celebration Of Life lecture series, comparative anthropologist Joseph Campbell talks about how human beings continue to gestate long after birth, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription. Buy generic Sepazon, Unlike most other animals, being born and then spending a few months at home, watching our parents do what they do, is not enough to prepare us for life. We either stay under our parents’ care until we’re 18, or we’re pretty much fucked.

However, order Sepazon online overnight delivery no prescription, there is a parallel in nature to the extended gestation after birth that human children experience. Little incubators, fragile and begging to be cracked open, from the outside if not the inside. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, This is the period, after birth, during which the young animal is not expected to do anything more than develop.

My parents’ house is big and white and was built for my mother, Buy cheap Sepazon no rx, by her father, so that she could raise a family there (my father was allowed to come too).  As if it were an egg that hatched me, it contains artifacts related to my origins, such as the many Japanese artworks acquired during my parents’ stay in Japan, during which I was born.

I actually went to Japan for a month when I was 17, fast shipping Sepazon, and stayed with friends of my parents. They don’t eat eggs for breakfast. There was miso soup, and hot rice, and fish, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription. Growing up a picky eater in Kansas in the 70s and rarely having had truly fresh saltwater fish, I was convinced that I hated all seafood, and generally refused to try it, Real brand Sepazon online, even in Japan, where I was probably encountering actual fresh seafood for the first time in my life. My hosts took me to a huge sushi bar, with a long conveyor belt that ran from a hole in the kitchen all the way around the room. Salmon, eel, and roe passed me by, ordering Sepazon online. From the hole in the kitchen emerged a bundle of rice with a cooked egg on top, standing out in high contrast against the blood reds and oranges. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, I held my breath as it approached, hoping that everyone in line before me would turn it down.

During my first summer of graduate school in California, I met Ellen on the plane as I flew home to Kansas City. Near the end of the flight, Buy cheap Sepazon, she emerged from another part of the plane, slipped into the empty seat next to mine, told me she was scared of landings, and took my hand in hers. This story is true, but when I told it to my friends, they didn’t believe it, order Sepazon online c.o.d, which made it better. An origin story that no one believes is a myth, and that gives it a new level of truth.

During the three weeks that we dated, Ellen told me another origin story, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription. When she was conceived, her mother was still in high school. Buy Sepazon from canada, Ellen’s mother had told her own parents about the pregnancy, and they had arranged an abortion. But one night, sitting alone in her room, Ellen’s mother decided not to go through with it. To commemorate the choice (and, perhaps, order Sepazon from United States pharmacy, to trap herself into it), she drew her future daughter an illustrated story about the pregnancy and her triumphant decision to carry it to term. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, This little yarn-bound book was passed on to Ellen as planned, and she showed it to me, and I read it.

I tried to tell Ellen a story of my own. We sat in my parents’ luxurious two-story living room with nine lights in the ceiling, and lush green carpeting.  I talked about the movie I was writing for school. Sepazon from canadian pharmacy, It felt good to be telling a story in that space again, the same huge room that had played the role of oceans and outer space and, once, a black hole, when I was a kid. And here, again, kjøpe Sepazon på nett, köpa Sepazon online, I had a doting audience. I started to give her the pitch for my screenplay, a medieval coming-of-age fantasy, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription. She tried to listen, but as soon as I said “dragons,” her large green eyes glazed over. I changed tactics, Purchase Sepazon online, and started telling her about the politics of the school, my insane thesis adviser, my plight as a sensitive artist in a commercial world.

She chortled and fell back into my mother’s voluptuous white couch.

“Boys like you don’t have plights,” she said. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, “Only dramas.”

A week later, we broke up. Three weeks after that, australia, uk, us, usa, she was calling me every day, and I wasn’t answering.

I retreated into a book that had been sitting on my bedroom shelf since I was in high school, unread: The Wild Palms, by William Faulkner. Australia, uk, us, usa, In the story, a man and a woman go out into the forest and live a poor but idyllic life. Eventually, the man is so enraptured with the breadth of his own free time and his lack of connection to society or responsibility that he decides to fashion a calendar based purely on the woman’s menstrual cycle. The second month lasts much longer than it should, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription. He feels reality tugging at the edges of his created fantasy. As I read the story, I felt myself having the same experience, where can i find Sepazon online.

The next time the phone rang, I picked it up.

“Did something happen?” I asked Ellen. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, “Wouldn’t that be crazy?” she asked.

I felt a rush of gratitude for her use of the subjunctive.  Wouldn’t it? Hypothetical, Where can i buy cheapest Sepazon online, imaginary, unreal.

[caption id="attachment_309" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="A Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother administers the Gom Jabbar test to he who might become the Kwisatz Haderach, in David Lynch's adaptation of Dune."]A Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother administers the Gom Jabbar test to he who might become the Kwisatz Haderach, in David Lynch's adaptation of <em>Dune</em>.[/caption]

"Buy me lunch,” she said.

We met at a diner, Sepazon over the counter. I got there late, and she had already ordered.  I tried looking at the menu while she watched me, but I gave up, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription. I put the menu down.

She looked at me blankly. Her green eyes were huge. They grew and took over her face, which I realized was just a sort of casing for these gigantic white ovals. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, And each oval had a round portal in it, green like my mother’s lush carpet, and inside that a hole that led to another universe. Order Sepazon online c.o.d, Behind that portal, I could see her mother, and all the women of her line, all the way back to the beginning, back to the primal magical creature who had set it up, had set up this very event, here in this diner, where can i order Sepazon without prescription.

I thought of the Bene Gesserit, that society of women in Dune who carefully seduce men, one generation after the other, leading to the creation, someday, Order Sepazon online overnight delivery no prescription, of their ultimate goal: a man with female intuition, the Kwitzach Haderach. It suddenly occurred to me that the Kwitzach Haderach was a cruel practical joke, executed by Frank Herbert, a middle-aged family man, against a legion of awkward boy readers who would have been willing to swallow even the most ridiculous conceit if it allowed them to believe that someday they might understand girls.

Ellen’s food came, purchase Sepazon online. Scrambled eggs, Buy Sepazon Without Prescription. I sat there numbly, watching her turn them over with her fork.

“Want some?” she asked.

It occurred to me that today was Wednesday. Back at my parents’ house, Martha was coming. Buy Sepazon Without Prescription, She would be rearranging things. When I returned, reality might have shifted. Things might be in a different order. Relationships between disparate creatures might have taken on a different nature. Cleaner. More organized.


punk chicken photo by Shauna Schoenborn

w1k1 photo taken from TV Acres

Dune image taken from Fantasy Mundo.

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Order Declomycin over the counter, To my mind, the Kinder Surprise egg, that seamed chocolate ovoid in a shiny foil wrapper, is a perfect symbol for certain differences between the United States and Europe. I say this, perhaps, buying Declomycin online over the counter, because I was in Europe when I first came across Kinder eggs---in Athens, Order Declomycin from United States pharmacy, taking a semester abroad. At a cluttered little kiosk, one of the type ubiquitous in the city, online buying Declomycin hcl, where I would grab a can of iced coffee before class, Declomycin for sale, I noticed another student who often bought an egg-shaped something wrapped in orange and white foil. Eventually I asked her about it, and she replied with a knowing smile: "Kinder egg, rx free Declomycin. My boyfriend collects the toys, Where can i buy cheapest Declomycin online, and you can't get them in the US."

Later, in class, she showed me what she meant, buy cheap Declomycin. She peeled back the wrapper to reveal a light brown chocolate egg, order Declomycin over the counter. She shook it, Buy cheap Declomycin no rx, and I could hear a dull rattling sound coming from inside. We divvied up the shell, and I saw the interior was lined with white chocolate, purchase Declomycin online. This probably accounted for the shell's creamy taste, Buy Declomycin online no prescription, lighter and sweeter than what I expected from American chocolate. This left a yellow plastic pod, within which lay the eponymous Surprise: a small toy, buy generic Declomycin. Order Declomycin over the counter, I've since forgotten what it was.

Graham Kinder Eggs A

That fleeting introduction was enough; if you combine domestic unavailability, Declomycin samples, plastic trinkets and chocolate, I'm captivated. I can't say that, real brand Declomycin online, once I got back to the States, Fast shipping Declomycin, I went on a great candy crusade to find Kinder eggs, but I would browse in candy stores when I thought of it. I eventually found my way to Economy Candy, where can i buy Declomycin online, on Rivington Street in New York's Lower East Side, Comprar en línea Declomycin, comprar Declomycin baratos, where they can be purchased in great numbers. (As it turns out, Kinder eggs can't be legally imported into the United States, buying Declomycin online over the counter, but that's neither here nor there.) After consuming perhaps a few too many, Where to buy Declomycin, I began to reflect on the undeniable significance of the Kinder egg.

Let's start with this salient fact; Kinder eggs are eggs, order Declomycin over the counter. I've eaten my fair share of American candy, and I believe that we, buy cheap Declomycin, as a people, Rx free Declomycin, are fairly literal-minded when it comes to our confectioneries. We like our pure chocolate mostly in bars or sticks, occasionally in kiss form, order Declomycin from United States pharmacy. Anything fancier than that requires some kind of filling, Buy Declomycin no prescription, such as mint or cookie or peanut butter. The egg shape pops up on the American candy radar only around Easter--and even then pure chocolate eggs are somewhat rare. Order Declomycin over the counter, More likely we're talking about malted chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with jelly beans, or chocolate eggs filled with a frothy creme. Kinder eggs, kjøpe Declomycin på nett, köpa Declomycin online, are, Order Declomycin online c.o.d, by contrast, available year-round and aren't linked with any particular holiday. Europeans, Declomycin price, coupon, it would seem, Australia, uk, us, usa, need no cognitive framework for their candy.

The wrapper, too, where can i buy cheapest Declomycin online, bespeaks a foreign origin; the type of egg I've been able to buy comes in a wrapper covered all over with choking hazard warnings in a variety of languages, Ordering Declomycin online, including Greek and Russian. It's impressive, really, Declomycin from canadian pharmacy, how many languages are crammed onto it. There's even an illustration of a sad-looking cartoon infant with a slash through it, in case you read none of the languages on the packaging, or perhaps are illiterate, order Declomycin over the counter. Purchase Declomycin, Then, of course, there are the toys, purchase Declomycin online no prescription. As much as I love chocolate, Canada, mexico, india, I must admit that I find far more pleasure contemplating the Kinder toys than I do eating the candy that surrounds them. They are roughly on par with the Happy Meal-type toys that I remember from the 80s, although Kinder must be given credit; unlike Happy Meal toys, where can i order Declomycin without prescription, they aren't corporate tie-ins. Buy Declomycin without prescription, From what I can glean from the entirely language-free slips of paper that come with each toy, there are a several series of toys, each with a different theme, online buying Declomycin hcl. Order Declomycin over the counter, For example, three recently-bought Kinder eggs (for research purposes, of course) yielded two athletic "cool" kids on skateboards and a mustachioed pirate gorilla clutching a barrel that hides a treasure map. These aren't promoting the latest soulless blockbuster movie---they're encouraging kids to be active and to use their imagination. (OK, and to eat chocolate.)

It occurred to me that the closest American analogue to the Kinder egg would be Crackerjack, which I remember fondly from its association with baseball and childhood. Accordingly, I purchased a few small packages with the intention of comparing the prizes inside with the Kinder toys. As it turns out, there's no comparison. Kinder toys are brightly colored plastic figurines with moving parts or wheels, order Declomycin over the counter. Crackerjack "prizes" are pieces of paper: literally nothing more. Here, for example, is the aforementioned pirate gorilla next to what I found in one of the packets of Crackerjack. It's a piece of paper with a picture of a cow on it. That's it. Order Declomycin over the counter, According to the instructions, you're supposed to hold the paper between two fingers and squeeze it. This will open up a slit where the cow's mouth is, and it will appear to talk. Would any child consider that a worthwhile prize.


In short, the Kinder Surprise egg shows up American candy culture on every front. For something mass produced, it's creatively designed, encourages imaginative play in children, and is a pleasure for both the tactile and gustatory senses. Besides, only some place with far more lenient drug laws than America's could come up with an advertisement like this.


First image from the German Wikipedia article on Kinder Eggs.

Second image by the author.

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 Poseidon Makes Breakfast for Medusa
Poetry & Art

Buy Lipotrexate no prescription, Have you ever been held captive, in some horribly dirty and cramped space not fit for human beings, where you were deprived of sleep, forced to stand and perhaps not allowed to go to the bathroom (if there even is a bathroom) for long periods of time, and forced to eat whatever somewhat food-related substance they put in front of you.

No, I'm not talking about Guantanamo. I'm talking about an average day in the world of film production.

I suppose that this is why one of the favorite pastimes of a film crew is complaining – about the incompetence of the production that's trying to fit way too many shots into a day, purchase Lipotrexate online no prescription, or doesn't have the equipment you need, or sticks you and 35 other people in a tiny apartment building in a bad neighborhood where people who don't want you there throw things out the window at you when you use your free 5 minutes of downtime to go outside to breathe; about how they're trying to screw you out of overtime/kit rental/having a weekend (there is a term that has officially entered the crew vocabulary called "Fraturday," which I think was coined by the crew on a job on which every Friday inevitably ended sometime on Saturday – probably The Sopranos, Order Lipotrexate online overnight delivery no prescription, ); or about the shoot scapegoat, that one person who drives everyone just a little crazy and therefore bears the brunt of the general hatred for humanity that bubbles up when you spend 16 hours a day with the same people.

But the number one target of complaints, bar none. The food, buy Lipotrexate no prescription.

Back when I worked on independent films, where to buy Lipotrexate, these complaints were extremely well-deserved. Although I didn't realize it at first because I was coming from film school, where if your classmates rewarded you for your hard if semi-incompetent labor with sludgy/crunchy deli coffee and bologna on Wonder Bread, Rx free Lipotrexate, you would take it and like it. (And you would then punish them with similar treatment when it was their turn to work on your film – HA!) But gradually I came to see that my indie film crewmates had a point when they got disgruntled at having yesterday's canned green beans turn up, mixed with yesterday's rice and something unidentifiable that made it all stick together, as today's entrée. Especially when there was little or nothing to eat between meals at craft service other than the stale bagels leftover from breakfast, online buy Lipotrexate without a prescription, and nobody really had time to go find something else to eat and wolf it down during a half-an-hour lunch, even if they could eke something out of their $400-a-week salary to do so and weren't shooting on, say, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, an island in Maine somewhere a good 50 miles from even the nearest Whopper. Buy Lipotrexate no prescription, Plus, I discovered that complaining was part of the bonding experience. It was what you did while you rode to location together in the van in the morning, or waited for the set to be lit, or over beers at Blue & Gold or Lucy's or whatever podunk bar you could find at the end of the day.

[caption id="attachment_292" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Before."]Before.[/caption]

So I became a complainer too. And as I got better at my job, I also got really, Purchase Lipotrexate online, really good at complaining. I eventually even got to the point where, by week three or so of a shoot, I was telling production to their faces how much the way they were treating us sucked, buy Lipotrexate no prescription. Once, I got so sick of the combination of Pringles and Little Debbie cakes on offer at craft service that I went out and bought bags of fruit for the entire crew and showed the production manager the $10.00 receipt, which embarrassed her into realizing that, for the same amount of money, purchase Lipotrexate, human beings could actually be fed something other than saturated fat and high-fructose corn syrup. Of course she never hired me again, but I was fine with that because by then I'd decided I never wanted to see any of those people again, Online buying Lipotrexate hcl, ever. I admit it: working on low-budgets turned me into something of a hater.

Then I moved up – or at least over – to episodic television, where the catering was marginally better. Buy Lipotrexate no prescription, For one thing, they always had hot food; no more donuts for breakfast – not unless you wanted donuts, which usually remained an option, 'cause you have to keep the Teamsters happy. And when you need to have hot food on location, canada, mexico, india, you get to experience the exciting phenomenon of the catering truck. There's something about a catering truck that makes you feel like you're really on, like, Buy Lipotrexate without a prescription, a set, with, you know, professionals. Probably because the catering truck tends to come with between 5 and 15 other trucks full of gear – lighting & grip, where can i buy cheapest Lipotrexate online, camera & sound, honeywagons with bathrooms (bathrooms. Cleaned daily!) and even trailers containing bonafide – or not so bonafide – stars. Once you've got a catering truck, in other words, you know you're in a different league, buy Lipotrexate no prescription. Kjøpe Lipotrexate på nett, köpa Lipotrexate online, Which is cool, until you realize that there hasn't been much improvement in the actual food. Maybe this shouldn't be a surprise, considering it was cooked in a truck. One that generally emits such an overwhelming smell of grease and charred protein matter that it makes me glad I'm too short to look over the edge of that little window and glimpse what goes on in there, fast shipping Lipotrexate. I mean tacos, kabobs, ice cream – by all means, Australia, uk, us, usa, give me a truck. Buy Lipotrexate no prescription, But sole almondine. Still, there tends to be at least a complete meal guaranteed when you eat episodic. There will definitely be a starch, a cooked vegetable, real brand Lipotrexate online, a salad, some vegetarian entrée, which could be the aforementioned starch, Where can i order Lipotrexate without prescription, redefined as needed, and some protein, which will be chicken. That's not an absolute rule, the chicken part, order Lipotrexate from United States pharmacy, but it's close enough that when joining the catering line –- which forms either at the truck itself or in some church basement or Elks Lodge accommodating serving tables where the food can be dumped into large aluminum pans kept nicely tepid by cans of Sterno –- you will inevitably hear at least one person joke, "What's for chicken?"

[caption id="attachment_293" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="After. (They called it 'sweet and sour, Buy no prescription Lipotrexate online, ' but to me it just looked scary.)"]After, <b>buy Lipotrexate no prescription</b>.  (They called it 'sweet and sour,' but to me it just looked scary.)[/caption]

I think this gets at the root of why crew people complain so much: on any given workday, we have very little control over anything. Somebody else dictates what time we have to show up, buy cheap Lipotrexate, and where, what we have to do when we get there, how many times we have to do it and when we can leave. Buy Lipotrexate no prescription, They decide when we'll eat and what and who makes it and when and how. I suppose that, because it's not intended to be punitive, it's really less like being a prisoner than it is like being a child. Buy Lipotrexate no prescription, So we whine, we rebel, we tell stupid jokes, we stick to our little cliques and refuse to let other ones use our C-stands (yes, grip clique, I'm talking about YOU). Because it seems like the normal thing to do when your parents are pissing you off, ordering Lipotrexate online.

Even now that I've moved up, or at least on, at least most of the time, Buying Lipotrexate online over the counter, to working mostly in commercials, where the food tends to be much better (think about it: if you've got the same amount to spend on 30 seconds that some poor shmuck of an indie film producer has to spend on 90 minutes, who's going to have more disposable income?), people still complain. Granted, buy Lipotrexate online no prescription, there are some awful commercial caterers, like the notorious and now defunct T&A, who learned the secrets of their craft preparing fine meals for the U.S. Buy generic Lipotrexate, military, who seemed to like to serve their vegetables flaccid and black – including the iceberg lettuce – and everything, including the lettuce, coated with American cheese, but who were so nice and so cheap that they managed to stay in business for far, Lipotrexate over the counter, far too long; or Y-Cats, the caterers who think that anything potentially edible can be improved by sprinkling it with lots of oregano and/or mini marshmallows. But in general, at a typical work lunch I can now choose from salad with homemade sesame or Dijon vinaigrette, sautéed broccoli rabe, roasted potatoes with rosemary, pasta with fresh mozzerella, basil and tomatoes, Chilean sea bass with a wasabi-soy glaze, sliced skirt steak with chimmichurri sauce, and homemade strawberry rhubarb cobbler with fresh whipped cream for dessert, buy Lipotrexate no prescription. But that's still only two choices each of vegetable, Order Lipotrexate online c.o.d, starch, and protein, and only one dessert – meaning that inevitably you will hear somebody on line say, "Fuckin' sea bass again?" or, "Rich is the caterer, Lipotrexate from canadian pharmacy. I'm not eating, everything he makes has so much butter!" Actually, what they more often say is, Lipotrexate trusted pharmacy reviews, "Rich is the caterer. I'm not eating because that man spits in the food." Which may or may not be true but people say it because Rich is just your basic all-around asshole, the kind of person who loves to watch me approach the chocolate mousse and then say, because he knows I'm lactose intolerant, "You can't eat that, where can i buy Lipotrexate online, Stick Chick, it's all dairy!" And then laugh maniacally.

But I don't complain about the food any more. Buy Lipotrexate no prescription, I like food and I love free stuff (as some of you may already know), so a decently-cooked free meal, even if it's not what I would have ordered that particular day, would have to work pretty hard to be a bad thing in my book. Order Lipotrexate from mexican pharmacy, Plus, at some point, complaining just got boring – especially when I realized that complaining about the things you can't control makes you feel more like a helpless little kid, not less. I suppose I finally figured out that, buy Lipotrexate without prescription, as a rule for life in general, you can complain about the chicken, or you can eat it. Buy cheap Lipotrexate no rx, (And write an anonymous blog about it).

And – there's always breakfast. At breakfast on a commercial or a movie, you can actually go to the truck and order just about whatever you want, made to order: eggs any style with a variety of cheese and vegetable options, buy Lipotrexate from canada, ham or bacon or sausage and sometimes turkey bacon or sausage, 2-3 kinds of toast, pancakes or waffles, not to mention a selection of fruit, cereals, muffins, coffee or tea, caf or decaf. So if I arrive at work feeling like an omelet with smoked salmon, onions and capers, or a waffle with strawberries and blueberries and lots of syrup, or a breakfast burrito with eggs scrambled with spinach, mushrooms, onions, turkey sausage and a little – just a little – bit of cheese (because what's life without cheese?), and no salsa, that is what I get. And even if it's thrown at me from inside the truck with a, "There you go, Stick Chick!", for the five minutes I get to scarf it down it before somebody shouts, "We're in!", I'm a happy person.

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Cialis For Sale, I don’t follow astrology, but I had my chart done a long time ago, and the astrologer pointed out a conjunction of the moon and mercury, in Scorpio. My moon sign apparently rules my intimate relations. Mercury is all about my communications, especially my writing, buy Cialis from canada. My work, the astrologer said, Cialis price, coupon, not to mention my love life, would tend to be Scorpionic. Oh really. Me, secretive, Cialis For Sale. Prone to power struggles, where can i order Cialis without prescription. Preoccupied with sex.

Well, Buy cheap Cialis, scorpions, like most of us, do enjoy sex. This is particularly risky when both sexes have a poisonous stinger, real brand Cialis online. Cialis For Sale, Said stinger (telson) is found in the last segment of the male and female metasoma, snug up next to a tight scorpion anus. The telson has a nasty pair of venom glands, and a hypodermic venom-injecting barb (aculeus). Where can i buy cheapest Cialis online, Scorpions, like some of us, enjoy a complex courtship and mating ritual. (Do you come here often?) The male will grasp the female’s claw (pedipalps) and commence a promenade à deux, order Cialis no prescription, which is a nice way of saying he will drag her through the dust until he finds the perfect place to ejaculate his sperm parcel (spermatophore).


A female scorpion, Purchase Cialis, like most females, appreciates a good kiss. The male has been known to grasp the female’s claw-like mouth (chelicerae) with his own, and thus lead her down the path, her pedipalps flailing, Cialis For Sale.

The male scorpion, like many of us, comprar en línea Cialis, comprar Cialis baratos, likes to dull the senses of his date before consummation. (Aren’t you going to buy me a drink first?) A small amount of poison might be left up front, Buy Cialis without prescription, possibly near the pair of eyes on the top of her head, or perhaps near one of the other sets of eyes down around a lower body segment, or, oddly enough, order Cialis online c.o.d, in one of her huge claws. Remember, Order Cialis from mexican pharmacy, the poison comes from his telson, which is next to his anus, so watching that come close to any one of her many eyes would be a buzz kill.

And male scorpions, rx free Cialis, like many guys, like to ejaculate on things. Cialis For Sale, Inanimate things. Buy Cialis no prescription, Like sand and rocks. Immediately thereafter, while it’s still hot and teeming with life, he will wrestle his date over his sperm parcel so it can enter her vagina (opercula), Cialis trusted pharmacy reviews, thus triggering the release of the actual sperm and fertilizing her eggs. Once the romance is consummated, Buy cheap Cialis no rx, he releases her and retreats, very quickly, in reverse, as to avoid being cannibalized, fast shipping Cialis. (You call that a date?!)

The expectant scorpion, like most humans, Where to buy Cialis, keeps her fertilized eggs inside her body until birth. The scorplings are born live and fall into a segment of mother's many legs, which she has folded up for the blessed event, Cialis For Sale. They’re cradled there until they can manage to shimmy up onto her back where they molt once or twice before forming the thick skin one needs for Scorpionic courtship.

Like many fathers, when his babies are born the male scorpion is nowhere to be found, Cialis from canadian pharmacy.

And when there are no males around, Hottentotta hottentotta, Buy generic Cialis, and the Hottentotta caboverdensis (these are regional designations for old world scorpions, the name has nothing to do with the Hottentot Venus), can reproduce through parthenogenesis, which is a non-religious way of saying virgin birth, Cialis samples. Hallelujah. Cialis For Sale, No more bad dates. She has a choice. Cialis over the counter, For the Hottentotta and her like, it’s all about eggs. Sperm be damned, check your parcels at the door, where can i buy Cialis online, her eggs can miraculously yield scorplings sans fertilization.

No one knows if there’s a sexual urge fueling this parthenogenesis. Perhaps it’s sublimated through her predator’s diet, which may just include dispirited, thin-skinned males, Cialis For Sale. Cialis for sale, I mean really, what do they have to look forward to. A venomous reach-around from another male.

Seahorses (hippocampus), order Cialis online overnight delivery no prescription, however, mate for life. Purchase Cialis online no prescription, This is perhaps because it’s the male seahorse who gets pregnant. Cialis For Sale, The poor little guy has a brood pouch. The female inserts her ovipositor and squirts hundreds, even thousands of eggs, which he fertilizes internally, buy Cialis online cod. But I’m getting ahead of myself, it all begins with a lovely, Buy Cialis from mexico, and far less Scorpionic, courtship.

This courtship drags on for days. They change color and swim two by two, where can i find Cialis online, side by side, grasping tails and wheeling around in unison like synchronized swimmers in an old MGM musical. Both seahorses finally sink back to the bottom of the sea, Cialis For Sale. Kjøpe Cialis på nett, köpa Cialis online, She swims away. (Dissolve, fade the music.)

The eggs are fertilized in daddy’s pouch, which is generously lined with prolactin, buying Cialis online over the counter, the same hormone that triggers milk production in pregnant women.

Mr. Cialis gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Knocked-up’s presumably monogamous woman visits him daily for morning greetings. Cialis For Sale, (Where have you been?) She will flit about overhead in languid choreography for five minutes or so. It’s all very reminiscent of their courtship. He changes, color, canada, mexico, india, she changes color, they wheel around sea grass fronds, Ordering Cialis online, and promenade proudly, holding one another’s tail. She swims away until the next morning. (You don’t want breakfast?) The male goes back to vacuuming up food for his brood through his snout, purchase Cialis online.

The astrologer told me that Cancer is the most domestic sign of the zodiac. I’m guessing that most male seahorses are Cancer, but like I said, I don’t follow astrology.


scorpion image by Jerry Lee.

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Jonathan and Patrick returned from Paris to this note:
We found your chicken one block over
and put her back in your yard.
Buy Slimpulse no prescription, And there she was brooding in the thick weeds
of their fenced-in yard, warming three eggs,
lonely, but somewhat at home. Order Slimpulse online overnight delivery no prescription, The thing is, they didn’t own a chicken, buy cheap Slimpulse, Kjøpe Slimpulse på nett, köpa Slimpulse online, yet something about their country-style home
suggested to their neighbors a hen house in the garage.

Jon told me the story over drinks
twelve years after college, buy Slimpulse without a prescription, Slimpulse over the counter, after
we had wrapped ourselves

in opposite coasts. It’s funny
what comes to mind after so much silence—
the big news is told quickly

but the everyday—dogs almost bought, comprar en línea Slimpulse, comprar Slimpulse baratos, Buy no prescription Slimpulse online, books half read—didn’t surface on the lonely
pond of my mind. The talk jumped back, canada, mexico, india, Slimpulse samples, mostly, to the last day
we were together, ordering Slimpulse online. The day, actually,
that he and Patrick met, buy Slimpulse no prescription. Buy Slimpulse from mexico, And when I said
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and reaching for wine, rx free Slimpulse. Slimpulse from canadian pharmacy, Patrick
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in a life like his, buying Slimpulse online over the counter. Online buy Slimpulse without a prescription, Paris six months a year,
the love of a man whose face tells everything, order Slimpulse from United States pharmacy, Purchase Slimpulse online, and a place for a chicken they don’t know,

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Order Vasotec over the counter, Puppet: Yo, my judge be gettin’ mad kickbacks for sendin’ minors to jail. Purchase Vasotec online no prescription, Razor: Dat’s some messed-up shit.

Puppet: You know, comprar en línea Vasotec, comprar Vasotec baratos. Kjøpe Vasotec på nett, köpa Vasotec online, I’m in ‘cuz I was makin’ fun of my principal. That fat ass, buy Vasotec from mexico. That’s all I did, order Vasotec over the counter. Buy cheap Vasotec no rx, Razor: Wha.

Puppet: Yeah, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Vasotec online no prescription, If my moms was made of money, I wouldn’t be here, Vasotec gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Order Vasotec online overnight delivery no prescription, Razor: Ain’t nobody would. Order Vasotec over the counter, I know a white boy STABBED his teacher, he ain’t in here. (beat) A’ight, Vasotec from canadian pharmacy. Buy Vasotec online cod, You best know what you do once them doors open. Don’t do nothin’ stupid, ordering Vasotec online. Where can i find Vasotec online, Dat’s the first thing. Them guards have rifles in case things be poppin’ off in the cafeteria, order Vasotec over the counter.

Puppet: Damn, real brand Vasotec online. Buy Vasotec no prescription, I jus be wantin’ my Coco Puffs.

Razor: Dere ain’t no Puffs up in this bitch, Vasotec price, coupon. Vasotec over the counter, Get that outta your head right now. Order Vasotec over the counter, The state be spendin’ less than two twenty-five on your food A DAY. You best learn quick to stop tastin’ the shit, buy generic Vasotec. Online buy Vasotec without a prescription, Now those guards be mad tight. Don’t look at them, purchase Vasotec. Fast shipping Vasotec, Don’t do nothin’ to start nothin’

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Puppet: 900 days of this.

Razor: Don’t be countin’ no days, son. You be everybody’s bitch with that shit, order Vasotec over the counter.

Puppet: My lawyer said there won’t be no guns with the guards in here.

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Puppet: Last week, my moms asked me how I liked my eggs. She said she wanted me to do good on my test. She was gonna make ‘em anyway I wanted them.

Razor: Yo, up in here eggs is shit. Order Vasotec over the counter, They usually scrambled ‘cuz they ain’t real. You put salt and pepper all over them and they still taste like tires. You don’t want to go for the hot sauce or they’ll jump off on you ‘cuz you a mayate.

Puppet: I didn’t eat any eggs that day. I just ran out the house. I didn’t want to be treated like a kid, order Vasotec over the counter.

(The cell door opens.)

Razor: A’ight. Here we go. Keep your head up but your eyes down. And if you find maggots in your food, just don’t eat it. It’s better that way. Don’t say nothin’. We get a sack lunch and they usually a’ight.

(They exit.).

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Order Atenolol over the counter, All you have to do to get a free trip to Israel from the Birthright organization is be a Jew. The innocent claim of the organization is that all young Jews (18-26) who haven’t seen Israel should see Israel. You don’t have to be religious. You don’t even have to be practicing. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, They don’t care if you discovered philosophy as a junior in college, and soon after discovered that all the cute boys were atheists and became one yourself. They don’t care if you called your parents up one day to say, “I’m forsaking Judaism.” They just care if one of those parents is Jewish, order Atenolol over the counter. Or so they say.

Both of my parents are Jewish. They were relatively unimpressed by my rejection of our faith; I remember my junior year when I received a voicemail from my father, buy Atenolol from canada, half chirping, half chiding: Hi Rachie, it’s your Daddy…I know you’ve forsaken Judaism, Comprar en línea Atenolol, comprar Atenolol baratos, but I just wanted to call and wish you a Happy Hannukah, anyway, Sweetheart.”

I was aggravated by this, but a year later, I was willing to do whatever it took to get a free vacation, online buy Atenolol without a prescription, including pretending that I might still believe in God if I heard the right argument. In my first interview with Birthright staff, I got the vibe that this was what they wanted to hear.

[caption id="attachment_409" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Approaching Masada."]Israel Mount Order Atenolol over the counter, [/caption]

I sensed they wanted more than a Jewish ancestor. Atenolol from canadian pharmacy, They wanted me. In the interview with the Birthright people, they asked, “What’s the reason you want to go to Israel?” Rather than admit it was to compensate for graduating Penn without marrying a doctor, I looked at the woman with wide eyes and said, rx free Atenolol, “Well, when I was in college, I gave up Judaism. Where can i buy cheapest Atenolol online, But now that I’m graduating, I want to make sure I didn’t make a mistake.” I should have just worn a shirt that said: “Yes, I’d love a glass of punch. And a refill.”

But the truth was, I sort of believed my own story, buy Atenolol without prescription. After all, I didn’t have a job lined up for the fall, order Atenolol over the counter. Maybe there was a God, and he was punishing me for dating a Catholic for the first two years of college and spending the second two hopelessly in love with an atheist, lapsed Jew. Order Atenolol no prescription, Maybe if I apologized to God for denying his existence, he’d send me a life plan. Maybe the answer to all my questions was Israel.

[caption id="attachment_435" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Me and my new friends, dancing the Hora."]Me and my new friends, <b>where can i order Atenolol without prescription</b>, dancing the Hora.[/caption]

The Birthright organization bent over backwards to convince me that my suspicion was true. Order Atenolol over the counter, Once we got off the plane, our trip leaders told us we were home, and taught us Hebrew words. They gave us all the wine we wanted at dinner and led us in trust games to prove that all Jews shared a bond.

Never mind that I hate trust games—I liked looking at the Mosque in Jerusalem. Fast shipping Atenolol, I wanted to sneak into the Arab quarter. I was the only member of the trip not to cry at the Holocaust memorial. I befriended the two most cynical boys on the trip and fiercely noted every instance of apparent brainwashing attempts, order Atenolol over the counter.

I was determined to resist, but the fates, and the Birthright organization, kjøpe Atenolol på nett, köpa Atenolol online, were equally determined to break me. It started with some persuasive speakers—leaders, writers. Purchase Atenolol online, They didn’t just talk about Israel. They talked about love. Order Atenolol over the counter, They focused on a love of Israel and Judaism. They talked about what a challenging relationship it was: one filled with deep sacrifices and rich rewards. Although I had forsaken Judaism in college, I had embraced challenging relationships rife with sacrifice, buy Atenolol from mexico. Against my better judgment, I was intrigued. I started to look around for something to love.

[caption id="attachment_410" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Noah's Ark, rendered as a candle, in a shop in Safed."]Sefad[/caption]

At 26, Sam was the oldest guy on our trip, and I immediately perceived that he was going to be the perfect Jewish husband to some very lucky, very manicured young woman some day, order Atenolol over the counter. Buy Atenolol without a prescription, I gave him a try. I walked around Jerusalem with him and helped him choose gifts for his family. I complained while he haggled prices, and openly resented his cheesy sense of humor. I thought, order Atenolol online overnight delivery no prescription, “this could be your life, married to the perfect Jewish MBA, embarrassing in public and mediocre in bed.” I started to get uneasy thinking about a passionless marriage with Sam. Order Atenolol over the counter, I soothed myself by arguing that marriage was just an entertaining convenience, like cable. Atenolol price, coupon, I remembered I didn’t watch TV. My heart was suddenly pounding, and not in that way.

I was on the verge of hyperventilating when the trip leaders introduced the Israeli soldiers that would travel with us, ostensibly to teach us about life in Israel, order Atenolol from mexican pharmacy. However, I suspected it was more of an attempt to infuse Birthrighters with subliminal positive feelings about the State. “Sure, order Atenolol over the counter. Bomb all the Palestinians you want. Atenolol samples, With biceps like those, who needs peace in the Middle East?”

Soon after they joined us, I found myself bored at the Western Wall after placing my note: a love letter to Indiana Jones. My wandering eyes (don’t let them see you looking at the Mosque!) landed on a green-eyed, tanned, Atenolol for sale, skinny and serious-seeming soldier, who was, in my opinion, Atenolol over the counter, begging for a batty extrovert like me to help him come out his shell. It took a lot of long meaningful stares, but eventually I got his attention. Order Atenolol over the counter, By the time our caravan had migrated to a Bedouin tent in the desert, we had started to talk.

He was quiet and thoughtful, but sometimes hilarious, buy no prescription Atenolol online. He invited me to ride a camel with him and I pretended that I was being shipped away for an arranged marriage, which would ideally be more exciting than the one I envisioned with Sam. He loved music, Buy Atenolol online no prescription, he knew how to be silly and was willing to learn yoga. Unfortunately for the Birthright crew, I discovered that he was also desperately depressed about being in the army and wanted to get out of Israel. He gave me his e-mail address, order Atenolol over the counter. I threw it away.

But Birthright had a back-up plan: instilling a love of the land, buy generic Atenolol, and I found the desert compelling. They took us to a tree farm and gave each of us a sprout. When we planted them, Order Atenolol online c.o.d, I crouched in the dirt and sang mine songs and told it stories. Order Atenolol over the counter, I told it everything I wanted to hear: that it should strive for happiness before perfection, and that the future was nothing to fear. I found myself wanting to stay. I had discovered a love of dirt.

[caption id="attachment_411" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The Western Wall. Don't let them catch you looking at the mosque!"]Western Wall[/caption]

A few days later, where to buy Atenolol, we visited an onion farm owned by Europe’s wealthiest patent lawyer who donated all the food to charity. After an hour of farming, I was hooked, order Atenolol over the counter. I announced that I was ready to move. Little did I know, Purchase Atenolol online no prescription, it wouldn’t be hard to do. The Lawyer-Farmer needed no convincing before offering me a job where I’d spend half the day as a paralegal and half the day farming. He handed me his card. Order Atenolol over the counter, I was effusive. I was wanted - by Israel, by the Jews, ordering Atenolol online. For the first time in a long time, I belonged.

I was skipping as his office assistant walked us out. Purchase Atenolol, Her head was covered and she wore a long skirt in the sweltering heat. “I came here after college,” she told me, “to work on the farm and in the office, order Atenolol over the counter. I was totally secular. First I met my husband, an Israeli. Then I became Orthodox.” I stopped skipping, buy Atenolol no prescription. When they want you, I realized, they really want all of you. Order Atenolol over the counter, But it was two nights later when I realized what they really wanted, and two nights later when I vowed it was something they would never get. Real brand Atenolol online, On the last night of the trip, they threw a colossal concert at a stadium on a plateau for all the thousands of young Jews traveling through Israel on a Birthright trip. By that point, I was fully on board. I led my trip-mates and a random group of soldiers through in a Hora, canada, mexico, india. Our leaders beamed at me. “You are perfect,” they said, order Atenolol over the counter. I forgot the advice I had given my little sprout. I loved hearing it. Australia, uk, us, usa, Then the man who funded much of the organization started talking. Over a loudspeaker, he explained to us what they really wanted: “Seven Jewish children,” he calculated, “is how many you all need to have to compensate for the loss of the Holocaust.”

Now, Atenolol trusted pharmacy reviews, unlike some other Jewish women, I do not have birthing hips. Order Atenolol over the counter, Nor do I like to think of myself as a baby farm. But they were courting me for my eggs. Buying Atenolol online over the counter, And not just one or two eggs like the personal ads for childless couples seeking women over 5’10” with high SAT scores. They wanted seven of them. And when my eggs became little people, they probably wanted me to spend all my time scaring them with stories about the Holocaust and teaching them to hate Arabs.

For a few minutes, I was crushed, order Atenolol over the counter. All the people who claimed to like me actually just liked my potential offspring. And they wanted to be able to tell my children what to think, just like they’d been telling me for the past 10 days. Although I had been nearly convinced to change my own life, I was inflexible when it came to how I wanted my eggs.

I liked the autonomy of onion farming, but not as much as I like having autonomous rule over my own womb. So I decided not to make the big move. I left Israel with a great tan, the ability to say the word threesome in Hebrew, and a mezzuzah for my dad. And although I cannot offer up my body as a vessel for the line of Abraham, I am very grateful for the free vacation.

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Buy Zometa no prescription, An egg---and by an egg, I just mean a hen's egg, the only kind most people I know have ever seen---looks kind of magic just sitting there, a mysterious, lopsided moon of a beast.

Once snatched from its mother, if it somehow ducks being breakfast, it waits for its blankness to be painted, Fast shipping Zometa, dyed, and/or graffitied, so that a Magic Rabbit can hide it for human kids to find and play with (could that story be weirder?). Both a popular folk rhyme^ and a Timeless Children's Classic testify to the egg's whimsical and wildly breakable nature. Like in the old riddle (which is really about a nut), ordering Zometa online, the inside of each egg is a place that no human eye has ever seen before, so if some small, long-gone thing can reappear there, Buy Zometa no prescription,  well, that can be amazing, since its very nature seems to defy all but superhuman tinkering. And in the eyes of a child, when a raw egg suddenly has "a great fall, Zometa trusted pharmacy reviews," it can be like a cool little cartoon kind of jumps from nowhere by surprise, happily splashing real goo. Is it any wonder that most kids like such a highly-mythologized-yet-everywhere object as that, buy Zometa no prescription.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="204" caption=""It's like they're suddenly seeing a friend show up, Zometa for sale, somebody they feel like they already know and like.""]ghost potato[/caption]

I'm doing a series of magic shows for kids at some Kansas libraries this summer. Luckily for me, at least from a crowd control point of view, most kids under twelve don't travel far alone, so there are also some parents, buy generic Zometa, grandparents, library staff, and lonely humans of all kinds, Where can i buy cheapest Zometa online,   there. Performing for such a mixed audience of kids is kind of like performing for a crowd of happy drunks, since as many have noticed, kids in different age ranges have their own distinctive ways of behaving in public, some of which they share with booze-addled adults, purchase Zometa, at least when it comes to watching magic tricks.

The crowds have been bigger than I'd guessed they'd be and might actually make it into the thousands before the summer ends, based on the numbers where I've already been, Buy Zometa online cod, which would be nothing at all to a big-name performer but is somewhat astonishing to me. Buy Zometa no prescription, I've done magic shows for decades, but before now, I've always tried to skip kids shows as much as I could, since I didn't like the kinds of tricks that I thought were the only kind kids really liked--noisy, prefab feats straight from magic store shelves, featuring all kinds of big stupid props, usually capped with the woozy appearance of a woozier white rabbit. Kids often do like such tricks, at least in the right hands, and they almost always like rabbits, just about no matter what, australia, uk, us, usa, so if you're up for all the amazing nonsense that goes into making such critters materialize, you can't go too far wrong. But I'm learning that, Buying Zometa online over the counter, if presented in the right way, kids can like sleight of hand tricks a lot, too, and that's the wonderful luck that I'm starting to build on now.

[caption id="attachment_59" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="David Kaye, purchase Zometa online no prescription, aka Silly Billy"]David Kaye[/caption]

Despite the common wisdom among many kids' show magicicans that what matters most when doing magic for kids is that you have a jillion wacky comic bits built into the show, not how magical the actual tricks are---it's how much fun you can scare up getting there, not where you actually go, Zometa from canadian pharmacy, or so that story goes---what the kids I've been meeting want most from me is something that they're surprised to see for at least that (please snap your fingers here) long. They do like to laugh, of course, so humor is important to just about any show for kids. But all kinds of things in life are funny to them all the time, and most kids do a lot of laughing, anyway, buy Zometa no prescription. What they really want from magicians, buy Zometa online cod, almost uniquely, though, whether a given trickster is funny or not, Where can i order Zometa without prescription, is happy flashes of weirdness, at once cartoon-like and real, during which the facts of the world, at least for awhile, don't win, Zometa samples. (Now that I think about it, that's what most adults who like magic tricks want, too). Buy Zometa online no prescription, And the wildly strong desire that maybe 90% of kids at  a magic show have to get up onstage and play a hands-on part in the tricks they see is often linked, I believe, to wanting a close-quarters, eye-witness stripe of proof that the exciting possibilities that seem to jump from what they're seeing are maybe for real, not just odd optical illusions, Zometa trusted pharmacy reviews, spun from distance and tricks of the light.

So as much as I plan to continue learning to integrate all the varied elements that nearly ninety years of secular children's magic have shown to make kids like tricks more, especially as distilled in David Kaye's (Silly Billy's) Seriously Silly, Ordering Zometa online, I simultaneously want to be slowly morphing the tricks I do until, unlike the case with most kids shows, virtually nobody watching, even most magicians (should there ever happen to be any there) will be able to decipher how the tricks are done. Buy Zometa no prescription, Believe it or not, no matter what trick you might have floating in your head as a perfect example of just how stupid magic tricks can be, there are magicians out there somewhere right now who can do whatever idiot old thing you're thinking of in a way that would astonish you. Most people imagine there to be a one-to-one correspondence between tricks and the ways that they're done. But most tricks can, Zometa for sale, in fact, be done in God's plenty of ways, ranging from the silly to the sublime--even though most magicians, Where to buy Zometa, for all kinds of reasons, never get nearly as far from the silly as they could.

Enter the egg. I've been thinking for many moons about how to use eggs in magic tricks. But sadly, buy Zometa from mexico, with the streak o' shows I've been hired to do slightly more than half over, I'm still toying with what parts eggs can/can't

play, so they'll likely have to wait until another season to make it into the show.  When kids see a trick involving a "real-life prop, Buy Zometa no prescription, " like eggs, or lemons--or a giant real potato with two faded old, sky blue, Mr Potato Head eyes stuck in it, like the one that appears in my shows--it's like they're suddenly seeing a friend show up, Zometa over the counter, somebody they feel like they already know and like, since even the potato's toy eyes, like a fake moustache on your mom, Purchase Zometa, fool nobody.

[caption id="attachment_49" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="Dariel Fitzkee"]Dariel Fitzkee[/caption]

But when an egg makes an offbeat appearance, unlike most other fruits and vegetables, which you can just let kids briefly handle onstage to prove that they're for real, there is an added complication, since just about the only way that plays from the stage to prove that an egg is really an egg is to break it into a clear glass, and the second you do that, Elvis instantly leaves the building, since with very few exceptions, what's left of the egg after its broken, as effective a climax as that act makes to many tricks, is pretty sleight-of-hand proof, buy Zometa no prescription. So routining even a quick series of egg tricks is far trickier than it may at first appear, since the ultimate power of many of them relies on the same piece of one-time-only "ocular proof," to steal Othello's famous phrase.

[caption id="attachment_146" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="Kids, order Zometa online overnight delivery no prescription, tricks. Mediations on ownership of same."]Kids, tricks.  <b>Canada, mexico, india</b>, Mediations on ownership of same.[/caption]

So I've been reading all I can about egg tricks, and of the many I've stumbled upon, the three sources I like the best, just in case you'd like to play the home version of our game, are these: Eggstraordinary Ways of Exhibiting With Eggs, buy no prescription Zometa online, by Joseph Ovette (1932), The Strange Inventions of Dr Ervin, by Dariel Fitzkee (1937), Where can i find Zometa online, and The Encyclopedia of Egg Magic, by Donato Colucci (2002).  In those three books, alone, are dozens of fascinating oosporic conjurations, stretching from the likes of The Chameleon Egg (Ovette), buy generic Zometa, to Egg and Lemon (Fitzkee), to The Confetti Egg and The Spooky Egg (both in Colucci). Buy Zometa no prescription, So since you just keep asking, based on those sources and other scattered writings, here's roughly what I'd ultimately like to do with an egg, at least as I type this. In the 1960s and maybe before, Order Zometa no prescription, Davenport's Magic in London sold a version of the torn and restored paper (you know, the trick where something is ripped up, then somehow unripped again) that revolved around the Humpty Dumpty story. As luck would have it, I recently tracked down a copy of that trick being sold by a retiring British magician, buy Zometa without prescription, as well as, in another source, a version of that routine that climaxes with the startling production of a real egg from the restored picture. Purchase Zometa online, The egg that appears is decorated to match the Humpty Dumpty picture used in the ripped-poof!-unripped trick just mentioned, so the original description has you use a boiled egg, which you then give to the child who helped you with the trick, ostensibly for him/her to eat.

Since that move feels a little law suit-happy to me, where can i buy cheapest Zometa online, circa 2009, I'd rather produce a raw egg, scribbled up to look like Humpty, Buy Zometa without a prescription, instead (which will be riskier and require a new method), find a way to apparently float him around a little and maybe bounce him off the stage without harming him (which there really are convincing ways to do), only to finally crack him open and discover one of two signed dollar bills, borrowed and vanished at the start of the show, inside, with the other popping up in a lemon that otherwise magically appears (the lemon part happens now in the show that I already do).  Max Malini, a wildly successful 19th-20th century Polish magician, who performed very successfully for numerous members of international royalty and other global elites, among innumerable others, used to vanish two bills and reproduce them from an egg and a lemon, respectively, so what I'd like to do would be a skewed kind of tribute to that idea. Cracking open Humpty  to get the borrowed bill would also provide the delayed proof that the white thing I'd been fooling with for a minute or two was, in fact, a real egg, buy Zometa no prescription. But finding a way to quickly "uncrack" Humpty after the trick would likely be necessary as a quick coda, if, as I suspect it would, his crack up for the cause made some younger watchers sad. So that, to make a long story short (and as the old joke goes, I know it's way too late for that) is the magic I'd like to do with an egg.

So when I hear the word "egg" these days, some streak from the jumble above is what usually tumbles through my head. Once upon a time, I guess it was otherwise. Aren't you glad to be out of that loop. Glad that, as the silly ad never stops telling us, tricks are really for kids--not for those who, like the rabbit, are just too silly to quit.


Mr. Potato Head: faeryboots

Trix: jbcurio.

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Buy Xalatan no prescription, If there was a bright side it was that he no longer worried about not getting any sleep. Buying Xalatan online over the counter, Not to say that peaceful slumber wasn’t needed.  No, he had to be in the office in exactly 3 ½ hours to turn on the phones lest Bill Dwyer happen to call and get the automated ‘call us back during business hours’ recording.  It’s just that once 5am rolls around the panic of facing the upcoming day in a zombie-like stupor subsides and in its place a calm wave of acceptance washes over.  Of course whatever sliver of consciousness that had been fretting over the clock now congealed with the rest of his mind in firing off questions of the most crucial kind – the kind that needed to be addressed if he were to ever be the man he wanted – the kind that had kept him from sleeping in the first place.  He shifted his stare from the clock to the books on his dresser and again the part him that demanded betterment bellowed, comprar en línea Xalatan, comprar Xalatan baratos. Order Xalatan online overnight delivery no prescription, “When will you finish The Brothers Karamazov?”

It was one of a formidable row of hefty books he intended to read but merely gathered dust behind a smattering of mismatched socks, junk mail, order Xalatan online c.o.d, Buy Xalatan from canada, and phone bills he meant to dispute.  The dresser they sat on had held his socks, underwear, order Xalatan no prescription, Where to buy Xalatan, t-shirts, and jeans since he was 7 years old, online buy Xalatan without a prescription. Buy cheap Xalatan, It was one of the few pieces of furniture that he had taken with him when he moved to New York eight years ago. At the time he didn't consider it the dresser - the only one he'd ever need, Xalatan trusted pharmacy reviews. It was merely supposed to serve as a transition dresser until he got a job, a bigger place, and splurged on a 'grown-up' version of walnut or rich mahogany or whatever proper adult dressers were made of, buy Xalatan no prescription. Canada, mexico, india, This one had three of the bottom four knobs gnawed off by the dog and doubled as a pseudo bookshelf / coffee table.

“At what point do you plan on buying some decent furniture?”

Resigned to the futileness of re-closing his eyes he now sat up and began to exit the bed, purchase Xalatan online, Buy generic Xalatan, making a half-hearted attempt not to wake his wife. Half-hearted not because he didn't respect her sleep, buy Xalatan online cod, Buy Xalatan without a prescription, but because the meager size of the bedroom was such that the bed was snug tight into the corner of the room. He had volunteered to take the side against two walls when they first moved in together four years ago, buy Xalatan online no prescription. Buy Xalatan no prescription, A strategic decision at the time seeing as she typically got out of bed before he did. Order Xalatan from United States pharmacy, But on nights (mornings) like this it was hard enough to crawl over his wife and out of bed without digging his knee into her leg let alone allowing her to continue her sleep undisturbed.

“How are you going to afford a bigger place?”

After a soft spoken 'sorry honey' in reply to an 'ouch' and a frustrated shift in position, Xalatan samples, Where can i order Xalatan without prescription, he had successfully disembarked from the bed. He made his way to the kitchen to get something to drink but not before nearly tripping over the dog who consistently found a way to somehow sleep in the bedroom, Xalatan over the counter, Where can i buy Xalatan online, kitchen, and nursery all at once, rx free Xalatan, Xalatan for sale, such was their seemingly incredible shrinking apartment.

“How can you tell if your dog is happy?”

The fridge offered no soda, buy Xalatan without prescription, Fast shipping Xalatan, Kool-Aid, or beer, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.  All of which would have served as functional beverage choices for a self-perceived tortured thirty-something awake at 4 in the morning, buy Xalatan no prescription. Where to buy Xalatan,  A container of grape juice, three quarters full, buy Xalatan online cod, Buy cheap Xalatan no rx, sat in the very back - boldly selected from the beverage aisle many months ago after reading a Men's Health article that said grape juice helped retain muscle mass after working out.  It served no such purpose now except to mock and remind him that

A: his free weights have sat in the backyard under a blue tarp as long as the juice sat in the fridge and

B: he hated grape juice, buy cheap Xalatan. Online buying Xalatan hcl, “How are you ever going to find time to exercise?”

[caption id="attachment_418" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The beverage aisle, from which the aforementioned grape juice was selected."]The beverage isle, <b>order Xalatan from United States pharmacy</b>, <b>Where can i find Xalatan online</b>, from which the aforementioned grape juice was selected.[/caption]

The ceaseless self-interrogation continued as he filled a glass with tap water.  Just above the sink was a shelf that housed a number of cookbooks, Xalatan gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Xalatan no prescription,  He scanned the book's spines, as was his habit when waiting for the water to get cold or hot enough. Where can i buy Xalatan online,  Intercourses:  Delectable Delights for Lovers was the one that grabbed his attention during this particular sink session - a wedding gift of the unused variety.

“When will you ever have the opportunity to eat grilled figs drenched with honey of off your wife's naked body?”

Seated at the kitchen table he grabbed a celebrity magazine and flipped past the pages of the thin and rich people wearing sunglasses exiting Starbucks holding bran muffins to the crossword puzzle in the back.  If he could occupy his mind with more manageable problems such as ‘David Beckham married one of the _ _ _ _ _ Girls’ he hoped he might somehow quell the relentless, self-induced peppering.  Instead they began to mount in a fashion too rapid to address with confident stokes of a pen.

“Why are these magazines so popular?”

“How can you learn more about computers?”

“What are the rules to rugby?”

“Do your coworkers respect you?”

“How does phone sex work?”

“How can you be a better brother?”

“Where did the flavor bubblegum come from?”

“How will you get your kid into a decent nursery school?”

“Did Amanda Parker’s grandma really die the day before senior prom?”

“How will you ever pursue your dreams while supporting a family?”

“Where did you lose your baseball mitt back in 5th grade?”

“How can you reconnect with your parents?”

“Will you ever ride on a dolphin?”

“How can you keep up this front that you’re in control?”

As the steady onslaught grew a unified answer became apparent.  The sound of his own voice startled him.

“I don’t know.”

Just then his daughter began to cry. A more certain indicator that the new day had begun there could not be, buy Xalatan no prescription. He slowly closed the magazine and debated his next move. It occurred to him that not only did he not know the answers to the questions, he didn’t know whether to stay seated or stand.

Any capacity to make decisions had left him.  He couldn’t bear to face another question, make another choice.  Not a single one. No more.

His wife walked past him, already knee deep in the morning routine.  She opened the fridge and inadvertently delivered the final blow, speaking the day's first words.

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Buy Mebaral Without Prescription, Spoiler alert : The action takes place in Paris. Not Paris Indiana, Virginia or Idaho but Paris, order Mebaral online overnight delivery no prescription, the city right next to Disneyland Paris. Mebaral over the counter, The water is boiling and the bubbles are bubbling. I open the door of the fridge. I grab an egg, kjøpe Mebaral på nett, köpa Mebaral online. I enjoy the coolness of the shell, Buy Mebaral Without Prescription. I close my fingers around it, Mebaral gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and something tickles my palm.

Are eggs “dead”. Ghosts of chickens that will never be born, where can i buy cheapest Mebaral online. Could this one be an oracle, Mebaral samples, trying to read my future by touching my palm. Buy Mebaral Without Prescription, Fortune or chaos.

2013 : Annular solar eclipse in the South Pacific.

2214 : A new astrophysical theory is being proven : indeed the Universe is much smaller than we thought, order Mebaral online overnight delivery no prescription.

2221 : triple conjunction between Mars and Saturn. Mebaral from canadian pharmacy, There is something between my skin and the calcium skin of the shell. I take the egg with my right hand, revealing a feather in the palm of my left, Buy Mebaral Without Prescription.

An urgency roams under the skull that is my own shell.

[caption id="attachment_787" align="alignnone" width="206" caption="Sacra Conversazione (Holy Conversation) by Piero della Francesca (1472)"]Sacra Conversazione (Holy Conversation) by Piero della Francesca (1472)[/caption]

2222 : The First Inuit Pope is elected, order Mebaral no prescription. His original name is Pauloosie Qulitalik. Mebaral over the counter, He now becomes Peter II. Buy Mebaral Without Prescription, By pushing the wrong button, he brings Catholicism to an end. Christians call it a pagan conspiracy. Pagans call it a “Pope art” miracle, where can i buy cheapest Mebaral online.

[caption id="attachment_788" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Sacra Conversazione detail (see the egg?)"]Sacra Conversazione detail (see the egg?)[/caption]

Perhaps the feather is simply a sign that the egg came from a real chicken. Fast shipping Mebaral, A feather somehow got stuck to the egg (with yolk from another, less fortunate egg?), and stayed with it all the way into the carton, buy Mebaral from mexico. In that case, I should take comfort in the knowledge that it doesn’t come from a laboratory, Buy Mebaral Without Prescription.

2426 : Pluto’s second orbit, Mebaral samples, since its discovery. A Plutonian year lasts 248 terrestrial years. If there were trees on Pluto, rx free Mebaral, flowers would not stop blossoming for 62 consecutive years. Canada, mexico, india, In Fall, the surface of the extra solar planet would disappear under a monumental carpet of dead leaves. Buy Mebaral Without Prescription, The chicken is a bird and a bird has just one orifice. Anal and genital united, where to buy Mebaral.

Regarding chickens, Mebaral for sale, French uses creepy expressions such as quand les poules auront des dents or avoir la chair de poule, literally meaning when chicken will have teeth and to have the chicken flesh, but more idiomatically translated as pigs might fly and goosebumps, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. So, Buy no prescription Mebaral online, if one wanted, one could say When pigs fly, I will have goosebumps, buy Mebaral online cod, and in the saying, Buy cheap Mebaral no rx, mention chicken twice.

[caption id="attachment_789" align="alignnone" width="215" caption="Concetto spaziale, La fine di Dio² (Spatial Concept, kjøpe Mebaral på nett, köpa Mebaral online, The End of God) by Lucio Fontana (1963)"]Concetto spaziale, <b>Where can i buy Mebaral online</b>, La fine di Dio² (Spatial Concept, The End of God) by Lucio Fontana (1963)[/caption]

The water is still boiling and the bubbles are still bubbling. I drop the egg in the water, forgetting to look at the expiration date printed in red on the orange shell, Buy Mebaral Without Prescription.

2536 : The quantum super computer called Blue Hal calculates the last digit of Pi, ordering Mebaral online, the so-called irrational and transcendental number. Buy Mebaral online no prescription, Outraged, the scientific community calls it a miscreant mistake, a pale masquerade, online buy Mebaral without a prescription.

I ask the egg to go away. Order Mebaral online c.o.d, It comes back to me metamorphosed as a cosmical egg, a symbol of the origins, the past and the future united in one, order Mebaral from mexican pharmacy. Buy Mebaral Without Prescription, A story of unity like the anal and the vaginal of the chicken united in one. As we do know the scientific-mythical Big Bang will end in a Big Crunch. Where to buy Mebaral, Good news and bad news:

2640 : The audience of St. Pennos Church is listening to the last note of the 639 year long performance of John Cage’s organ work entitled "As Slow As Possible" which began in 2001.

4444 : Man lands on Makemake, real brand Mebaral online, one of the largest dwarf planets of the Solar System, Buy Mebaral no prescription, discovered in 2005. The first sentence pronounced is not “That’s one small step for (a) man; an even smaller leap for mankind”, Buy Mebaral Without Prescription. Instead the astronaut quotes Marcel Duchamp: “There is no problem because there is no solution”.

[caption id="attachment_790" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Claes Oldenburg, online buying Mebaral hcl, "Fried egg in pan", Buy cheap Mebaral, 1961"]Claes Oldenburg, "Fried egg in pan", 1961[/caption]

6212 : Venus occults Regulus, buy Mebaral without prescription.

6970 : After 5000 years, the time capsule of the 1970 World Fair in Osaka Japan is opened. It was designed as a U.F.O., all curves, volutes, and chrome. Buy Mebaral Without Prescription, 7054 : The year 7053 is skipped to allow the transformation of the Gregorian calendar into the more accurate Leonean calendar, created by Pope Leo LXIX in 2112.

8763 : Walt Disney is cryogenically thawed. He wakes up in a reality that is also a cartoon.

8920 : The first hermaphrodite bisexual robot gives birth to a pseudo-genetically engineered baby. The creature is natural, oviparous, mammal and artificial. Techno-creationists call it the final proof of the Darwin Hoax, Buy Mebaral Without Prescription. The baby’s first words are I don’t think, therefore I am.

9013 : In the cult Z movie The Living Dead from Outer Space (1959) directed by Brian Zardoz, this is the year when the first extraterrestrial message is received on Earth. It turns out that the actual first signal to be received was, coincidentally, pre-recorded and broadcasted from outer space the exact same year as the release of the movie. From 1959 to 9013, it took 7054 years for the radio wave to reach us. The message is short and irreparable like an apocalyptic koan. Buy Mebaral Without Prescription, It simply says Checking to see if you’re not a robot. Please wait.

The more I go in the future, the more it becomes fictional, “metanormal” and “paraphilosophical”. And it reminds me the reason why the theory of the origin of the universe was nicknamed Big Bang as a mockery to such a misconception. The biggest mystery becomes the biggest joke. And a giant laugh both comical and cosmical resonates in the emptiness and infinity of the universe. And an egg filled with antimatter rises at the horizon of our galaxy, the Milky Way™, like an ovoid floating in the void.

The egg is almost ready. The water is still boiling and the bubbles are still bubbling.

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Order Reglan over the counter, It all started with a fried egg. One egg, fried in bacon grease in a cast-iron skillet—bathed really—the yolk runny, Order Reglan from mexican pharmacy, the whites blistered and bubbled, the edges crispy. The best way to eat a bacon-fried egg was on white toast slathered with mayonnaise, piled with bacon, where can i buy cheapest Reglan online, and doused in Worcestershire sauce. This is how my dad liked his eggs before he found out he had high cholesterol. Where to buy Reglan, The fried egg sandwich was cheap and filling and satisfying enough to be eaten for any meal. But it was also indulgent and dirty and served with the unspoken knowledge that despite being so undeniably good, it was a little bad—artery clogging bad—so there would be no seconds, order Reglan over the counter. This is the egg of my childhood, my primordial egg, my platonic form of egg, kjøpe Reglan på nett, köpa Reglan online, the egg that defines who I am. It’s also the egg that marks my dark years of conspicuous consumption. Online buying Reglan hcl, egg sandwich closed

A couple of years ago, when I was short on money and going through graduate school and looking for cheap ways to sustain myself and my wife and our son, I turned to the egg. It wasn’t a conscious decision, where can i find Reglan online. Order Reglan over the counter, I didn’t wake up one day and say, let’s start eating more eggs. It was more innocent than that. I made a fried egg sandwich for my wife. Reglan over the counter, She scoffed at first. She called it W.T. She complained about the mayonnaise, order Reglan over the counter. But when she bit into it, the crunch of bacon resonated in our bare apartment, buy Reglan online cod, the yolk exploded from the sides and mixed with the Worcestershire sauce, and she said, Real brand Reglan online, oh that is so good.

Because they were a low-cost source of protein and omega 3s, eggs became a foundation food for the family. They were hearty and diverse enough to be both a principal ingredient and a filler, buy Reglan online no prescription. We started experimenting. Order Reglan over the counter, I fried eggs in olive oil—extra virgin—and served them with crusty bread. I fried them on top of tomatoes sprinkled with cumin and salt and pepper. Buy Reglan without prescription,

  • My son liked them in the hen house: cracked into a hole ripped out of a piece of bread then fried until both sides were crispy. He also liked them scrambled on low heat in butter, or in a 50-50 mixture with mozzarella—cheese eggs.

  • For my wife, I scrambled eggs with salsa, buy Reglan without a prescription, or with potatoes and onions and peppers and tomatoes and chunks of ham or salami or sausage or anything else I could scrounge up from the fridge. I called that the Mess and I’d melt cheese on top and eat it with jalapeño salsa and sliced avocado.

  • When I was hung over and feeling a freight train rumbling through my head and the whiskey filtering through my liver, Fast shipping Reglan, I needed two eggs from La Bagel Delight, fried on a greasy griddle ladled with liquid butter, then shoveled onto a roll with sausage—pork, not turkey—and yellow cheese I knew would stick to my teeth and throat and intestines.

  • I scrambled eggs with chorizo and rolled them into a tortilla or piled them onto a hoagie with black beans and sour cream and white cheese and cilantro.

  • My son called hardboiled eggs hard-fried eggs and we liked them sliced on a sandwich with nothing more than a can of tuna in olive oil piled onto a baguette with red onion.

  • I put them whole—hardboiled, Reglan for sale, not hard-fried—in my braciole: proscuito and Parmesan and pine nuts and basil rolled up in a tenderized piece of brisket or pork and simmer all day long in a ragu.

  • We put them in potato salad, and we made plain ol’ egg salad, Reglan trusted pharmacy reviews, too. The kind with boatloads of mayonnaise and celery and onion and mustard; the kind that’s best piled onto white bread with iceberg lettuce and a slice of tomato; the kind that gave us all embarrassingly toxic gas.

  • On Easter, we liked our eggs deviled.

  • I cooked two-minute eggs for five minutes and served them in a shot glass—my wife’s favorite, order Reglan over the counter. I tried poaching eggs but never could get that vortex of water and vinegar just right, which is why we splurged on eggs benedict and a Bloody Mary when we went out for brunch.

  • I cracked eggs over bi bim bap and into ramen.

  • I made Spanish tortillas and any number of spaghetti frittatas: with tomatoes, with cheese and salami, where to buy Reglan, with spinach and sausage, with broccoli.

  • When I was feeling fancy, Buy Reglan online cod, I baked eggs on top of corned beef hash in ramekins topped with herbs. That always made them look pretty.

egg sandwich

When I finished graduate school and started making more money, we were a family heavily invested in eggs. This made my wife nervous, buy Reglan without prescription. There were conflicting reports about the benefits of eggs. Order Reglan over the counter, Eat an egg a day. Eggs are high in cholesterol. Buy cheap Reglan, But it’s the good cholesterol. My wife decided to divest herself and our son of eggs. She made us join the food co-op. She turned to a “healthier” organic diet with more greens and grains, order Reglan over the counter. She preached moderation and so did my dad and my doctor, buy Reglan without a prescription. My son might have, too, Buy Reglan from mexico, if he could talk.

I tried to self-regulate my consumption. But the more I tried, the more I needed them, buy cheap Reglan no rx. Order Reglan over the counter, And instead of giving them up, I ate more of them. Soon, eggs were just a small part of a broader problem: infectious greed. Order Reglan online c.o.d, I would overhear a conversation on the subway about how some chef was serving goose eggs fried in goose fat and I ached with envy. I got extravagant. I bought quail eggs for a dollar a pop. I put eggs on my burgers, order Reglan over the counter. I pined for that $40 ostrich egg at Whole Foods, real brand Reglan online. My wife said I was irrationally and dangerously invested in egg.

That’s when I started hiding things from her. Ordering Reglan online, Before heading home for a meal of grilled wild-caught salmon with wilted organic greens and brown rice, I found myself stopping at the diner across from my subway stop for a fried egg sandwich and fries to go. Order Reglan over the counter, I’d walk down the street inhaling my food from the tinfoil wrapper. Mothers pushing Bugaboos and Maclarens would cross the street to avoid me.

None of this was sustainable, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. It was just a matter of time before I crashed. There were physical signs of impending doom: daily heart burn, Kjøpe Reglan på nett, köpa Reglan online, a persistent pain and numbness in my teeth, shortness of breath, decreased sex-drive, chronic constipation, rx free Reglan.

ostrich egg

It happened one night last October, order Reglan over the counter. I brought home that $40 ostrich egg from Whole Foods along with a pound of artisanal bacon. I snuck them into the apartment in my messenger bag. Reglan for sale, After a pleasant meal of wild mushroom risotto and an arugula salad, my wife and I put our son to bed. I told my wife I was going to stay up and watch Deadwood, a show I knew she couldn’t stand, purchase Reglan, and she headed to our room to read. Order Reglan over the counter, When I figured she was asleep, I took out the wok and fired up the stove. I worked quietly by the iridescent glow of the television slow frying the bacon on low so I wouldn’t wake anyone with a loud sizzle. Buy generic Reglan, When the pound of bacon was crisp and degreasing on newspaper, I hammered the top off the ostrich egg and poured it into the wok. Jesus, what a sight, where to buy Reglan. I had to raise the flame to get the edges crispy and that’s probably what woke them. When my wife walked into the kitchen holding our son in her arms, I was shoveling fistfuls of yoke saturated bacon into my mouth and wishing I had two pieces of bread big enough to make a sandwich, order Reglan over the counter. My son rubbed his eyes in that cute and confused way kids do when they’re still half-asleep. Buy Reglan no prescription, Yoke dripped from my chin onto the counter. Dad. he said. Order Reglan over the counter, Humiliation rippled through my body.

I survived the crash, buy Reglan online no prescription. I got out just in time. I had the initial signs of heart disease. Purchase Reglan online no prescription, I like my eggs in moderation now. I regulate myself with the help of my wife and son and a doctor who checks my cholesterol every other month, order Reglan over the counter. We all need a little regulation. The heartburn is gone, my teeth don’t hurt anymore, and my wife likes the amount of weight I lost—a lot. My diet is diversified enough that I’m not dependent on any one food. I still eat eggs but not very often. That fried egg sandwich—my son and I will eat it once a year on father's day.


Photos by the author.

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Buy Verapamil no prescription, I look a little hippie-ish, so when I try to tell people about the egg thing, or when they're trying to drag me to brunch at their favorite Omlette Hut, they assume I'm vegan. I'm not. Verapamil for sale, I love meat. I love milk. I just don't like eggs, purchase Verapamil, at all. I'm one of those picky eaters, buy Verapamil no prescription. Verapamil price, coupon, I got to eat what I wanted as a kid, so certain things just fell on to the Do Not Want list. I have a short list of food I don't like, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, a list that is getting shorter every year even as I move solidly into middle age. Online buying Verapamil hcl, Last year I started liking asparagus, who knows why. My list, where can i buy Verapamil online, one that I give to people who may be cooking dinner for me, Ordering Verapamil online, is "I'm not crazy about eggs, seafood, olives, buy no prescription Verapamil online, and mushrooms." Until recently, Buying Verapamil online over the counter, that list included tomatoes. Buy Verapamil no prescription, I'm still not sure about artichokes, but it doesn't come up very often.

When I was a kid, this list included pizza (eww melty cheese!), Verapamil samples, most cooked vegetables (ack slime!), Order Verapamil from United States pharmacy, chicken with the bones in (ptui cartilage!) and any dairy product that wasn't milk, ice cream, butter or cheese, fast shipping Verapamil. To me it's about mouthfeel, Buy Verapamil online no prescription, and surprises. I didn't and don't like surprises, mouth surprises least of all, rx free Verapamil, possibly only second to bug surprises. Canada, mexico, india, My feelings about eggs may have been complicated by growing up with a well-meaning though ineffective mom who, when she did cook, was always trying to sneak nutrition into us, Verapamil gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. So when she'd make scrambled eggs, she'd mix cottage cheese in with them, buy Verapamil no prescription. I always thought this was how the yellow and the white part of the egg looked when they were cooked, Buy Verapamil no prescription, and I thought it tasted terrible and felt gross in my mouth. Warm eggy cottage cheese. I don't remember when I stopped eating eggs, buy cheap Verapamil no rx, but it wasn't long after this. Buy Verapamil from canada, We're a family of opinionated people, and having an opinion about what you wanted to eat or not eat was generally thought of as a sign of some sort of pluck or character, not a personality flaw, online buy Verapamil without a prescription. Buy Verapamil no prescription, So I grew up plucky and picky.


"If it's eggier than french toast, Buy Verapamil without a prescription, I probably won't like it." is a more complete explanation that I spell out to people who care about such things. I do love french toast. Unless, comprar en línea Verapamil, comprar Verapamil baratos, of course, Where to buy Verapamil, it's too eggy. And I live in Vermont so most any syrup vehicle is okay by me. I'm not a purist; if I were on a desert island and my options were poached eggs or starving, I'd take the eggs, otherwise no, buy Verapamil no prescription. I'd eat bugs first, order Verapamil no prescription. I'd rather find the thing that laid the egg and eat it. Buy cheap Verapamil, Jeffrey Steingarten in his book The Man Who Ate Everything describes extreme food preferences (pro or con) as phobias. He, like many people, where to buy Verapamil, believes that if you don't like a food you just haven't had it prepared the right way. Buy Verapamil no prescription, He also doesn't believe that salt is linked to high blood pressure. Real brand Verapamil online, People like Steingarten make dining out hell on earth for people like me. I do try though. No one likes quitters, buy Verapamil without prescription. So I'll nibble a truffle while staring into the expectant face of a friend who wants to be The One Who Got Me To Like Mushrooms and then politely say "Thanks anyways." and move on to one of the many other foods I do like. I don't see why "Hey, more truffles for you!" isn't a happy ending of sorts for truffle-lovers, buy Verapamil no prescription. Buy Verapamil online cod, My picky eating is seen as some sort of a challenge to people, while smokers and drunks and vegans and Hindus don't get poked and prodded about their preferences when they're out in public doing their thing. I think it's because it seems so irrational, kjøpe Verapamil på nett, köpa Verapamil online, that it's almost as if I were making a fashion statement with these idiot food choices of mine. Verapamil from canadian pharmacy, It's hard to explain why you don't like how something tastes or the way something feels weird in your mouth, in the same way I can't say exactly why I like the color orange or cinnamon toast. It's a taste thing, buy Verapamil from mexico, in all sorts of ways. Buy Verapamil no prescription, I never make it anyone else's problem. Buy generic Verapamil, I don't make faces at food people serve me. I'm not a whiner or a pain at someone else's clambake, though I do keep a powerbar in my bag just in case, order Verapamil from mexican pharmacy.

Occasionally I'll run into a fellow picky eater. Verapamil trusted pharmacy reviews, We're rarer and rarer these days as people with strong food preferences often tend towards vegetarianism or gluten-free diets or something else with a name, making it easier to guess which restaurants they'll like and more difficult to give them a hard time about what they do and do not eat. I'll hear someone at the table asking the waitress "Can you tell me if there are olives in this?" and I'll know -- no one is allergic to olives -- and I'll ask "You don't like olives either...?" and often we'll compare short lists, buy Verapamil no prescription. It's rare that an olive-avoider eats all other foods, and I've been surprised how many fungophobes there are among otherwise seemingly normal people. It's nice to feel that I'm not the only one.

How do I like my eggs. Pretty much how I like my olives and my mushrooms and my seafood: on someone else's plate.


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