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Before the year 1267, there used to be units of time called thirds and fourths. Roger Bacon looked ahead and saw a system of progressively smaller measurements based on the simple progression of natural numbers. Perhaps, he may have thought, if clocks are ever precise enough, they will measure time in fifths, sixths, and sevenths. "Just a seventh," we might have said, 800 years in Bacon's future. But it turned out that people did not want to think of time in terms of thirds and fourths. Maybe that's because, for over 400 years, no clock could show time passing at that level of granularity. Or maybe someone worried that the word "minutia" was in danger of becoming obsolete. Or maybe humanity as a whole looked into the distant future, and decided that the journey between birth and death is already complicated enough, that at some point, we need to set a standard for the meaning of "soon" and just stick with it. Sequels never work, except Aliens, The Empire Strikes Back, The Godfather Part II, and Women In Love. And yet we keep looking for ways to take the next step, the one that will finally bring us closure. Not just movies. Jobs. Careers. Kids. Chances. Seconds. August's content is still here, of course. Have another look at "How do you like your eggs?"

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Secondary Education

Order Prozac over the counter, My parents asked us to dinner maybe a month ago.  After we ate, I started telling them--believe it or not, my mother, at least, likes to hear this kind of thing--about an old t.v. show transcript that I'd stumbled onto recently: a Nova program from 1981 called "It's About Time."  I mentioned a couple things from it that fascinated me--like that the speed of light may be the only really static thing in the universe, since everything else, even space, buy generic Prozac, even time, sometimes jiggles in surprising ways.  I also told them how the show ended--with the actor playing St. Buy no prescription Prozac online, Augustine, an early western thinker about time, saying, just as the real St, buy Prozac without prescription. Augustine had written in his Confessions centuries before, that as long as nobody asked him what time was, Buy cheap Prozac no rx, he knew, but as soon as someone did, he didn't.

My dad said that sounded like what my five year-old son, purchase Prozac online no prescription, Lear, had recently told him about some of the magic tricks the boy makes up all the time: "These are the kind of tricks that are better if you don't watch them." Now looking back, Purchase Prozac online, it's kind of hard to get that joke, but that night it played funny, the conversation blew up, and Lear smiled.  Yet as I started thinking later, comprar en línea Prozac, comprar Prozac baratos, time is maybe the opposite of those tricks of Lear's, since if you think of time as being somehow trick-like, Online buying Prozac hcl, as I'd go on to discover that a great many people have through the centuries, it strikes me as a kind of trick that gets better, as in spookier, the closer you watch.  To slightly warp a line from John Mellencamp's new (and terrific) album, Prozac from canadian pharmacy, one of the best sustained meditations on mortality that I've ever seen (or heard):  "[Time] is an abstraction, and it tries to fool us all / And it's working so far, Where can i find Prozac online, it seems."

He actually wrote that line to be about the trickiness of "Life," but it applies to "Time" just as well, not least because time and life are so often impossible to shake apart.  Both are not only weirder than we suppose, but weirder than we can suppose, order Prozac no prescription, to slightly skew what J.B.S. Haldane said about life in Possible Worlds and Other Papers, over eight decades ago, order Prozac over the counter. If I really don't have time, Online buy Prozac without a prescription, I have nothing else on earth, either, of course, but in what sense do I really ever have something that I can't in any way quantify and the last of which could disappear, buying Prozac online over the counter, literally in a heartbeat, without so much as a funny-paper "poof"?  My heart could pop like bubble gum before I finish typing this line. Purchase Prozac, Or not (old joke). George Santayana:  "The essence of nowness runs like the fire along the fuse of time, but the particular spark is different at each point."  Until with a bang, a flash, Prozac price, coupon, the whistling fffffffft. of a dud firecracker, Kjøpe Prozac på nett, köpa Prozac online, some other noise or no noise at all, now becomes then.  For well over a decade, I've had it bouncing around in my head that I someday wanted to write something that would start roughly like this (who knows if I'll ever get that done, and it seems to fit here):  "Time's the big trick, buy Prozac online no prescription, the one nobody jumps.  They've tried to say what time is.  They were wrong, and you know it.  I'll say what time is--time's what you don't have."

And it was cheerful thoughts like these, Prozac for sale, relaunched by that random talk over cherry cobbler, that pulled me back into the wake of what Twelfth Night's Feste calls "the whirligig of time."  Few things in my life have made me feel like I'm fading faster than getting an inkling of how much has been said and written about time--but once you start toying around in Timeland, it's hard to stop.  A Shakespeare professor once pointed out in a class I took that it's no one's imagination--Shakespeare's plays really do work very hard to keep from being explained away, to stay, where can i order Prozac without prescription, to varying degrees, irreducibly mysterious.  That seems a bias that Shakespeare--often seen as the "Mother Nature's Son" of poets (John Milton, Prozac over the counter, for instance, wrote in "L'Allegro" of him "warbl[ing] his native wood-notes wild")--might have borrowed from life, which features a seemingly built-in, time-bound tendency to defuse any conclusive wrap up of its ultimate workings and meaning, buy no prescription Prozac online, whether wryly absurdist, deeply religious, Where to buy Prozac, or something in between.  But as impossible as finding the provably "ultimate answer" is, it's just as impossible for humans not to look for one.  In the end, if not long before, once, where can i buy cheapest Prozac online, if not many times, we each take a leap at understanding life's ways--a leap of faith, Buy cheap Prozac, of "logic," of lunacy, or of some other stripe, entirely.  But a leapless life, order Prozac from mexican pharmacy, lived with the seamlessly defensible "good sense" of a syllogism, is simply not a live option on Planet E., Ordering Prozac online, as much as we might like it to be.  And that's largely thanks to the way what Pythagoras calls "the soul of this world, " time, eerily floats by:  time, the great unknowable that makes us, fast shipping Prozac, shapes us, glides us onward, Where can i buy Prozac online, upward, and ultimately elsewhere--time, the mystery through which we move. Order Prozac over the counter, Among the fascinating flashes that have leapt out in these last few dizzying weeks, as I spent every spare moment of an otherwise vexing stretch reading and thinking about time, were these:  "Dinosaurs are real but our death is not," at least based on the the-past-is-real-but-the-future-is-not premise that underprops the growing-universe theory; Benjamin Lee Whorf's famous study of the Hopi culture incredibly reveals that their language somehow works while containing "no words, grammatical forms, construction or expressions that refer directly to what we call 'time,' or to past, present, or future...,"which gave me a funny kind of hope; and the recent work of physicist Carlo Rovelli reprises in a scientific context a concept long popular in religions, ranging from Buddhism to Christian Science and beyond, namely that time is nothing more than a trick of the mind:  "At realities deepest level, then, it remains unknown whether time will hold strong or melt away like a Salvador Dali clock."  As the Amanda Gefter article where that quotation appears, "Is Time An Illusion?," adds, though thinking about time is taxing, if Rovelli is correct, and "Time is the effect of our ignorance," when and if we ever really understand how it works, "time might simply disappear."

[caption id="attachment_1116" align="alignnone" width="335" caption=""Moment Of Explosion" by Salvador Dali (1954)"]"Moment Of Explosion" by Salvador Dali (1954)[/caption]

Which brings us almost back to where we started--to Time as Trick, now a type of trick that we accidentally play on ourselves because our minds are simply too limited to do otherwise; in this view, "time is all a matter of perspective--not a feature of reality but a result of [our] missing information about reality."  But do such approaches stretch the concept of "trick"--or in the case of this article's title, "illusion"--until it snaps?  The effects of time, whatever time is, are surely no one's imagination, making time a funny kind of trick (except in certain religious contexts, where the whole visible world is cast as a kind of trick-driven parody of paradise).  Years ago, I saw a fragment of a very old movie called The Miracle Man, from which only like eleven seconds survive.  In those seconds, a fake healing inspires the startling real healing of a crippled boy.  If time is just a trick, are its everyday effects, which all of us see every day, quasi-miracles that time's trickery somehow makes leap to life?  Alternately, Arthur Clarke has argued that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"; if so, maybe an arcane science, intrinsic to the fabric of the physical world itself, somehow enables what time does; or maybe in the same way that I've read that light shows signs of simultaneously being both a particle and a wave--or of flickering back and forth from one state to the other with incalculable speed--time somehow does something similar, instantaneously flashing from one state to the other like a neon light every split second, a reality one instant, "just an idea" the next.  Who knows.  But one thing I'm certain of--as weird and unlikely as those random thoughts likely sound, the reality of how time works, knowable or not, is far weirder.

What does feel trick-like to me, where time is concerned--and since I can't yet articulate all this fully, please briefly grant me the Magic 8 Ball's wry license to let the reasons slide--are the clownish means we use to make us feel like we somehow have time tamed, the bewildering jumble of competing calendars and clocks, rx free Prozac, most of which relate to the near-infinite complexity of time's passing as the ape-thrown bone relates to the fantastical space ship it suddenly loops up and becomes in 2001: A Space Odyssey.  As I was recently reminded, when featured in ads, Prozac trusted pharmacy reviews, the hands of clocks are very frequently set for 10:10, not because, as many apparently sincerely believe, that was the time that Lincoln and/or King and/or Kennedy was killed, buy Prozac online cod, nor entirely for practical reasons, such as best displaying the features of a given watch, Buy Prozac without a prescription, but so that the clocks' faces will  appear to smile, making the watches and clocks for sale look happy, once someone had decided that the old default display time, 8:20, real brand Prozac online, had made clocks look too "frowny."  That practice provides a living metaphor for how our culture likes to treat time (also notable is the way the term "timepiece" seems to imply obliquely that whatever watch I have on, which I could just as well just have fished out of a box of Lucky Charms, is somehow made of the self-same numinous stuff whose ineffable flow it plays at chronicling).  But all those "untimely" monkeyshines aside, whether he'd have agreed or not, I think William Faulkner got it exactly right in The Sound and the Fury:  "Time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life."

Among the uncountable ways that I'm no St. Augustine,  there's the fact that I never plan to write a book called Confessions, but I have one to make now.  Also unlike Augustine, I don't begin to know what time is, even when nobody asks me, as what you've just read proves.  But I think that may be less true of my son.  Not long before he faded from three to four, he surprised me by telling me why he'd been upset and refused to talk while we'd walked home together from preschool that day:  "I was mad because I don't want to get older.  It's not special to me, and it's not fair."

Those words reminded me of another child who "knew that she must grow up.  You always know when you are two.  Two is the beginning of the end."  I was amazed that my young son, who had never even seen Disney's candy-coated version of the boy who could fly, let alone the one-of-a-kind book that J.M. Barrie's words above come from, had independently come to such a striking conclusion, at an age when I was still getting my church pants pockets gummed shut with Silly Putty, which I could never quite remember to stick back into the plastic egg.

Like probably anyone who's ever read Wordsworth's wonderful little poem about a person who hopes his heart will always leap up when he sees a rainbow, just as it did when he was a kid, I've wondered what the line, "The Child is the Father of the Man," could mean.  Maybe, I now think, things like this:  the Child just squarely faces what the Man scribbles silly essays not to see.



Rabbit image by Mykl Roventine.

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The Growing Season

Buy Isoniazid no prescription, I am Sam. Sam I am. You can already see where this is going, online buying Isoniazid hcl. There will be fox. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, There will be socks. Ultimately, of course, there will be green eggs and ham, buy Isoniazid no prescription. It's a story of a pushy little fellow named Sam and his obsessive desire to force a more laconic other dude to try some green eggs and ham. Incidentally, kjøpe Isoniazid på nett, köpa Isoniazid online, the ham seems not to be green. Order Isoniazid no prescription, Just the eggs. In any case, Dr, where can i find Isoniazid online. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham Buy Isoniazid no prescription, has been an almost universally loved classic of children's literature since it was first published in 1960.

I hate it. Isoniazid samples, In fact, these days I hate almost all Dr. Seuss books, order Isoniazid from mexican pharmacy. I do not simply hate the silly words or the difficult, Buying Isoniazid online over the counter, repeated rhymes and concepts. I do not merely hate the careful rhythm and the tight integration of pictures and words, buy Isoniazid no prescription. I hate the density, the care with which they are constructed, where to buy Isoniazid. They build on sounds, Where to buy Isoniazid, references and structure. It is because Dr Seuss books are so tightly well written that they utterly resist translation.


Black People Speak French

Kids associate languages with people (and types of people), Isoniazid gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, This is just the way our brains work. I was born in French-speaking Africa and so was my older brother, Online buy Isoniazid without a prescription, Adam. When my family moved back to the US when Adam was 2 and a half years old, he spent a bit of time trying to speak French to all of the Black people he encountered, purchase Isoniazid. This caused some amusing confusion during a plane-change in Chicago, Buy Isoniazid from mexico, but it made perfect sense, at least to Adam. Until that trip, order Isoniazid online overnight delivery no prescription, every brown-skinned person he had ever met spoke French, Isoniazid over the counter, and most of the lighter-skinned people he had met spoke English (or English plus some other European language). Our brains are adapted to associate languages with individuals and classes of people, rather than situations, buy Isoniazid no prescription. This is at least part of why it is extremely difficult, even for bilingual people, buy Isoniazid online cod, to maintain a communication relationship that is sometimes in one language and sometimes in another. Buy Isoniazid without a prescription, My family's history in French-speaking Africa left me with an obvious lesson and a choice: I only speak Spanish to my children, of course.


In the end, ordering Isoniazid online, I grew up mostly in Puerto Rico, Comprar en línea Isoniazid, comprar Isoniazid baratos, in a little town called Humacao on the South Eastern side of the island. My father married an Argentinian woman and they started a Montessori school together in Puerto Rico. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, At first, Adam and I were just along for the ride. But for me the timing was just right, canada, mexico, india. I was old enough to be a real human being but young enough to go with the flow. Order Isoniazid from United States pharmacy, And the spirit and character and history of Puerto Rico ended up in me. I went to school in that clipped, hurried, buying Isoniazid online over the counter, beautiful Puerto Rican Spanish that the rest of the Spanish-speaking world loves to hate. I made my first real friends in Spanish, buy Isoniazid no prescription. Isoniazid from canadian pharmacy, I went to my first school dances in Spanish. When I met my partner, I made it clear that speaking (and more importantly, buy Isoniazid online no prescription, understanding) Spanish was not optional—it was a part of who I am and it would be required to relate to me and to my family And when I had kids, Isoniazid for sale, I couldn't imagine them not speaking Spanish.


Children's Books Kick My Ass

When my daughter Agatha was born, I knew I would have to read every single book to her in Spanish, purchase Isoniazid, regardless of what the letters on the page actually said. Where can i buy Isoniazid online, I had done some written and spoken simultaneous translation so this didn't worry me. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, I also knew that all of my favorite books as a kid had been in English. So I knew that I would be shouldering the majority of the translation burden in my household. "This is not my puppy: his paws are too rough" == "Éste no es mi perro: sus patas estan demasiadas ásperas", Isoniazid gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Easy stuff. Where can i order Isoniazid without prescription, I got lulled into a false sense of security. And then we got the Lorax, buy Isoniazid no prescription. "And deep in the Grickle-grass, some people say if you look deep enough you can still see, buy generic Isoniazid, today..." "The old Once-ler still lives here. Isoniazid over the counter, ..." How the hell do you translate "Grickle-grass" or "Onceler". (I did Grama-Grica and ViejoUnaVez but those were spur-of-the-moment choices, not carefully considered terms that built the rhythm of the story), where to buy Isoniazid. Not only does Dr Seuss uses lots of non-words, Purchase Isoniazid online no prescription, but the non-words tend to resonate with each other and imply, without directly signifying, meanings in English, Isoniazid trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, As I tried simultaneous translation of the Lorax, every off-the-cuff choice led me to more difficult choices on future pages. By the end of the story, even I was confused and I can guarantee that Agatha had no idea what the hell was going on. Clearly Dr. Seuss was graduate-school-level translation. Not to be attempted off the top of one's head while reading a bedtime story. Translating truly hard texts requires more than skill, buy Isoniazid no prescription. It requires imagination and bold choices. Any vaguely poetic use of language is fundamentally untranslatable—it violates the separation of signifier and signified. Onomatopoeia, connotation, meter and rhyme all disappear in obvious, literal translation. The only way to bring them back is to layer on your own thick slathering of poetry. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, I knew I needed help.


Teresa Mlawer, Aida Marcuse and Dr Seuss the Second Time Around

"En la gran habitación verde, hay un globo rojo..." Goodnight Moon, thanks to Teresa Mlawer. Mlawer is a giant of Spanish-language kids books. She has personally translated over 250 children's books, including many of the great ones. If your kids have books in Spanish in the US, her name is on your bookshelf at least twice. Her translations are smooth, idiomatic, and they try to preserve rhythm and context, buy Isoniazid no prescription. But it was Aida Marcuse's translation of "Green Eggs and Ham" that finally showed me Dr Seuss done right. Sam I am gets a new name: Juan Ramón, so the symmetry is lost right from the very beginning: "Yo soy Juan... Juan Ramón..." The first time I read it, I lost faith in Ms. Marcuse almost immediately. Buy Isoniazid no prescription, And there was the awkward 'caserón' for 'house' (which admitedly does rhyme with 'ratón' for mouse, but that hardly redeems it). But by the time we were refusing green eggs and ham in a 'coche' (car) and 'de noche' (at night) I was sold. The meter, the ridiculousness, the rhyme and the moral of the story are all captured by this translation. And best of all, I can turn my brain down and just read it. And what I find is that sometimes I have a richer understanding of the English-language books that I loved as a kid when I read them in Spanish translation, the second time around.


Family Circus parody by cutup.

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Halazepam For Sale, My former housemate’s baked chicken was notoriously bad. I still suspect, though I have now moved and it is unlikely I will ever get confirmation, that I was not the only resident of the house who had spent measurable time resenting the chicken’s dryness, its lack of seasoning, its tendency to stick to the baking pan.

He certainly was not the only one of us who, on occasion, might have phoned in his or her responsibility to cook for the house, order Halazepam from United States pharmacy. I once made fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It wasn’t even particularly irksome that the stuff he cooked was always bad. Other housemates, in a large and dynamic house that boasted something like 15 different residents during the two and a half years I lived there, had managed to be bad cooks in a surprising variety of ways, Halazepam For Sale. Whether the quality of the food, however, suffered from lack of creativity, habitual dependence on heavily processed ingredients, stubborn vegan blandness, Purchase Halazepam, temporary poverty, or simple indifference, I was generally unperturbed by house meals that were less than extraordinary.

[caption id="attachment_1021" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Mt. Pleasant race riots, 1991"]raceriots_400[/caption]

That was partially because the food was, often enough, order Halazepam from mexican pharmacy, delicious. Halazepam For Sale, But it was also because most of those housemates, like me, were busy in one way or another. They were people who, like me, had moved to Washington D.C. in order to get something specific done. They were people for whom—like for me—the big, messy, Purchase Halazepam online, drafty old house offered a convenient location at rent well below the going rates for comparable space in the neighborhood. They were grad students, activists, job-seekers, journalists, bright-eyed recent graduates of good East Coast schools trying to navigate the quicksand of unpaid internships at thinktanks and PACs that are the first step towards landing an unpaid internship in a congressional office. They were people who, while generally crunchy and left-leaning by DC standards, had not come to the Mt, Halazepam For Sale. Pleasant neighborhood in search of an intentional community. They were people who, like me, buy generic Halazepam, were used to leaving the house uncertain of where they might find their morning coffee, let alone where they would be for dinner. And they were people for whom¬—like for me—the obligation to participate in the house cooking schedule was, depending on the day (and who was cooking), an amusing idiosyncrasy leftover from an era when many of the neighborhood’s rotting mansions had been sites for utopian experiments in communal living, a surmountable inconvenience, or a pleasant fringe benefit to the good rent in the form of homemade food waiting on the stove to be reheated after arriving home late from a seminar, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, or the office, or a bar.

The housemate responsible for the terrible chicken, however, was not young, had not arrived recently in Washington DC, and was not particularly busy. Halazepam For Sale, He had lived in the house for more than 30 years, and the longevity and continuity of his tenure there explained the remarkably low rent, the general disrepair of the building, and the cooking schedule. “This is a community,” begins the document that was emailed to me in advance of my appointment to interview for the open room, order Halazepam no prescription. “We choose to share food, cooking, and work, and spend time with one another. It is not a boarding house, or a rooming house.” This sentiment was repeated to me that night, almost word for word, Canada, mexico, india, by a thin, heavily bearded man in his late 50s who peered searchingly at me through thick glasses, apparently trying to gauge my reaction to his assertion. The other housemates who formed the screening committee, by contrast, seemed eager not to catch my eye. It was snowing outside, and I had less than a week before I had to leave the sublet where I had been staying for the past several months, Halazepam For Sale. The new semester had started already, and the evening should have been spent reading. I was starting to become more creative with my budget arithmetic in recent days, buy no prescription Halazepam online, in order to convince myself that I could afford to pay $800/mo without taking out additional loans, and then in order to convince myself that if I took out additional loans, I would someday be able to pay them back. The rent for a big room in this house was just over $400, and I am generally crunchy and left-leaning by DC standards. “That’s what I’m looking for,” I lied. Halazepam For Sale, “I want to make sure that I have real relationships with the people who share my living space. Kjøpe Halazepam på nett, köpa Halazepam online, That’s important to me. That’s more important to me than the price of the room.” After a long ten seconds of subtle, inscrutable nodding, the man signaled his approval with a pointed question. “What do you like to cook?” The other housemates studied their hands.

[caption id="attachment_1022" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="The Paris Commune, 1871"]commune_400[/caption]

The cooking schedule worked like this: Attached to the side of the refrigerator was a calendar. On the days that we planned to cook, we wrote our initials in the corresponding box, Halazepam For Sale. Each of us was to cook four times every month in exchange for a full share in house meals. For each meal less than four that we cooked in a given month, buy Halazepam without prescription, we were charged an additional $15 when house expenses were collected, and that amount was subtracted from the combined total owed by those who had fulfilled their cooking responsibilities. This seemed reasonable enough to me, when I moved into the house. If I was too busy to cook, I could still eat the food when I chose to without feeling guilty. Halazepam For Sale, Even figuring for an additional $60 each month, the room was a great deal. As it turned out, Order Halazepam online c.o.d, I probably cooked slightly less than the average housemate, coming in somewhere around two times per month. I paid the penalty each month without complaining, taking additional solace in the fact that, for the same reasons I was seldom able to have meals ready at a reasonable dinner time, I had almost always already eaten before coming home, so I also consumed less than a full share. The only one of us, in fact, buy cheap Halazepam no rx, who consistently cooked all four of his meals, was the long-time resident. And he (almost, to be fair) always made chicken. His room was a maze of metal shelves full of salvaged computer equipment with a dirty sleeping bag and a worn-out mattress stuck in one corner, and he would sometimes go through closed bags of trash in search of overlooked recyclables which he would then leave on the dining table as a silent admonishment to the responsible party, Halazepam For Sale. He received mail under at least three aliases. The consistent badness of his chicken seemed somehow related to all of this – a principled act of asceticism meant as a rejoinder to the immoderate consumption going on constantly even here, in the old house full of people who had agreed to be part of a community. Where to buy Halazepam, After all, it takes effort to screw up baked chicken, of all things, four times a month, for years on end. I privately referred to him as The Unabomber. Halazepam For Sale, [caption id="attachment_1023" align="alignnone" width="280" caption="Theodore Kaczynski, The Unabomber"]unabomber_big[/caption]

On the night that I took a second helping of chicken, to be clear, the chicken itself was no better than usual. The only thing extraordinary about that night’s meal was that four of the six people who lived in the house at the time, including me, showed up for dinner, ordering Halazepam online. We ate together in relatively good humor. Someone produced a bottle of wine. As the meal winded down, it occurred to me that I was still hungry. Observing that there were still several pieces of chicken left, I did a quick mental calculation, Halazepam For Sale. Factors that I considered included the number of pieces of chicken still left on the table (3), the number of meat-eaters at the table who had yet to eat a piece of chicken (0), the number of housemates who might yet come home looking for food (2), Fast shipping Halazepam, the number of those same absent housemates who ate meat (1), the amount of pleasure and satisfaction I might get from eating another piece of bad chicken (moderate) relative to the amount of displeasure I risked causing to other housemates for whom a piece of bad chicken that might otherwise be available upon returning home might not be available after all (very little), and the frequency with which, when this particular housemate cooked chicken, there were leftovers once everyone interested had taken a share (always). Confident that I was working well within the acceptable code of manners for even a formal dinner party, I helped myself to one more charred leg-thigh combo, and ate it as we made idle chitchat and finished the wine.

It is significant, australia, uk, us, usa, I think, that—although the cook was sitting to my immediate left, and could have tapped me on the shoulder, or whispered into my ear as I began to reach for the serving dish—I was allowed to eat that second piece down to the bone before I was confronted about it. “Randall, I’d like to speak with you in the kitchen for a second.” I was surprised, but unconcerned, Buy Halazepam without a prescription, even a little bit curious about what I interpreted as his conspiratorial tone. Halazepam For Sale, We got up and went into the kitchen, which was only a few feet from the table and through an open door. He kept his voice low, but no lower than his normal speaking volume, which, consistent with his general persona and the winter temperature in the house, was moderated to preserve energy. It had no problem, nonetheless, carrying into the dining room, order Halazepam online overnight delivery no prescription.

“I think that it was inconsiderate of you to eat that second piece of chicken, when there are others who haven’t had a chance to eat yet,” he said. I said nothing. “That’s it,” he said, Halazepam For Sale.

“OK,” I said. “Thanks for your input.”

We stood there for a second, Rx free Halazepam, watching each other, and then I turned back to the dining room to collect my dishes. He returned to the table. I washed and rinsed in silence, and then walked past the dining room and up the stairs to my room, closed my door, and sat down at my desk. Halazepam For Sale, In spite of the wine, I had work to do. What had been a simple writing task that I had even been vaguely excited about only an hour earlier, however, where can i buy cheapest Halazepam online, now seemed far away and almost imperceptible through a thick red fog. My heart was beating audibly. I stood up, opened my door, and went back downstairs, where the scene had not perceptibly changed. I noticed the other two housemates in my peripheral vision, Real brand Halazepam online, and briefly considered the fact that I was about to cause a scene, and that these were the spectators. The words were already, however, in the process of being formed, Halazepam For Sale.

“You don’t get to call me into the kitchen,” I said. “If you want to say something to me about how much food I eat, you can do it in the dining room.”

“I wanted to save you the embarrassment.”

“I am not embarrassed that I had two pieces of chicken,” I said. “I’m embarrassed that I haven’t said this earlier: Don’t go through my goddamn trash.” This is not what I had come downstairs to say. “Or better yet, where to buy Halazepam, if you want to spend your time going through my trash, you can do whatever you want with what you find, but don’t bring it back inside the place that I live. Halazepam For Sale, That’s why I put it in the trash.”

The calmness, the apparent emptiness, of his reaction made me seethe. My voice got louder as I searched for something to say that would penetrate the practiced disaffectation of a man who made failure to understand or empathize with the irrational behaviors of other human beings into an act of principled defiance. “You and I have a purely economic relationship,” I said. “We are equal parties to a financial agreement.” I glared at him meaningfully. Where can i order Halazepam without prescription, “This is not a community. And you are the reason for it.” He flinched, Halazepam For Sale. I stood on the balls of my feet, chest out, and breathed loudly through my nose.

Little else was said and, feeling immediately ashamed for having lost my temper, I went back upstairs and got little done. Some emails containing equivocal apologies were exchanged over the next few days, and I found reasons to make sure that I wasn’t home at dinner time, buying Halazepam online over the counter. A couple of weeks later, I left town for several months and subletted my room. Halazepam For Sale, When I returned, two rooms had unfamiliar occupants and, though there was awkward tension in the house as always, the senior roommate and I remained coolly civil to one another. For the five months that I lived in the house before leaving for good, I ate at home rarely. When I did, I was careful not to eat more than my share.

I recall this incident sometimes when friends are drinking and swapping roommate stories—a genre of oral history the ubiquity of which I only recognized in the moment that I self-consciously changed my standard contribution from the one about my freshman dormmate who was always getting stoned in our tiny room with his obnoxious friends to the one about taking a second helping of chicken. Purchase Halazepam online no prescription, In the first story (although this was not true) I am studious and yet hyperconsiderate, anxious about prudishly interfering with my more freewheeling roommate’s lifestyle, and must ultimately come to terms with a choice between forcing confrontation or finding dignity, somehow, in toleration. Ultimately, I do confront him, Halazepam For Sale. I do it cruelly, blindsiding him with the pent up force of my resentment and (this part is true) make an enemy for life. That story, like this one, Halazepam over the counter, is generally well received and, as is the convention on such occasions, my unambiguous role as the long-suffering hero goes unquestioned.

[caption id="attachment_1027" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="The Symposium of Plato"]symposium_400[/caption]

These exchanges have, however, grown more nuanced as I have gotten older, and as my companions and I find ourselves less surprised, Halazepam for sale, in general, by the depths of other people’s idiosyncrasy. Youthful indignation and incredulity seems to have given over, as we have grown serious about our own convictions and wary of our own peevishness, to wistfulness and condescension. Halazepam For Sale, Life, for most of us, has become less about being right, and more about knowing which compromises to make in order to get along with people. The brutish stoner freshman in my old story had always, in fact, been low hanging fruit, at least ever since I was a sophomore and could roll my eyes in embarrassed recollection of what it had been like to live in the dormitories, Halazepam trusted pharmacy reviews, and I believe that what little power that narrative managed to retain into my late twenties came from an almost generous sense of recognition. “Remember,” the story asked while collapsing dopish villain and self-rightous hero into a composite caricature, “what it was like to be young?”

Similarly, I believe that the cathartic power of my chicken story derives from the moment of rupture in which I, heretofore the wry narrator, lose my temper at accumulated small injustices or at the insult rendered by sanctimonious collectivist sentiment to my own bruised idealism, Halazepam price, coupon, and reveal the pathos of the odd similarity between myself and my antagonist.

I had been driven to graduate school, at least partially, out of frustration at the scolding incoherence of the political convictions among most of the people I encountered in the vaguely lefty and vaguely creative circles in which I traveled. Having suffered a crisis of faith simultaneously in my career choice and in my country (I took the invasion of Iraq as a personal betrayal) and fighting off depression, I had set out to learn the history and political geography that had not been part of my art school curriculum. I earned a master’s degree in International Relations with a thesis about the bankruptcy of the human rights discourse in international law, and moved across the country to earn my PhD, Halazepam For Sale. Teaching for pennies and living off of loans, I spent my days running between seminars and teaching responsibilities, or alone in my room, Halazepam over the counter, desperately treading water to keep up with reading in political economy, psychoanalytic theory, and literary criticism. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing at that point, but I was profoundly lonely. Not only was I overworked and stressed about money, but I was finding myself increasingly alienated from friends and family by the almost Kabbalistic obscurity of my studies. Buy Halazepam without a prescription, Eager not to become an ignorant scold, I had become a pedantic one. Halazepam For Sale, [caption id="attachment_1024" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="The Author, at the time of the Chicken Incident"]randall_beard_big[/caption]

What was at stake for my housemate, in the argument about the chicken, had something to do with an ossified idealism, a rigid insistence on the most technical aspects of communalism at the cost of being present to the nuanced humanity of the people with whom he lived. While I sat in the room adjacent to his, surrounded by piles of books and freshman term papers, brewing coffee in order to work late into the night on grandiose theoretical prose about politics and culture, I alternately pitied his loneliness and resented his stridency. But I also molded him into a symbol. In his narcissism; in his oblivion to the discomfort he bred among those around him; in the confusion of his mourning for his own youth, on one hand, buy cheap Halazepam no rx, and for a real moment of utopian possibility on the other; and in his rigidity—he came to stand in for the failure of the American Left. And our half-hearted cooking plan became a symbol of all the residue from an era in which well-intended people had, en masse, mistaken lifestyle experiments for the kind of structured, organized political action that might bring real change to a fucked up world. After he confronted me about taking seconds I had—utterly failing to see the hypocrisy—gilded my anger, in the brief moment of reflection upstairs, with the idea that I was confronting my housemate by way of addressing these more abstract concerns, and in the name of the public good, Halazepam For Sale. Yet as I said the meanest thing I could think of to this strange, lonely man, Rx free Halazepam, it occurred to me that to the other people present, the community for which I imagined I was fighting, I probably looked as crazy as he did, and cruel as well.

I have tried, in the last couple of years, to make some subtle adjustments, in order to prioritize building a life that I like in the world as it is over improving my list of all the ways it could be better. I still study the same things, ordering Halazepam online, and retain many of the same convictions, but this subtle shift in attitude has led to some drastic changes. I slowed down a bit in my drive to finish the PhD, took summers off to do construction and work on creative projects, and chased a woman to Europe (and then to Minnesota). Halazepam For Sale, I also find myself hanging out with friends and drinking more often, swapping roommate stories, and I have had a chance to reflect on how the chicken narrative operates. For me, anyway, the story has become wistful and cautionary. “Remember,” it asks, while collapsing dopish villain with self-righteous hero into a composite caricature, “what it was like to be young?”


Paris Commune image from International Pamphlets No. 12, via The Paris Commune Told In Pictures.

Symposium painting by Anselm Feuerbach, 'Das Gastmahl des Plato' (1869).

Race riots image via secorlew.

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 When The Ordinary Things Stay Ordinary
Art & Poetry

Factory Seconds: John Ruskin’s The Stones of Venice and the Female Body

Buy Styplon no prescription, “What are ‘factory seconds’ and ‘irregulars’. Factory seconds and irregulars are not necessarily faulty or even of lessened quality, but rather a piece of merchandise with a minor problem (typically cosmetic and easily reparable) that prevents it from passing the quality checks in the inspection process.”

--from essortment: 5 tips for factory outlet shopping, buy Styplon online cod.

I am 38 years old. Where to buy Styplon, Facebook knows this about me; so does Yahoo. The online game site I registered for so my nine-year-old son could use it—it cares about my age, too, online buying Styplon hcl, as I learned when I noticed my son studying my face one day. “You know,” he said jokingly, “Dermitage could help with those wrinkles around your eyes.” He had apparently been seeing them, too, the ads showing the fast-forwarded aging of beautiful woman into scary crone, the ads crowing, “This woman is 50 years old, buy Styplon no prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, Learn the secret of her ageless beauty!”

[caption id="attachment_976" align="alignnone" width="255" caption="John Ruskin"]Hile_Ruskin[/caption]

John Ruskin (1819–1900) should be the patron saint of the anti-globalization movement, but his ideas about the aesthetic and intellectual impoverishment brought about by industrialization and capitalism can also provide insights into what has happened to the female body under late capitalism. In The Stones of Venice (1851, canada, mexico, india, 1853), Buy no prescription Styplon online, Ruskin celebrates the rough, imperfect Gothic architecture of medieval Venice over the “accurate mouldings, and perfect polishings, Styplon price, coupon, and unerring adjustments of the seasoned wood and tempered steel” of the nineteenth-century English drawing room. Buy Styplon online no prescription, He praises the beauty of old Venetian glass, designed and executed by a single man, over the modern English mass-produced glass, order Styplon online overnight delivery no prescription, which is “exquisitely clear in its substance, Purchase Styplon online no prescription, true in its form, accurate in its cutting,” to argue for his dictum that one should “never demand an exact finish for its own sake, buy cheap Styplon no rx, but only for some practical or noble end.” A century and a half later, Order Styplon from United States pharmacy, the power of capitalism has made it possible to have a body as perfect as those clear, flawless wineglasses. To the extent that these new interventions into women’s bodies and faces become the standard for all women, buy Styplon no prescription, to the extent that an “exact finish” becomes part of the expectation of female beauty at all ages, Where can i buy cheapest Styplon online, the rest of us will feel like Gothic gargoyles; like muddy, inaccurate pieces of Venetian glass; like “factory seconds.”


Before the days of industrialization, no one expected uniformity and sameness; each wineglass was different, Styplon for sale, and that was a fact, Buy cheap Styplon, not a flaw. Buy Styplon no prescription, But when uniformity becomes possible, there is a tendency to make that uniformity an end of itself and to view it as having perfection to the extent that it conforms to the standard, even if the standard has no merit of its own (for example, a McDonald’s hamburger: uniform, predictable, perfect in its adherence to the standard of a McDonald’s hamburger, but perfect only in that regard). From consumer products such as wineglasses to the food we eat to our own bodies: the ideology of capitalism tends relentlessly toward uniformity. As fellow Revolving Floor contributor BTL writes on her blog about Jonathan Van Meter’s New York magazine article About-Face: “That's one major scary thing about all this: all these women, rx free Styplon, who are supposed to look so much like the way they picture themselves looking at their best, Styplon trusted pharmacy reviews, now look alike. That's how you can tell they all have the New New Face, they all look like they're part of the Cabbage Patch Family, buy Styplon online no prescription. Same thing with Botox, Buy no prescription Styplon online, everyone has the same, immobile, expressionless expression.”


Ideas of beauty are socially constructed and change over time—certainly John Ruskin, buy Styplon without prescription, with his efforts to get his contemporaries to see the beauty in “the fantastic ignorance of the old sculptors” of Venice, Real brand Styplon online, would agree. But it’s hard for one individual to go against the tide of a shift in ideas of beauty, buy Styplon no prescription. My first conscious recognition of the effects of Botox came from watching the “Parralox” episode of Absolutely Fabulous in 2001. I was stunned, australia, uk, us, usa. “Oh my God!” I thought. Order Styplon online c.o.d, “Patsy looks 20 years younger!” And that image of Joanna Lumley’s unlined, perfectly smooth face was what stuck with me for the past eight years: that was the dramatic thing, the thing I remembered, purchase Styplon online no prescription. Buy Styplon no prescription, I forgot one small detail until I rewatched the episode this morning: the fictional Parralox causes even more pronounced facial paralysis than Botox does, so Lumley held her face rigid for the entire episode, mumbling like a ventriloquist through barely parted lips.

But these little details—expressionless faces, where can i buy Styplon online, breasts that react differently to the laws of physics than unaugmented breasts do—are only unbeautiful when compared to a different, Styplon from canadian pharmacy, older standard of beauty. And these details are easy to forget when you have Joanna Lumley’s stunningly young-looking face to remember—even when Botox and its scary fictional counterpart are officially treated satirically in the episode (which was the first new episode to air in more than five years; presumably Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley felt the need to account narratively for the fact that Lumley looked younger than she had five years earlier). I get swept along by the wave of new ideas of beauty, fast shipping Styplon, new images of aging, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and it makes me see things that would be just as easy not to see: how my lips are growing thinner, the web of tiny lines around my eyes.

Perfection is appealing, buy cheap Styplon no rx, of course, Where can i order Styplon without prescription, and never more appealing than when it appears to be within reach. But Ruskin’s ideas about the moral costs of the smooth finish, the perfect exterior of stuff, purchase Styplon online, of consumer products, Buy Styplon from canada, are equally relevant to consideration of our bodies: “And therefore, while in all things that we see or do, we are to desire perfection, Styplon price, coupon, and strive for it, we are nevertheless not to set the meaner thing, in its narrow accomplishment, above the nobler thing, in its mighty progress; not to esteem smooth minuteness above shattered majesty.” I’m not quite ready to refer to my body with the words “shattered majesty,” but I could be persuaded to try to see myself in a contemplative gargoyle looking out over Paris, as I once did, from Notre Dame.



First gargoyle image from What About Clients?

Ruskin image from Famous Poets And Poems.

Second gargoyle image from Daily Venture..

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Buy Pilex no prescription, In one retelling, the angel comes too late
and Isaac suffers the blade on the altar.
In another, canada, mexico, india, Rx free Pilex, he descends three days after,
born new in ash.  Or was it Ishmael, online buying Pilex hcl, Pilex samples, white
robed and copper skinned, almost to Abraham’s height
when kneeling, buy Pilex from canada, Kjøpe Pilex på nett, köpa Pilex online, true favorite son, who filtered
faith through shame?  Sand in his eyes, Pilex price, coupon, Buy Pilex without prescription, who watched his father’s
hand midair, unsheathed, australia, uk, us, usa, Ordering Pilex online, then God’s brusque tone, Wait, buy Pilex no prescription. Order Pilex from mexican pharmacy, See them gather at their father’s tomb, each grieving
son hero in rival histories.  One still smells
ram burning in his place; one recalls the bending
finger beckoning; one remembers breathing
hot cinders.  Crowd of kings, buy cheap Pilex, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, not touching, as bells
toll.  In the middle of each story, where to buy Pilex, Buy Pilex online cod, this ending.


[Publisher's note: Shortly after this poem first appeared on Revolving Floor, buy Pilex from mexico, Order Pilex online overnight delivery no prescription, Joy Walden of KBPR Radio read it on her Comfort And Joy show, which comes on Sundays at 10AM Arizona time, buy no prescription Pilex online, Order Pilex from United States pharmacy, and is rebroadcast Thursdays at 9 pm. Listen to the audio below.]

[audio:|titles=Abraham Instate|artists=Amy Meckler], purchase Pilex online. Buy cheap Pilex no rx. Buy Pilex without a prescription. Order Pilex online c.o.d. Order Pilex no prescription. Where can i find Pilex online. Real brand Pilex online. Fast shipping Pilex. Online buy Pilex without a prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Pilex online. Comprar en línea Pilex, comprar Pilex baratos. Pilex price, coupon. Buy Pilex without a prescription. Buy Pilex online no prescription. Online buy Pilex without a prescription.

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Buy Lotensin no prescription, When I was a kid, I had trouble reading clocks.  This was back when people still used analog clocks pretty often. I don’t even know what percentage of parents bother to teach their children to tell time now, Lotensin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, considering how common digital clocks are in the contemporary age. But when I was young, it was still a necessary skill, buying Lotensin online over the counter, and one I couldn’t get the hang of. Buy Lotensin no prescription, This inspired my mother to create a story to help me—I’ll admit now it didn’t exactly help me, but that’s not the point—in which the main characters were the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock.  The hour hand was short and fat and moved leisurely around the dial while the minute hand was tall and thin because he kept up a speedy pace.  As I remember it, the two hands met up at the appropriate times, ordering Lotensin online, and the minute hand would tease the hour hand about how slowly he went—at noon, Lotensin trusted pharmacy reviews, he’d say something like, “well, I’ll have gone all the way around again by the time you’ve moved to the 1, canada, mexico, india, so I’ll see you at 1:05, Online buy Lotensin without a prescription, slowpoke!”


These kinds of details were meant to help me conceptualize how time measurement worked, but I was more interested in the fat little cartoon of an hour hand my mother had drawn, and the idea that the two hands would have a tempestuous relationship.  The climax of the story was that the hour hand tried to catch up to the minute hand—but when he began to go faster, buy Lotensin online no prescription, he found he grew taller and thinner, Kjøpe Lotensin på nett, köpa Lotensin online, while the minute hand was forced to go even faster and become even skinnier himself—the minute hand became a second hand, so the relationship remained the same.  By the end the characters had determined the experiment was a failure and that their different roles were both noble—or something like that.

In one sense, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, to me, Real brand Lotensin online, their roles were more confusing than ever.  Their speeds could be altered, but were connected—didn’t they want to understand why?  Their shapes changed as their velocity changed—surely they wanted to know why. They could only shift into a specific set of other speeds, not, it seemed, any other speed they wished—a reason for this had to exist, buy Lotensin no prescription. And if their destiny was to go round and round this clock-face for as long as their gears would let them, buy cheap Lotensin no rx, was there not an interest within them to discover the source of this fate, Buy cheap Lotensin, the creator of the clock who wanted to measure time, the planetary rotation that led to the length they measured, the history of splitting that cycle by 12, where to buy Lotensin, rather than, Where can i find Lotensin online, for instance, making some kind of metric clock. There seemed to be so many mysteries they could have investigated but instead, order Lotensin no prescription, they were satisfied to accept the roles bestowed upon them because one attempt to question things had gone awry. Buy Lotensin without prescription, Nell_1911crop500

I can’t help thinking human life has something in common with those clock-hands, that sense of measuring out the days doing the same thing. Going round and round is just what humans do, buy Lotensin from canada, repeating actions with only the slightest changes, Lotensin price, coupon, eating, cleaning, working, Lotensin for sale, sleeping, Lotensin samples, and measuring the time that elapses as we do these things.  Practitioners of philosophy are supposed to reflect on and write about life, to try to spend the time to think about it well, but the outcome is usually not so different from what has been said by previous writers—just the slightest changes to the circular tour, purchase Lotensin online. Buy Lotensin no prescription, But perhaps the options are something like this: you can be a working clock happy in a well designed role, or a broken clock of some kind or other, one who’s lost track of time in search of understanding, failed at the task of measurement because of larger distractions.  You can lose sight of seconds trying to take that second look.

This failure of philosophy is something I have always felt, Lotensin over the counter, and I have rejected studying it for this reason, like some inversion of the rabbi turning away the convert, until finally it seemed like my interest was mature enough to understand what I was getting into, buy Lotensin online no prescription. When I was young I found philosophy interesting, Buy cheap Lotensin no rx, but also figured everyone did, and that it was a bit silly to go to school to study something that takes seriously the same questions two year olds pose, or stoned 15 year olds, buying Lotensin online over the counter, or really anyone who stares at a wall too long.  But I spent about five years after graduation trying out other kinds of work, Where can i buy cheapest Lotensin online, and it became increasingly clear it was basically no less silly to play the games of grown-ups in cubicles.  And philosophers don’t really give the same kinds of answers as the two-year olds, at least not most of the time.

So I hesitantly returned to school, order Lotensin online c.o.d, less concerned about where it would lead than simply intrigued by the flood of ideas I hadn’t yet explored.  Going back was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.  That feeling seems the root of all our speculation.  It’s the crossover between the passage of time, Where can i order Lotensin without prescription, and the experience of memory, that evokes the philosophical question—the first one, the primal one, buy generic Lotensin, being, Buy Lotensin from canada, “why?”

This question, in its simplest form, is looking for a longer story, Lotensin samples, the cause of the effect observed.  An awareness that stays glued to moments cannot see this bigger picture.  It is only in perceiving passing time that I can understand the connections between events, Buy cheap Lotensin, and begin to ask for pasts and futures to explain the present—instigations and goals that help to contextualize what is happening now.  And it seems to me passing time is only understood when a person recognizes something as similar enough to something in the past to understand it as the second time—that it is like a preceding moment, but not that moment.

Once this is comprehended, real brand Lotensin online, life becomes both meaningful and also very hard to accept. After the apple is bitten, it’s clear that each second that I’m alive is unique, an individual, unrepeated moment.  Somehow this seems unbearable at times, to think that every instant I experience is lost forever as soon as I encounter it, buy Lotensin no prescription. Order Lotensin from mexican pharmacy, But that’s what makes those moments so valuable: life is a series of entirely singular events.

I’m a little under 36 years old.  Each day has 86,400 seconds, each year about 31.5 million.  So, I’ve lived for more than 1.13 trillion seconds.  A lot of these I haven’t really noticed, of course. I was asleep for a good third of it, to start with, though some of my dreams undoubtedly contained bona fide tathata.  It’s more the routines of everyday life that slip by, which is why I think I’ve always been drawn to try to catch the scenes of my life in the rear-view mirror, by writing, reflecting, on the meaning of it all.

Of course, as much as you look, you can’t change the speed of the vehicle, and it probably makes more sense to keep your eye on the road, but my curiosity about the journey itself isn’t easy to turn away from.  I’ve concluded several times that it’s pointless, there are no answers, and I should do something more utilitarian with the brief collection of moments I find myself allotted with, but as reasonable a position as that is, my mind always wanders back to an interest in understanding how the clock works instead of using it to tell the time.


Photos by the author.

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The White Castle Incident: documented happenings leading up to

Joshua Pashman Buy Dostinex no prescription, , Coworker:

5:28 pm EST; Friday August 3, 2001

It had been a long week.  We’d just implemented a brand new online inventory reservation system and it didn’t work for shit.  Richard had sort of been in charge of the whole thing and was getting a lot of flack from sales and finance.  Word had even spread to the big wigs in corporate.  I remember asking him if he had any plans for the weekend and he said he would be drinking.  I started to laugh a little but stopped when I saw the look on his face.  It wasn’t about unwinding or having a good time.  It was about getting to a state of inebriation as fast as possible.  My guess was he was hitting up happy hour at “The Pourhouse”. Buy Dostinex no prescription, Cheap, stiff drinks with a pretty cute after-work clientele, ordering Dostinex online. Buy Dostinex without prescription, Kevin Lund, Friend:

8:27 pm EST; Friday August 3, Dostinex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Dostinex price, coupon, 2001

It was a little early for Jagermeister if you ask me but who am I to turn down a shot?  I could tell that Rich was already well on his way.  I asked him how long he’d been there and he laughed loudly and held his hands about two feet apart, whatever that meant.  I was meeting out some folks we both knew from school for dinner at 9:30 and asked if he wanted to come.  It was only a few blocks away.  He laughed again and said he that he didn’t have time to eat, australia, uk, us, usa, Order Dostinex from United States pharmacy, whatever that meant.

[caption id="attachment_833" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Richard (right) and friend Kevin Lund on the night in question, order Dostinex online overnight delivery no prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, approximately 8:30pm."]Zeroth_at_bar[/caption]

Angela Fischer, Random Girl at Bar #1:

9:58 pm EST; Friday August 3, buy Dostinex online cod, Kjøpe Dostinex på nett, köpa Dostinex online, 2001

I was meeting up with some friends at “The Pourhouse” for a drink before we went to this new club called “Pulse”.  I’d been there for about 5 minutes when the bartender offers me a shot of something.  I told her that I didn’t order it and she said, “compliments of the gentleman at the end of the bar” and sort of rolled her eyes.  He was like totally staring at me and looked like a total creep.  His mouth was even hanging open a little.  Krissy suggested we go somewhere else before he tried actually talking to us.  We left before finishing our drinks, online buy Dostinex without a prescription. Fast shipping Dostinex, Stephanie Crutchfield, Random Girl at Bar #4:

11:21 pm EST; Friday August 3, Dostinex trusted pharmacy reviews, Order Dostinex no prescription, 2001

I was meeting up with some friends at “The Pourhouse” for a drink before we went to this hot club called “Lube”.  I’d been there for about 5 minutes when the bartender offers me a shot of something.  I told her that I didn’t order it and she said, “he did” and motioned to the end of the bar while kind of shaking her head.  Before I knew it this guy was like standing right next to me.  He said that there was a whole set of songs in the jukebox just for me and that they should be starting pretty soon – ten minutes tops.  Thank God Kelly stepped in and said Chad was waiting for us outside and we needed to get going.  We don’t even know anyone named Chad.  As I grabbed my purse he asked for my phone number but I pretended I didn’t hear him.  We left before finishing our drinks, buy Dostinex from mexico.

Camie Reynolds, Bartender, The Pourhouse:

2:22 am EST; Saturday August 4, 2001

At first he was all about buying girls shots.  When that didn’t work he tried martinis.  By the end of the night the offer was an order of chicken wings.  One girl actually took him up on that but by that time the kitchen was closed.  His tab was pushing $200.  I remember because he left without closing it.  His debit card is still here.  So is his bag, buy Dostinex no prescription. Where can i buy Dostinex online, LaShonda West, White Castle Cashier:

2:49 am EST; Saturday August 4, purchase Dostinex online no prescription, Where to buy Dostinex, 2001

He seemed confused by the menu.  He had a lot of questions.  Would I recommend the chicken rings or the onion rings?  If he ordered twelve burgers could he get half bacon cheeseburger, half double cheeseburger, where can i find Dostinex online, Dostinex from canadian pharmacy, and half chicken sandwiches. Did we have Mello Yello?  I suggested he try our 10-pack deal with 2 sides and 2 large drinks for $12.99.  He ordered our Crave Case, Dostinex over the counter, Rx free Dostinex, which is 20 burgers of your choice and 4 sides for $18.99.  He paid with a credit card.  He left the card here.

[caption id="attachment_832" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The Crave Case"]The Crave Case[/caption]

Michael Beckerman, buy Dostinex without a prescription, Purchase Dostinex, Roommate:

2:56 am EST; Saturday August 4, 2001

I had gone out that night too but we were in the city at some hoity-toity joint in the meatpacking district, online buying Dostinex hcl. Comprar en línea Dostinex, comprar Dostinex baratos, I think it was called “Throb”. Buy Dostinex no prescription, Maybe “Taint”. Anyway I got home before Rich did, buy no prescription Dostinex online, Where to buy Dostinex, about 3 or so. I was starving but every place I tried calling was closed, canada, mexico, india. Dostinex for sale, I was scouring the fridge for something to shove in my face but all we had was some soft taco shells, mustard, purchase Dostinex online, Dostinex from canadian pharmacy, a package of Kraft singles, and some cottage cheese that had seen better days, real brand Dostinex online. Dostinex trusted pharmacy reviews, I was seriously considering whipping up some minute rice and melting cheese on top when he walks in with a whole case of White Castle burgers. Hallelujah, buy Dostinex no prescription.

Amid Shukrijmah, Taxi Driver:

3:28 am EST; Saturday August 4, 2001

His fare was $16.00. He only had $13.17. Not enough I said. He offered to pay difference with hamburger. Buy Dostinex no prescription, I tell him get the fuck out my cab. He leave cell phone in back seat.

Michael Beckerman, Roommate:

3:31 am EST; Saturday August 4, 2001

So I couldn’t be happier when he walked in. Like I said, I was starving. I asked him how his night was and he muttered something about the city being full of cock teases. He was already three burgers deep before I even had the chance to ask him for one, buy Dostinex no prescription. He told me to fuck off. I was like, “C’mon man. You can’t eat twenty burgers on your own.” He said, “Watch me.” I tried to snatch one out of the case and he literally slapped my hand. I called him a fatass and went back into the kitchen to start boiling water for my minute rice concoction. When I came back into the living room there was only a few burgers left but any hope I had that he’d offer me the leftovers were dashed when he tossed the rest into the trash, flicked me off, and went into his bedroom. I then proceeded to pass out on the couch watching ‘Everybody Loves Raymond.’

[caption id="attachment_896" align="alignnone" width="300" caption=""Any hope I had that he’d offer me the leftovers were dashed when he tossed the rest into the trash, flicked me off, and went into his bedroom." Michael Beckerman, Roommate"]"Any hope I had that he’d offer me the leftovers were dashed when tossed the rest into the trash, flicked me off, and went into his bedroom." Michael Beckerman, Roommate[/caption]

Michelle Childress, Roommate’s girlfriend:

9:13 am EST; Saturday August 4, 2001

My parents were in town and Mike and I were supposed to meet them for brunch at 10.  I’d been calling Mike on his cell since 8:30 but he wasn’t picking up.  I figured he was still passed out so I went over to his place to wake him up.  As soon as I walk into their apartment I could tell things must’ve gotten ugly the night before because it reeked of smoke.  Sure enough Mike is passed out on the couch with the TV blaring.  I go into the kitchen to see if there was something on fire and I see Rich, elbows deep in the trash can fishing out what appear to be White Castle burgers.  I ask him if something was burning and he says something about Mike leaving the stove on all night, burned rice, and ruining the “good pot”.  As he’s talking it becomes evident that he’s eating the burgers out of the trash.  He even offered me one.  I told him no thank you, that we were going out to brunch with my parents.  He said he couldn’t go.  I do not recall inviting him.

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The Second Chances Of Jean Cocteau
Second Hand
Affording Good Beheadings

Order Antabuse over the counter, A writing teacher once gave this assignment:  on seven different index cards, write the seven most important stories of your life.  I tried.  I took it seriously because I really liked this teacher and really liked the class, but all I could come up with was a fuzzy vision of my grandmother teaching me to baste a turkey and a few gruesome scenes from Oliver Stone war movies. Everyone else in the class was listing and scribbling and misting and I was pretty sure it wasn’t about the time they clipped their big toenail and it shot into their eye.  I think I’ve always had a problem with neurons and trying too hard.

Then there is the issue of index-cards.  Perfectly 3 x 5 and upright in their box, order Antabuse no prescription, they promise efficiency and organization but have never paid off for me in any real way. Buy no prescription Antabuse online, I’ve had the same black plastic index-card holder since the mid-nineties and, for the past two years, the cards have been blank except one.  Still, Antabuse for sale, the box sits on my desk and reminds me of many things, Online buy Antabuse without a prescription, including the failed assignment.

Once, using low-key blue-lined paper instead of scary index cards, buy Antabuse online cod, I was able to complete one line in the Most Important Stories assignment.  It came out like this:


2, order Antabuse over the counter. Comprar en línea Antabuse, comprar Antabuse baratos, That time I got my tongue slapped while trying to sneak Communion.


4, buy Antabuse from mexico.

5. Order Antabuse over the counter, 6. Order Antabuse from mexican pharmacy, 7.

It happened back when Catholics knelt in a line at the altar, back when priests placed the Eucharist on waiting tongues, ordering Antabuse online, back when I was four and hadn’t yet received my First Communion. Order Antabuse online c.o.d, Even though I was aware that by putting my tongue out there I was pulling a fast one on God, I was desperate to taste that pale little wafer.  Four years later, when I was legal in my white dress and veil, where to buy Antabuse, I had pretty much lost all interest.  Is that what earned it the second most important slot -- something about shame and guilt and maybe an original crack in faith?  Or was it how Jesus, Buy Antabuse without a prescription, with his nailed-in hands and feet, stared down at me like he was ready to weep?  And had he looked like that before.

Then there was the question of second:  If this was the first story to actually make the list, buying Antabuse online over the counter, why did it get designated to number two spot?  Staring at the blue-lined paper I realized there was probably an important story in that answer, Purchase Antabuse, even if it only warranted slot number six or seven -- probably something about being second born or feeling most comfortable with second place in any type of race or getting anxious when asked to name my number one favorite book or movie.  So when my neurons twitched over to the tub of Cool Whip I once ate when I was twelve and babysitting, I was happy to put the list away.  It came back, the way certain things do, buy Antabuse from canada, a few years later; I was sitting with my grandmother.

My grandmother, Grace Crotty, the one who taught me to baste a turkey, was a great storyteller, order Antabuse over the counter. Purchase Antabuse online no prescription, Raised on a farm during the Depression and the eldest of nine, her father dropped dead of a six-egg a day heart attack when she was in her teens, leaving her second in charge to my great-grandmother, where can i order Antabuse without prescription, also a storyteller.  I spent a lot of time in my grandparents’ home when I was a kid, Buy cheap Antabuse no rx, and the stories I loved best were about her childhood on that farm:  riding horses across the field and storing corncobs in the basement, washing clothes on a washboard and getting an orange in her stocking at Christmas.  Early mornings were our time together, before anyone else was awake, buy cheap Antabuse, and to this day, Order Antabuse from United States pharmacy, when I think of it, I smell toast.

Right out of college and for nearly a year, Antabuse price, coupon, I lived with my grandparents, Buy Antabuse no prescription, working lunch-shift in a fancy fish restaurant while looking for a real job.  I didn’t know anyone in the city and my nights were too free. The pictures on walls of my grandparents’ house were mostly of Jesus, some with Mary, buy Antabuse without prescription, all with dried palms and colorful rosaries tucked behind their frames. Canada, mexico, india, My grandparents said the rosary every night at eight, and if I stayed upstairs in my room my grandfather would call out for me, like maybe I’d forgotten the time.  To them, fast shipping Antabuse, saying the rosary was something to look forward to, Online buying Antabuse hcl, to enjoy, a circle of prayer, the story of Jesus and Mary told over and over and over again, where to buy Antabuse. Order Antabuse over the counter, By then, a series of strokes had damaged my grandmother’s memory:  she was still a great storyteller, but her list was getting smaller and beginning to loop like a pre-recorded message. The loop included my uncle’s divorce, Where can i find Antabuse online, the seventy-year old neighbor lady who gardened in a yellow bikini, the craziness of Bo and Vicki from One Life To Live, and my little cousin who didn’t like socks.  Occasionally a new story would pop up and disrupt the loop, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, letting us know that her memories, Where can i buy Antabuse online, the important moments of her amazing life, were still there, mysteriously stored, australia, uk, us, usa.

Slowly, Buy generic Antabuse, eventually, the loop of stories shortened -- down to four, then three, buy Antabuse online no prescription, then two.  The very last story was told only with her hands as they fluttered in front of her, Rx free Antabuse, smoothing and folding an unending pile of clothes and towels and sheets that only she could see. In the end, as hard as you try to categorize your stories, purchase Antabuse online, choosing and sorting and keeping them in order is not always something you can control.

But there is this:  When she’d lost nearly everything, my grandmother’s face would still light up when any one of us walked into her room.  “Oh, hello!” she’d say with delighted recognition. She didn’t know exactly who we were, but she knew that we belonged, and that somehow, the most important stories of her life were absolutely connected to ours.

Maybe it doesn’t matter, which stories you end up with; maybe, like six degrees of separation, one story will ultimately lead to another until you get to the heart of what you were trying to discover in telling them.  If that’s even close to being true, then the second most important story of my life – with its perfect mix of desire, hope, mystery, faith, love, betrayal, pain, shame and ultimate redemption -- might be enough.  Especially since it also has a white dress, a crown of thorns, and even some tongue.


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Buy Diamox no prescription, Welcome to the second month of Revolving Floor. Diamox price, coupon, In our first month, we've already had quite a journey, buy Diamox without a prescription, Comprar en línea Diamox, comprar Diamox baratos, launching the site, getting to know each other's work, purchase Diamox, Purchase Diamox online no prescription, and receiving very positive publicity from a number of different areas, culminating in a post to the Metafilter front page (thanks netbros!) and a post on Digital Nomads, Diamox gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Buy generic Diamox, written by yours truly (thanks Dell!).

We've got some great stuff coming up this month, australia, uk, us, usa, Where can i order Diamox without prescription, featuring many of the contributors who participated in August, and a few new ones, order Diamox from United States pharmacy. Buying Diamox online over the counter, Amanda Emerson brings us a fabulous essay on academic bureaucracy, which we're launching with, purchase Diamox online. Diamox trusted pharmacy reviews, Eric Eicher also returns with "Time Tricks," Sara Nickerson with "The Second Most Important Story Of My Life, where can i find Diamox online, Buy Diamox from canada, " and Antonio Aiello is back with "The Second Largest Meteor Crater In The World." A few more essays round out the collection, including one from Ted Graham, rx free Diamox, Ordering Diamox online, and another from yours truly called "Unsolicited Second Chances."

September, compared to August, purchase Diamox online, Buy Diamox from mexico, is a bit lighter on essay, and a bit heavier on other types of content, where to buy Diamox. We've got poetry by Amy Meckler ("Abraham Instate"), drama by Chris Harcum ("Bob & Lily") and by Brian F, buy Diamox no prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Beatty ("The Second Chances Of Jean Cocteau"), a ten-minute (!) film by Huili Raffo, where to buy Diamox, Real brand Diamox online, animation by Richard O'Connor, fiction by Rich Zeroth, Diamox price, coupon, Order Diamox no prescription, a cartoon by Liza Donnelly, more poetry-art collaboration by Julie Lockwood and David Ayllon, buy Diamox online cod, Fast shipping Diamox, and a video by Jessamyn West.

We've also got some new contributors this month, buying Diamox online over the counter, Where can i buy cheapest Diamox online, including (but not limited to) musician Josh Millard, and cartoonists Felipe Galindo and Mick Stevens, australia, uk, us, usa. Purchase Diamox, Apart from the new content, September is going to see a number of other changes for Revolving Floor, Diamox trusted pharmacy reviews. Comprar en línea Diamox, comprar Diamox baratos, We've decided to try out the Disqus commenting system. Buy Diamox no prescription, Disqus will (hopefully) make commenting easier in a number of ways. With Disqus, kjøpe Diamox på nett, köpa Diamox online, Where can i buy Diamox online, we'll have threaded discussions (you can reply directly to another user's comment), user images that appear next to the comments (users with images get more, and better, responses from other users), multimedia comment opportunities, optional email alerts on the discussions that most interest you, and more. You can also connect your Disqus account to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Note that Disqus is a free service, and Revolving Floor is neither paying, nor getting paid by, Disqus. I'm just giving you this spiel because a healthy site is a site full of comments and (respectful, intelligent) discussion, and we're hoping that Disqus will facilitate that discourse. Comment fields have been moved to the top of the comment threads as well, though this could change if it proves to be more confusing then helpful, so let us know what you think, buy Diamox no prescription.

September will also see a number of subtle design changes, probably implemented over the course of the month, which will hopefully make the text a bit easier to read, along wtih a number of other tweaks to optimize the user experience.

Finally, the forum has been turned back on. Why would you want to post to the forum, you ask. Well, you might want to:

  • share a link to your own "Seconds" piece, or even the piece itself.

  • share a link to content anywhere else on the web that somehow relates to what we're doing here on Revolving Floor.

  • point out a place where you or someone else called attention to Revolving Floor in some public way (a blog post, a tattoo, a sign held above your head at a Lakers game, etc.).

  • talk about subjects that have crossed your mind while reading Revolving Floor, but don't pertain to any particular post.

  • suggest meetups for the thousands of Revolving Floor users in your area.

  • talk about your unrelated personal problems, in the hope that the Revolving Floor community will become the family that you never had (who knows, it could happen).

Finally, if you haven't already, don't forget to roam the hillsides of last month's issue: How do you like your eggs?.

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