What are the upcoming themes?

“Back From The Dead” (estimated launch: June 2010)

“High Noon”  (estimated launch TBD)

See also the  list of current themes.

How can I become a part of it?

Although there is a core group of contributors, anyone is welcome to submit. Revolving Floor is made up of many voices, but it has its own voice and style (though that voice and style is evolving all the time). We suggest sending a query to publisher@revolvingfloor.com with a summary of your idea, and links to related samples. Your query should relate to an upcoming topic (see below).

Note: If you submit something, you should be prepared to have your work run alongside the name for which you are already well-known in the online world. Revolving Floor does not have an advertising budget; much of our traffic results from the combined halo effect of our contributors.

What kind of content gets published on Revolving Floor?

  • personal essays
  • one-act plays
  • cartoons
  • poetry
  • animation
  • fiction

What kind of essays get published on Revolving Floor?

Essays should:

  • be 1,000 to 2,000 words.
  • tell a story.
  • be related to the monthly topic.
  • reveal something personal about the author.

Essays should NOT:

  • talk about Revolving Floor
  • talk about the essay-writing process
  • be banal, obvious, or cliche
  • describe a project that you are planning to undertake, someday

What kind of poetry gets published on Revolving Floor?

RevolvingFloor.com welcomes previously unpublished poetry with innovative thought and craft of language.  There are no restrictions on form, point of view or length.  Simultaneous submissions are fine, though please inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere.  We recommend you read the poetry that has appeared on the site to get a sense of the type of work we publish.  We solicit poems with novel approaches to our monthly themes, though quality work that does not fit well for one theme may be held for possible future publication.

Submit up to three poems by email to poetry@revolvingfloor.com, along with a brief bio.

What kind of cartoons get published on Revolving Floor?

Offbeat and quirky, and not necessarily about the joke. Multi panel, single panel, and captionless cartoons will all be considered. Color is preferred.

Submit your cartoons to cartoons@revolvingfloor.com.