The Topic At Hand: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

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6 responses to “crush, cracked”

  1. Janie Epstein says:

    Entertaining and well presented. I kept trying to click on the egg of my choice like a choose your own adventure. Seeing someone out of context can be very jolting.

  2. I’m very excited about this type of storytelling. So much is left to the imagination, even though the story is, in a sense, illustrated. It could almost be said that the form is a metaphor for the content. And such precise, meticulous work. Very impressive.

  3. danika says:

    quite lovely. enjoyed how my eyes got to wander around in a way they don’t usually get to when reading a story.

    noticed this in Zannah’s bio: thinking about product packaging and placement as a new narrative form

    very inspiring.

  4. Amy Meckler says:

    I love the internal vs. external–eggs vs. packaging.
    So good.

  5. Eric Eicher says:

    The uniqueness of the presentation here heightens what would be a wonderful story, however and wherever it was told. And I, too, was struck by the precision of expression, which somehow creates the feeling that all relevant possibilities have somehow been anticipated and incorporated into the narrative universe.

  6. Sara says:

    Something else I’ve noticed about this – the images stay with me, even the ones not actually on the screen (grocery store… girl seeing the guy… diner… guy cooking her eggs). Such a perfect little story.

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Zannah Marsh

Zannah Marsh is an artist, writer, technologist and programming hack. She lives in Brooklyn, by way of the wilds of West Gloucester, Massachusetts. When she's not compulsively collecting small shiny objects or designing interactive science museum exhibits, she's most likely thinking about product packaging and placement as a new narrative form. She is a 2009-2010 resident researcher at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

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