The Topic At Hand: How Do You Like Your Eggs?


It was raining when we met.
I watched him swell with a smile;
a soft-bellied grin. He thought it was cute
I couldn’t swim.

That night, he cooked.
I knew then he was a catch,
Standing there in oven mitts
trying not to let the boiling water
make him nervous.
We had waterlogged pork and floating potatoes.

His pruny fingers rippled my skin
and I kissed his neck, ignoring the wet sheets,
splashing around until our bodies drowned the bed.
It’s morning now, and he’s making breakfast.

You know, I said, I met a psychic
who said I’d fall in love.
Yes, I said, but she told me it wouldn’t last long.
I don’t believe her.
Me neither, I said, but if she was right,
what do you think would happen?
I would kill myself.
First, I would try handwriting my suicide note,
but the ink would keep running.

What else?
Then I would drop a dryer in the tub,
but the current would go right through me.

What else?
Finally, I would run a bath and disappear.
Would you be that lonely?
I’d be drowning. How do you
like your eggs?

Runny, I said smiling.

Images by Julie Lockwood.
Poetry by David Ayllon.
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5 responses to “Poseidon Makes Breakfast for Medusa”

  1. Amy Meckler says:

    I love that Medusa goes to a psychic. Such great, saturated images (in the writing and the visuals). Very nice.

  2. Rachel B. says:

    To me, the last four lines of this poem sum up the inherent binary nature intrinsic in every important moment of our lives..a dichotomy that is mirrored and underscored by the art…fabulous work, both of you.

  3. I love how he’s holding a fork like a trident. And the poem shows a great combination of playing with mythical archetypes, while also saying something about real people.

  4. liza says:

    I love the jelly fish as eggs. Wonderful!

  5. Tara says:

    What beautiful, beautiful images!

    I was inspired to look up the story of Medusa, and all the parts I somehow missed in elementary school. Like the part about her being raped by Poseidon while trying to worship Athena. This is a neat alternate 'history.'

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Julie Lockwood & David Ayllon

Julie Lockwood is a creative soul born and raised in Red Bank, NJ. It's safe to say that growing up, Julie definitely fell into the 'weird art kid' category. She developed her fine art skills and began to express an interest in graphic design. After high school, Julie studied art advertising and fine art at Seton Hall and Monmouth University. Then came a big move to Orlando, FL to attend Full Sail University, where she graduated Valedictorian with a bachelor's degree in Digital Arts & Design. She currently lives in the Tampa Bay area, working as a web designer at GSL Solutions. If you'd like to see some of Julie's design and illustration work, or just learn a little more about her, you can view her portfolio. // After learning at a young age that Batman was not a practical career option, David Ayllon is now a graphic designer, poet, and righty who writes like a lefty. You can view David's work at His designs have been published for the Art Director’s Club of New Jersey and he took home a 2009 IAC award for Best Design Website. He has featured at the acclaimed LouderARTS poetry series, and is also co-curator of the OUTloud poetry series. David has participated in panel discussions and has spoken at colleges including the School of Visual Arts, and has had oil paintings and poetry published in the online magazine Acentos Review, as well as Ganymede magazine.

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