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Welcome to the second month of Revolving Floor! In our first month, we’ve already had quite a journey, launching the site, getting to know each other’s work, and receiving very positive publicity from a number of different areas, culminating in a post to the Metafilter front page (thanks netbros!) and a post on Digital Nomads, written by yours truly (thanks Dell!).

We’ve got some great stuff coming up this month, featuring many of the contributors who participated in August, and a few new ones.

Amanda Emerson brings us a fabulous essay on academic bureaucracy, which we’re launching with. Eric Eicher also returns with “Time Tricks,” Sara Nickerson with “The Second Most Important Story Of My Life,” and Antonio Aiello is back with “The Second Largest Meteor Crater In The World.” A few more essays round out the collection, including one from Ted Graham, and another from yours truly called “Unsolicited Second Chances.”

September, compared to August, is a bit lighter on essay, and a bit heavier on other types of content. We’ve got poetry by Amy Meckler (“Abraham Instate”), drama by Chris Harcum (“Bob & Lily”) and by Brian F. Beatty (“The Second Chances Of Jean Cocteau”), a ten-minute (!) film by Huili Raffo, animation by Richard O’Connor, fiction by Rich Zeroth, a cartoon by Liza Donnelly, more poetry-art collaboration by Julie Lockwood and David Ayllon, and a video by Jessamyn West.

We’ve also got some new contributors this month, including (but not limited to) musician Josh Millard, and cartoonists Felipe Galindo and Mick Stevens.

Apart from the new content, September is going to see a number of other changes for Revolving Floor. We’ve decided to try out the Disqus commenting system. Disqus will (hopefully) make commenting easier in a number of ways. With Disqus, we’ll have threaded discussions (you can reply directly to another user’s comment), user images that appear next to the comments (users with images get more, and better, responses from other users), multimedia comment opportunities, optional email alerts on the discussions that most interest you, and more. You can also connect your Disqus account to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Note that Disqus is a free service, and Revolving Floor is neither paying, nor getting paid by, Disqus. I’m just giving you this spiel because a healthy site is a site full of comments and (respectful, intelligent) discussion, and we’re hoping that Disqus will facilitate that discourse. Comment fields have been moved to the top of the comment threads as well, though this could change if it proves to be more confusing then helpful, so let us know what you think.

September will also see a number of subtle design changes, probably implemented over the course of the month, which will hopefully make the text a bit easier to read, along wtih a number of other tweaks to optimize the user experience.

Finally, the forum has been turned back on. Why would you want to post to the forum, you ask? Well, you might want to:

  • share a link to your own “Seconds” piece, or even the piece itself.
  • share a link to content anywhere else on the web that somehow relates to what we’re doing here on Revolving Floor.
  • point out a place where you or someone else called attention to Revolving Floor in some public way (a blog post, a tattoo, a sign held above your head at a Lakers game, etc.).
  • talk about subjects that have crossed your mind while reading Revolving Floor, but don’t pertain to any particular post.
  • suggest meetups for the thousands of Revolving Floor users in your area.
  • talk about your unrelated personal problems, in the hope that the Revolving Floor community will become the family that you never had (who knows, it could happen).

Finally, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to roam the hillsides of last month’s issue: How do you like your eggs?

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  1. annar says:

    Oh, “netbros” the MeFi member. Haha! OK, I got it. Never mind. 😉

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