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    2 responses to “Second Hand”

    1. I wonder what the universal truth was… but perhaps the idea is that we don't get to know, since we weren't there. The value of it might diminish if it were made public.

    2. SusanSfarra says:

      I got the sense there was a hint of some universal truth right there in this piece. Agreed, 30 years in the same soul is a long time. And doesn't it seem to devalue as soon as you are unwound from that hospital baby blanket and leave the lot. Soul maintenance, servicing, consciousness lubrication, karma rotation. Now there's something to toss into the national healthcare argument. Soul replacements with their own billing code, just like knee replacements. Human nature…there it is, born to barter, even for your soul.

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    Huili Raffo is a writer and filmmaker living in East Sussex. A Fulbright Scholar, his work has been awarded by the Nicholl Fellowship, the French Ministry of Culture, and Zoetrope Studios, among others. He is a founding member of The Slow Whoop. For the past five years, he ran the prestigious Argentinean website Los Trabajos Prácticos. He's a good cook, makes nice drawings, and plays the ukulele.

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