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caption contest I

WINNING CAPTION: “…and he wanted to be buried in California, so we compromised.”

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Publisher’s note: Welcome to the caption contest! Write your caption as a comment. Enter as many times as you like. Vote on other’s captions by clicking on “like.” The winner will be decided by popular vote, although the RF staff reserves the right to interfere if there’s funny business.

The winner will receive a personalized copy of Cartoon Marriage, by Revolving Floor contributors (and New Yorker staff cartoonists) Michael Maslin and Liza Donnelly.

cartoon marriage

Surprise! The contest ended early. The winner is vandrop, for the caption:

“…and he wanted to be buried in California, so we compromised.”

Congratulations, vandrop!

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55 responses to “Cartoon Caption Contest I”

  1. kathyriordan says:

    “It relaxes him.”

  2. Carolcdt says:

    “He always loved the water.”

  3. marypower says:

    ” He had a sinking feeling that he was going to die soon…”

  4. marypower says:

    ” I suppose this looks very unusual… Perhaps we should have taken off his glasses beforehand.”

  5. Lisa Adams says:

    “I'm Julie McCoy, your cruise director. And you are…?”

  6. Lisa Adams says:

    “We'll be starting the jacuzzi feature momentarily.”

  7. marypower says:

    ” I suppose this looks rather unusual… perhaps we should have taken off his glasses beforehand…”

  8. lbadams says:

    “The last time we talked, he did say something about an immersion program…”

  9. “He really liked that scene in Showgirls.

  10. Helga says:

    “He always told me he wanted to be buried where he was born.”

  11. Helga says:

    “What did you expect for the death of a jacuzzi salesman?!”

  12. kitson says:

    “And this is our deluxe model. We've found that being able to gradually increase the temperature of the water helps ease the grieving process.”

  13. scrawler says:

    “We'll begin as soon as everyone gets their suits on.”

  14. Steve Taylor says:

    …and the green tea will keep his skin young looking for years…

  15. vandrop says:

    …and he wanted to be buried in California, so we compromised.

  16. Kelli P. says:

    Welcome to the gateway to La La Land.

  17. Amy Meckler says:

    “His mother had a water birth, so I figured…”

  18. rzeroth says:

    Instead of flowers, the family lovingly requests donations toward their forthcoming hot water bills.

  19. rzeroth says:

    I don't suppose there's any chance I could recruit you to be extra pallbearers?

  20. rzeroth says:

    Pretty simple process really. Nix the chlorine, substitute with formaldehyde, and you're good to go.

  21. USelaine says:

    … and then he said, “Ah, this is the life! I never want to leave this thing.”

  22. Giannii says:

    Alternative ending: Big Fish

  23. Bambi says:

    ….Im having second thoughts about this. I think perhaps the cremation package wouldve had more of the “WOW” factor….

  24. Bambi says:

    Rehearsal funeral for President Taft.

  25. trish says:

    Yes, Stan has left us, but did what he always dreamed of- stayed 40 long dry years in the desert like his idol Moses.

  26. trish says:

    The life of an inventor has its ups and downs- I told him a cake dehydrator wasn't what consumers want.

  27. trish says:

    Damn shame, Joe was just awarded top spa salesman on the east coast.

  28. trish says:

    Rehearsal is always a good thing. Ignore the spa, it was the only way I could get your father in here.

  29. Tara says:

    Vampire-Mermaid Hybrid: Prototype 2b

  30. ksunig1 says:

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