The Topic At Hand: This Is A Test

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5 responses to “Street Knowledge”

  1. Lizad says:

    Your performance is riveting. Beautiful comes to mind. What of course is also fascinating is how some people choose not to notice you. Maybe they don't see you, but I doubt that. If you were a musician, I wonder if more people would let themselves look. But the body–a woman's body doing movements that are unexpected–is not comfortable. Most people don't want to risk looking, or rather appear to be interested. Thanks, I love this.

  2. Amy Meckler says:

    As the theme is “This is a test,” I'm guessing the passersby were the people being tested. Do you feel anyone passed?

    • juliefotheringham says:

      Well… it's not really a pass/fail sort of test, but I do think the guy with the cart deserves extra credit for stopping and looking baffled for so long.

  3. Name says:

    I love that all of the children were mesmerized!

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Julie Fotheringham

Julie Fotheringham is a New York based performance artist. Prior to coming to the city, she was a dancer/acrobat in Cirque du Soleil. Now her movement based performance works reflect the physicality of her past, while dismissing any recognizable dance form or acrobatic technique. She has performed at various NYC venues including Roulette, Dance New Amsterdam, and Monkeytown. Julie also brings her work to unsuspecting audiences with her public guerrilla improvisations. Her own site is here.

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