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About Julie’s collaborators:

Video maker Peter Shapiro spawned from the 1970s experimental video evolution, documenting worlds around him. He likes to ride his bike.

Music by Jarryd Lowder.

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One response to “Snow Black”

  1. Lizad says:

    I love this. The sun, the snow, the dark trees and your body. The sounds of the snow and the people/cars in the background. The silence, yet noise.

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The Author

Julie Fotheringham

Julie Fotheringham is a New York based performance artist. Prior to coming to the city, she was a dancer/acrobat in Cirque du Soleil. Now her movement based performance works reflect the physicality of her past, while dismissing any recognizable dance form or acrobatic technique. She has performed at various NYC venues including Roulette, Dance New Amsterdam, and Monkeytown. Julie also brings her work to unsuspecting audiences with her public guerrilla improvisations. Her own site is here.

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