Brian F. Beatty

Brian F. Beatty is a dramatist, blogger and résumé writer trafficking in the gray areas in between. He has an illicit love for the rambling biographies that inspired Aftermath, The Mother of Invention, and Rumors of War, his trilogy of plays set between the two World Wars. Brian is the founder and principal of Key Resume Writers. He is also a loyal resident of Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The Helix
The Second Chances Of Jean Cocteau

I don’t follow astrology, but I had my chart done a long time ago, and the astrologer pointed out a conjunction of the moon and mercury, in Scorpio. My moon sign apparently rules my intimate relations. Mercury is all about my communications, especially my writing. My work, the astrologer said, not to mention my love life, would tend to be Scorpionic. Oh really? Me, secretive? Prone to power struggles? Preoccupied with sex?

Well, scorpions, like most of us, do enjoy sex. This is particularly risky when both sexes have a poisonous stinger. Said stinger (telson) is found in the last segment of the male and female metasoma, snug up next to a tight scorpion anus. The telson has a nasty pair of venom glands, and a hypodermic venom-