Chris Harcum

Chris Harcum is an actor and playwright living in Brooklyn, NY. His play American Badass (or 12 Characters in Search of a National Identity) was recently published in the Plays and Playwrights 2009 anthology. Other writing includes The New York Times, nytheatre, and Virgodog's World.

Back To One

HE: I don’t know. She’s not going to take it very well. I’ve never…I don’t know.

SHE: Do you feel guilty?

HE: Well, yeah. Don’t you?

SHE: I was brought up religious so I don’t trust my feelings on anything. I can’t believe we’ve known each other since we were-

HE: -Could we have picked a worse possible time to do this?

Puppet: Yo, my judge be gettin’ mad kickbacks for sendin’ minors to jail.

Razor: Dat’s some messed-up shit.

Puppet: You know? I’m in ‘cuz I was makin’ fun of my principal. That fat ass. That’s all I did.

Razor: Wha?

Puppet: Yeah. If my moms was made of money, I wouldn’t be here.