Miranda Nell

Miranda Nell is working on completing a PhD in philosophy, and currently teaches in the NYC area. She has presented at various conferences and published a few reviews, in journals like Science And Society and Philosophical Frontiers. Her undergraduate interests were more artistically focused, however, and many of her personal projects explore creative avenues, including the visual, poetic and theatrical arts. She co-produced the Wantler Readings at Galapagos Space, published the Drink Me zine, was part of the film Puzzlehead, was published in the magazine Warped Reality, and organized the Sister Spit East open mic series, among other things. She has a comatose blog that may yet come back to life.

When I was a kid, I had trouble reading clocks. This was back when people still used analog clocks pretty often. I don’t even know what percentage of parents bother to teach their children to tell time now, considering how common digital clocks are in the contemporary age. But when I was young, it was still a necessary skill, and one I couldn’t get the hang of.

This inspired my mother to create a story to help me—I’ll admit now it didn’t exactly help me, but that’s not the point—in which the main characters were the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock. The hour hand was short and fat and moved leisurely around the dial while the minute hand was tall and thin because he kept up a speedy pace.

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