Randall K. Cohn

Randall K. Cohn is no longer a graduate student. In addition to Revolving Floor, his writing has been published in Reviews in Cultural Theory and Die Gazette, and he co-wrote a chapter for the recently published anthology Renewing Cultural Studies. He lives with his fiance in Minneapolis, where he is an outreach worker and shelter advocate for homeless adults. View all of Randall's Revolving Floor contributions.

Test Regime

My former housemate’s baked chicken was notoriously bad. I still suspect, though I have now moved and it is unlikely I will ever get confirmation, that I was not the only resident of the house who had spent measurable time resenting the chicken’s dryness, its lack of seasoning, its tendency to stick to the baking pan.

He certainly was not the only one of us who, on occasion, might have phoned in his or her responsibility to cook for the house. I once made fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It wasn’t even particularly irksome that the stuff he cooked was always bad. Other housemates, in a large and dynamic house that boasted something like 15 different residents during the