Sara Nickerson

Sara Nickerson is a freelance writer for television and film. She also writes novels. Her first, How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found (HarperCollins), was a Book Sense Pick, ALA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults, Scholastic Book Club Selection, Bedfordshire Children’s Book of the Year nominee, and winner of the Tatoulu Literary Prize in France. Those last two still puzzle her.

A writing teacher once gave this assignment: on seven different index cards, write the seven most important stories of your life. I tried. I took it seriously because I really liked this teacher and really liked the class, but all I could come up with was a fuzzy vision of my grandmother teaching me to baste a turkey and a few gruesome scenes from Oliver Stone war movies. Everyone else in the class was listing and scribbling and misting and I was pretty sure it wasn’t about the time they clipped their big toenail and it shot into their eye. I think I’ve always had a problem with neurons and trying too hard.

Then there is the issue of index-cards. Perfectly 3 x 5 and upright in their box, they promise efficiency and organization but have never paid off for me in any

I Want Chickens