Ted Graham

Ted Graham is a graduate student in Classical Studies at Duke University. He holds degrees in Classics and Comparative Literature from Boston University and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. His interests include, but are not limited to, ancient Greek drama, 17th century Europe, indie films, Ethiopian jazz, old sitcoms, strong coffee, and the Oxford comma.

To my mind, the Kinder Surprise egg, that seamed chocolate ovoid in a shiny foil wrapper, is a perfect symbol for certain differences between the United States and Europe. I say this, perhaps, because I was in Europe when I first came across Kinder eggs—in Athens, taking a semester abroad. At a cluttered little kiosk, one of the type ubiquitous in the city, where I would grab a can of iced coffee before class, I noticed another student who often bought an egg-shaped something wrapped in orange and white foil. Eventually I asked her about it, and she replied with a knowing smile: “Kinder egg. My boyfriend collects the toys, and you can’t get them in the US.”

Later, in class, she showed me what she meant. She peeled back the wrapper