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2 responses to “Left Behind”

  1. Saul says:

    I didn't get the significance of the searching and the rolled bills until so near the end, the first time, that I had to watch again. This manages to be sweet and affirming while still squarely facing sadness and difficulty. I'm reminded as I often am by stories involving age of Tennyson's “Ulysses” which, while written about heroes, has always seemed to me to apply well to anyone who persists and endures. “Though much is taken, much abides.”

  2. I am full of admiration for the actress for doing some of these shots, especially the first one. Some really raw moments here.

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Susan Sfarra

Susan Sfarra is a screenwriter living in Brooklyn. Two of her scripts are being pursued by production companies. Medicine Avenue, an inside look at pharmaceutical advertising practices, is based on the ten years she spent working in advertising. The Last Of The Saddle Tramps is based on the true story of Mesannie Wilkins’ journey on horseback from Maine to California in the 1950s. Susan likes to play paddleball, grow tomatoes, and recently has begun writing and directing short films.

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