A story in eight parts.

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    4 responses to “Insomnia”

    1. Anonymous says:

      This is great, Tracy! I love the format, and the pacing. The reverse b+w is ingenious for the topic.

    2. Anonymous says:

      THis is great, Tracy! I love the pacing, the reverse B+W works beautifully for the topic.

    3. Karl Zarling says:

      I like it. Calming, somehow.

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    The Author

    Tracy White

    Tracy White grew up in New York City and still lives there. Between the ages of eight and twelve she could only go to sleep if the dryer was on (it was a nice loud one). Her first book, How I Made it to Eighteen, an almost true story, was published by Roaring Brook Press in June 2010. Find out more than you may want to know about Tracy at www.traced.com. All stories guaranteed 95% true.

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